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  1. ?Appeal?

    Well aren't you Mr. Optimism. I can believe that I may have gotten hacked but I doubt it was because I have an account on "DS" I'm not that much of an idiot to use the same credentials on both.
  2. ?Appeal?

    Appellate's username:  Ajackman Whose to blame for your unjust punishment?: Unknown Written rebuttal/opposition: I come back after not playing for around 3 or so months to find that I've been UUID'd. I don't recall doing anything to give me such a punishment. I would like to be un-banned if I can because I feel as this punishment wasn't meant for me as I did nothing to deserve such a punishment. Visual evidence (can be a questioned witness, or chat/trade log; required): N/A I have no idea when I was UUID'd
  3. Forum Updates - Patch #1 05/29/2017

    Great Updates! @Tweety
  4. The Canadians, Eh

    I'll Join! I'm Canadian, I should fit in xD.
  5. ;-; miss you all so much ;-;

  6. long time no see :P

    1. Ash


      Hello Ajack ;)


    2. Ajackman


      sup? (Name Change O-o? nice)

  7. Will Remember This Community For As Long As I Can...


  8. "Within Your Darkest Memories, Lies The Answer If You Dare To Find It"

  9. Behind Every Favorite Song, There Is An Untold Story

  10. Riddles oh how they boggle the mind.

    1. Nightshadow


      Paradoxes seem to have the same effect, on a whole stupid level.


    2. Ajackman


      yeah they do, haha

  11. -insert unimportant status update here-

  12. Favorite Music?

    I listen to a lot of different types of music. Most Note-able are Rock and Country (Call me a cowboy and I will find and slap you (jk))