Latest Updates - June 23rd
Posted on Jun. 23, 2018

  • Added pummeller to bal'lak drop table.
  • Fixed a bug with item grinder.
  • Fixed not being able to get kills for diablo.
  • Fixed reaction bot Fixed some bugged drop rates.
  • Fixed clicking objects that move you not locking correctly
  • Added raiden set effect - 7% chance to double your hits for 30 seconds (same effect as PINK ss but doubled).
  • Hank will now give 7 players a drop.
  • Hellslayer uses 60% spec now.
  • QBD set will do random(3,6) spec increase.
  • Added in the stun effects for bal'lak.
  • Updated SOF rewards.
  • Fixed huge xp lamp exp rate.
  • Fixed a bug with removing items from equipment tab and it not setting id to -1.
  • Updated bal'laks stun to use the same variable as d spear stun instead of lock.
  • Added printout for when withdrawing from pouch with full inventory.
  • Added in agrith naar pet effect.
  • Updated checking for equipment when using makeover mage.
  • Fixed kril teleport with ::req interface.
  • Item exchanger should be fixed with item on object packet using int now.
  • Fixed a bug with dying in an instance freezing you.
  • Lowered abyssal dagger spec damage.
  • Lowered respawn rate of mini bork.
  • Updated gambling to use local variables instead of global to fix any cross gambling complications.


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