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  1. A Few Things

    I know voting should be up at some point soon, but it's very annoying because a lot of people can't get their rewards for voting for the server, which we appreciate very much. This should have been up by now. The new boss "Diablo", he's an amazing new addition to the ImaginePS boss list, though i find he's slightly too easy to kill, and his drop potential count is too high, given there's another boss with the same health that has literally less than 1/3 of the kill for you to get drop potential. Even down to 1/90 would be fine for Diablo. On the topic of Diablo, i feel the current requirement is a bit too excessive. 25000 to 30000 ::Npckills would probably be enough. Overloads seem a bit buggy, needs to be at least looked at. Perhaps making it last longer would be a good enough fix. The chat timer for clan chat and private messages need to be removed from regular players at some point. Probably shouldn't say it here in case someone gets it removed simply to spam advertise on the server. None of the donator ranks appear to tell you how much droprate is given by it, on ::mydroprate. This includes donator, extreme donator, vip, and sponsor ranks.
  2. Back on Track

    Sounds brilliant Hope to see the player base rise again soon.
  3. Your Item Ideas

    Could me the models, or maybe just like a sketch of a sword they'd like to see, etc.
  4. Your Item Ideas

    It's just a thread where people can post their well thought out ideas for us to see. Not saying these items WILL be added.
  5. Your Item Ideas

    Post your ideas for items that have potential to become a thing, we'd even accept you guys posting your hand made models here if you want.
  6. modeling

    Could you re-upload the pics? The forums restarting seems to have made the attachments empty
  7. Remake

    I like this suggestion, if you (or anyone reading this) has ideas for items to add/replace into these shops, u can send em here  
  8. Drop Catcher

    Many people have been asking about what the drop catcher does and how it works. The Tier 1 drop catcher costs 125 Vote Points, or 5K Donator points, or free at the 25K, 50K, and 100K ::npckills mark. The same goes for Elite Mode players. The Tier 1 Drop Catcher can only catch Common drops (Such as ashes from ::Tds, 1b tokens from most monsters, etc).   You can upgrade the Drop Catchers by using a Heaven Stone, Lucky Heaven Stone, or Finest stone on it. There WILL be a warning message when you use a stone on it. Information on stones found at:   The Tier 2 Drop Catcher can be right clicked -> operated to switch between picking up commons or rares. A message will appear in your chat box telling you what mode you've currently switched to.   The Tier 3 Drop Catcher can be right clicked -> operated to switch between a variety of modes to choose from, such as pick up rares+ send commons to ibc, autobank commons and rares, etc. Below is a list of all modes to switch between, in order. "All non-rare drops will be moved to your inventory.  All rares will be moved to your inventory & non-rares sold to IBC shop.  All non-rares will be moved to your inventory & rares sold to IBC shop.  All rare drops will be moved to your inventory.  All non-rare drops will be moved to your bank & rare drops to your inventory.  All rare drops will be moved to your bank & non-rare drops to your inventory.  All non-rare & rare drops will be moved to your inventory.  All non-rare & rare drops will be moved to your bank." (This "IBC shop" is an npc called "I Buy Customs", he is found near ::Shops.)
  9. Picture of my John Thomas

  10. New Item & Money Sinks

    I actually do really agree with these 2 ideas and would love to see them implemented. +1
  11. Rage Amulet Effect

    When you get hit for 50% or more of your hp in one hit, you do 25% more dps for the next 10 seconds. Could be useful for areas like corp, vorago, kril, lucky knights, etc.
  12. Rage Vorago Pet

    Acquired by upgrading Vorago Pet ONLY via Finest Stone(80% chance to succeed, 20% chance to lose item). Looks basically exactly like Rage Vorago, same size as the Vorago Pet. Currently in need of effect ideas though, not that imaginative, heh.
  13. UPDATED! Road to $2000

    Ringin in the donations, eh   Good luck reaching your goals!
  14. Make npc catching more reliable

    We've been working to fix this issue, thanks for the feedback  
  15. Drop Catcher

    I like this idea, I also suggested in the staff chat, something like a "Mode..." feature on the drop catcher that brings up an interface that has 2 categories:        Non-Rare              |                Rare        Inventory              |             Inventory         Bank                   |                Bank          IBC                    |                 IBC   And you have little check boxes by each of these to toggle them on or off