Latest Update
Posted on Jun. 15, 2018

Hello Everyone,

With our latest update finally live; we have successfully switched to another dedicated server, which should fix some of the latency issues that we've seen. You can see all of our updates in the #updates section of our discord; however, some of our updates include:

  • Name Changing Fixed.
  • Over 10 new item sets/weapons.
  • Gambling re-written to allow for more items.
  • New Boss/Quest.
  • Several Donation status Fixes/additions
  • Several tweaks toward bosses, general npcs, and general server features.

We have several more updates on the way within' the next few weeks, including Imagine's first RAID. Stay tuned for more information and make sure to join our discord/forums to stay up to-date!

<3 Tweety and the Imagine Administration.


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