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ImaginePS Wikia needs help!

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Hello players of ImaginePS. Yesterday I was pretty bored and decided to start a new project for the server which is a new wiki page for the server that will have information on nearly everything there is to know about the game. Although I have all the information needed to put into the wiki sitting right at my fingertips, I am halted by a lack of knowledge on how to build the wiki and make it look nice.

So I am making this thread in hopes to find someone or a handful of people that have experience when working on wiki pages. The main things I will need help with are just making the pages look neat and attractive, making a picture into a link, having somebody who is good with graphic design and could make page titles and pictures would also be good. If anyone believes they could be an asset to the wiki team please comment down below or message me on forums with your skype name.

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Hello Reliinquish,

I will assist you on this! Lets talk tonight, been updating the current wiki with pictures and some extra descriptions (will show you tonight). 



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