Update Patch - 5/29/2019
Posted on May. 29, 2019

  • [CLIENT] Dropdown menu support has been added.
  • [CLIENT] Overrides have been added to the client w/ varp. (Future update)
  • [CLIENT] Description hovers re-done.
  • [CLIENT] Raids 2 objects/npcs/maps/models added.
  • [CLIENT] Inspect interface has been re-done.
  • [CLIENT] New buffs w/ icons added.
  • [CLIENT] Several updates to improve textured items done.
  • [CLIENT] Crit/deadly strike hovers were fixed.
  • [CLIENT] Raids 2 walk-able interface was added.
  • [CLIENT] Fixed projectiles not appearing issue.
  • [CLIENT] Cache cleanup/model improvements were done.
  • [CLIENT] Trickster Options fixed.
  • [CLIENT] Heavy refactoring/repackaging for future updates.
  • [CLIENT] Fixed floor textures.
  • [CLIENT] Model alpha issues were fixed.
  • [CLIENT] Several broken particles fixed. (We now know how to correctly add particles/textures to models, so we'll be fixing more of these issues as we come across them).
  • [SERVER] Added base combat scripts for FlamingPyreLord, Nechryarch, Venenatis and LavaDragon.
  • [SERVER] Raids 1 abstraction for use in raids 2 done, requirements done, death handling done.
  • [SERVER] Raids 2: Map 2 done.
  • [SERVER] Dwarf Multi-cannon mechanics added.
  • [SERVER] Raids 2: Line of sight mechanics added.
  • [SERVER] Raids 2: NPC VS NPC mechanics added.
  • [SERVER] Raids 2: Added smelting bars, pickaxe usage, rock ores, and woodcutting usages needed for inside the raids.
  • [SERVER] Hell powder is no longer used to charge Omen's Maul.
  • [SERVER] Item Charges are now used to power Omen's Maul.
  • [SERVER] Bank tab deleting item now checks if item matches first, rather than once every loop.
  • [SERVER] Omen's maul now checks if player has at least 10 charges on maul.
  • [SERVER] No longer shows option for old vote shop (No one's that old...)
  • [SERVER] Vorago Phase now deletes 10 charges per use and can be charged using Item Charges.
  • [SERVER] Trickster now checks if the position it is teleporting to is within 15 tiles before doing so, otherwise defaults to a closer position.
  • [SERVER] Scroll of cleansing redone.
  • [SERVER] ::lastraid command now checks if owner's raid is nulled.
  • [SERVER] Task scrolls can now be re-rolled, task scrolls difficulty has set re-roll costs.
  • [SERVER] Critical and Deadly no longer generate if one or the other buff is on.
  • [SERVER] Critical & Deadly buffs now last 30 seconds each.
  • [SERVER] You can now obtain another Omen's maul by speaking to Dwarf.
  • [SERVER] Critical meter increments by a random 1-3.
  • [SERVER] Deadly meter increments by a random 1-2.
  • [SERVER] All double str, exp, and ss potions now increase timer instead of resetting/overwriting the buff.
  • [SERVER] Removed a bunch of junk ckey items.
  • [SERVER] Removed a bunch of junk gkey items.
  • [SERVER] Added proper force movement w/ player updating.
  • [SERVER] Raids 2: Map 8 done.
  • [SERVER] Raids 2: ItemOnObject support for raids rooms added.
  • [SERVER] ::totask fix for customzone task.
  • [SERVER] Raids 2: Walk-able interface implemented.
  • [SERVER] Raids 2: Fixed a bunch of issues found while beta testing.
  • [SERVER] All berz-rings removed from npc drops.
  • [SERVER] All shit furies removed from npc drops.
  • [SERVER] Removed dragon fire arrows from turtle drops.
  • [SERVER] Removed shit drops from sonic.
  • [SERVER] Aquatic drops removed from cave horrors.
  • [SERVER] All 1m tickets & 500m tickets removed from drops.
  • [SERVER] Raids 2: Map 9 done.
  • [SERVER] Reaction bot re-done.
  • [SERVER] Raids 2: Custom shops done.
  • [SERVER] Raids 2: Dynamic room algorithm done.
  • [SERVER] Lending items/auction fixed.
  • [SERVER] Auto-smashing vorago now consumes 1 charge

All of these updates are now live.


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