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  1. New Slayer System

    What are you suggesting, I honestly can't understand this.
  2. New Game Mode - Slayer

    I like this idea. However, I'd like to see this stackable with ironman gamemodes for an extra difficult experience.

    Some of these suggestions I agree with. Some I have issues with. 1) Those Hard and Elite Achievements are way to easy. They need to be incredibly hard. 2) Pet Casket is too op. Should have limitations on the pets you can get. 3) Prestige should not increase Droprate. 4) No to KBD suggestion 5) Leave monkey bandage where it is. It's perfect as is. 6) No need to add barrows. The rest are fine it seems.
  4. Update Patch #31 07/02/2017

    Great update. I look forward to QBD.
  5. No full screen

    Click the Screen Resize button twice. The first time it should go Fixed to Resized. The second time should go Resized to FullScreen. If you click it a third time it should go FullScreen to Fixed. Hope this helps
  6. Loyalty shop

    I can somewhat agree to this. I'm 95% sure since Loyalty Shop was done and released (Before Imagine's Time), that it has never been altered. I wouldn't like to see the rewards you listed. Maybe some osrs cosmetic sets (Like Angler Set, Increasing fishing experience by xx - Prospector Set, Increasing mining experience by xx), New loyalty Titles, New custom pets (With new unique rewards), Making use of the features tab to buy perks (Increased chance at items from thieving, Increased chance at imp points while training hunter...etc), and Making use of the Aura's tab (Maybe add some aura's that go into the trophy slot, with decent combat bonuses. This would make use of the trophy slot, and be less hassle as no trophies need to be made this way). 
  7. Trusted List (DarkDreams)

    I can already see this happening. I don't think this list is really needed as the players should know who the trusted players are (i.e Staff Members).  
  8. Drop Catcher Improvement.

    This is generally only for early game. Most end game NPC'S don't have regular coin drops, but majority of things <1mhp have regular coins.
  9. Drop Catcher Improvement.

    I know that the Drop Catcher is a tad overpowered as it is, but I feel that regular coin drops should be added to the coin pouch rather than the inventory. This would be a decent improvement to it, and could be locked behind any of the Drop Catchers. Thanks for reading.
  10. A day ago

    Your name sounds so familiar. Welcome back man.
  11. Possible Trophy Model

    I got bored last night and challenged myself into learning something new. This is my first attempt at a model with metaseqouia (I learned 3ds max in hs, but have mostly forgetton everything I learned). I hope you guys like it.
  12. The Canadians, Eh

  13. donor sword upgrade

    +1 would be nice to have more variety between Donor sword and Katana's.