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Update Patch #31 07/02/2017

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Hello Everyone,

Here are all of the updates done between 06/16/2017 - 07/01/2017.


  • Curse-bears spawn more frequently.
  • Tabs for client fixed.
  • Banners are now listed as custom items.
  • Client now tells you when you need to update client (properly)
  • No more disconnection on killing some monsters.
  • Control + B opens bank if you meet the requirements.
  • Old requirements convert properly to the new ones now.
  • ::reqs interface teleport buttons now work properly.
  • Checking your own acc information no longer disconnects you on certain occasions.
  • Doing ::promo will show you all of the promo code locations.
  • ::npcreqs interface updated. (Now shows items needed + kills required and has a teleport button)
  • Colors no longer allowed in Sponsor Yell titles
  • Checking drops on NPCs now works properly for Hank (shows correct drop rate with other players)
  • Auction Update 1, Update 2, Update 3, Auction system 100% implemented in game (Found near bank stalls at home)
  • Auction system fix ups, search bar added (full functionality), timers count down properly.
  • New pets added (Exclusive) - Check pets thread under Knowledge Base
  • Full Ankou set effect added (Check set effects under knowledge base)
  • Full corrupt set effect added (Check set effects under knowledge base)
  • Pets disappearing on death no longer occurs.
  • Bunch of auction fixes
  • Requirements set for auction system, Client updates
  • You can now upgrade claws via evil vine
  • NPC kill medals rewarded for every 20k npc kills.
  • Auction system input fields fixed to only allow numbers in certain areas (Prices: ‘m’ turns to ‘000000’, ‘b’ turns to ‘000000000’ and so on)
  • Achievement typos fixed.
  • Clan messages now appear in proper chat tab.
  • Yell messages now appear in proper chat tab. (Currently being fixed, will be released next client update.)
  • Slayer experience slowed down by 5x.
  • Elite tasks changed to Hard tasks and Boss tasks added to slayer system.
  • A slayer level check added to certain NPCs to prevent players that cannot kill some monsters from getting them as tasks.
  • Superior slayer chances for boss tasks are now 1/90
  • Auction system main display now converts prices to proper endings (M, B, T, Q) to fit the interface.
  • Queen Black Dragon re-added into the client (done correctly this time, no FPS loss or loss of previous data).
  • Queen Black Dragon Combat continued. (10% completed). <- This will be our focus for the next two weeks.


Please, keep suggesting things on forums, as it helps us greatly when deciding on updates.

Imagine Development Team.

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