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  1. 12000 mboxes

    will be posting the loot soon!!!
  2. Goodbye

    damn man sad to see you go! will be missed, good like in life brother and know you will be dearly missed, peace out bro -phenominem-
  3. 100 Spin Opening

    I recon they are actually good the way they are, if the "ultra rare" loots were more common, they would no longer be "ultra rare", but yeah that's just my opinion, each to their own I guess
  4. ImaginePS Official Price Guide

    nice, thanks for this  no pressure, but to make it more informing, you could add the drop rates?
  5. whats up noobs

    yo my name is andrew and ill be active in-game as "see me now" im australian, into rap (no mainstream) riding moto's, smoke a hell of a lot of weed, hit me up in pm if u wanna chat or some shit idk haha gf      forgot to add, I'm Australian, peace out one love