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  1. This guide here will show you what each slayer helmet looks like and the benefits from each one of them, as well as the points needed to buy that tier. Find the Slayer Master at ::slayer (Duradel) and right click -> "trade" him to see all of the slayer rewards. Slayer Helmet: Costs 400 Slayer Points. vvv Picture vvv Bronze Slayer Helmet: Costs 800 Slayer Points. vvv Picture vvv Iron Slayer Helmet: Costs 1200 Slayer Points. vvv Picture vvv Steel Slayer Helmet: Costs 1600 Slayer Points. vvv Picture vvv Black Slayer Helmet: Costs 2000 Slayer Points. vvv Picture vvv Mithril Slayer Helmet: Costs 2400 Slayer Points. vvv Picture vvv Adamant Slayer Helmet: Costs 2800 Slayer Points. vvv Picture vvv Rune Slayer Helmet: Costs 3200 Slayer Points. vvv Picture vvv Dragon Slayer Helmet: Costs 3800 Slayer Points. vvv Picture vvv Lava Slayer Helmet:   Costs 4400 Slayer Points. vvv Picture vvv Lime Slayer Helmet: Costs 5000 Slayer Points. vvv Picture vvv Barrows Slayer Helmet: Combine 2 Lime Slayer Helmets. vvv Picture vvv Shadow Slayer Helmet: Combine 2 Barrows Slayer Helmets. vvv Picture vvv Gilded Slayer Helmet: Combine 2 Shadow Slayer Helmets. vvv Picture vvv  (Gives 2x Slayer Points on final kill of Slayer Task) Overall cost: 40,000 Slayer Points. aka 8 Lime Slayer Helmets. Picture of all 14 different types of Slayer helmets in order.   PS: You can also upgrade the helmets to the final tier, with no difference in slayer point cost. ~ House
  2. Slayer and bossing Suggestions!

    I'm in full support of Suggestion #1, #2, and #5.  I don't quite support suggestion #4 because of the fact that people could be killing vorago with a permanent 200% droprate bonus once they achieve gilded slayer helm, which is like 70% higher than what normal people use. I do want to see Duo Slayer introduced into ImaginePS because i like the thought of going somewhere WITH another player and being able to talk while you're doing slayer, be it to a close friend or a stranger that said "Sure let's go". We just need to find new ideas for it and maybe a way to make it more unique than regular slayer, aside from the fact that it's 2 players for 1 task.
  3. Pet Benefits and Effects

    This guide will be updated as the pets get more effects and benefits. But here's what we have so far: Pikachu Pet: 10% droprate if you're under 5,000 NPC Kills, 5% otherwise. Raichu Pet: 10% droprate under 5000, 7% under 10000 but over 5000, and 5% otherwise. Vorago Pet: 10% chance to double your max hit for the next hit. Prestigious Pet: 10% chance to hit your max hit for the next hit. Ninja Pet: Thieving will be 100% more successful (not 100% chance). Corporeal Beast Pet: 10% chance to reduce your next damage taken by 50%. Tormented Demons Pet: 25% droprate at tormented demons(::tds) only. Vet'ion Pet: Recovers special 2x faster. Celestial Dragon Pet: Increases experience gained by Bone Crusher by 2x. Warped Terrorbird Pet: Cuts all prayer drainage in half.
  4. Few Suggestions.

    I'd like to see the first, second, and fourth suggestions added right now if it could be. The fifth one would more than likely take a big chunk of time and may be a bit difficult to do, as some rare items don't have a ::pc value and the system may think it's just junk.  The third one seems like it could be a cool idea do implement, but to be honest, that's what staff seems to be.
  5. Max Strength Bonus

    I'm pretty sure I've thought everything out (except for p ring). Should be the max obtainable ingame.  (No Pots) (Double STR Pot) Hope someone finds this useful.
  6. 500 Casket Opening!

    Hope you enjoyed
  7. Turtles are aids

    They drop turtle boxes that can be looted for gear slightly better than regular tzhaar armour. It doesn't only drop turtle stones and guthix armour. I do agree they hit a bit hard for people that don't have the highest of the high end gear though, maybe a bit of a damage nerf is in order.
  8. Achievement Diaries

    I see what you mean by you go through a lot to get the better trophy... It's literally 50 str better for getting every combat stat (not summoning) to level 120... Prayer takes a long time if you don't have the cash to spend on a 4x xp ring, even still if nobody has any bones to sell you have to manually go out and kill about 150 ::horror for it. We need new trophies for the Easy and Medium achievements as well, with even better stats. I would like to see a slight buff in the unlockable trophy that's already ingame. +1 
  9. Dp at K'ril Tsutsaroth

    I also agree with this. I camped there for HOURS and only got to like 70kc and i had to go to bed lmfao +1

    We almost have this. I'm pretty sure I actually suggested this, myself. Just not on the forums for some reason. +1.
  11. I mean, it's gettin there. I guess... Good work though Half was me but ok np ;3  
  12. +1 Easy as hell to do and would make slayer actually fun to do the elite tasks.
  13. Weekly challenges?

    I would like for this to be a thing. I like the skilling part of it, but some of the skills in the game aren't functional at the moment. If they get fixed/revamped then I could see this as something that would only boost the community and player count +1, Support.
  14. The Ironmen are the superior accounts!

    Wow I hate this 01010100 01101000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01100001 00100000 01101000 01110101 01110010 01110100 01100110 01110101 01101100 00100000 01100011 01101111 01101101 01101101 01100101 01101110 01110100 00101110  Hope that (^^^) hurt your feelings   PS: ;3
  15. Brazzers Drop Log [PICTURES]

    Nice drops man! Keep it up!