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  1. A Few Things

    - PM Timer for regular players has been lowered to 5 seconds. - All ranks should show proper % droprate on ::mydroprate - Diablo kill requirement has been changed to 25k NPC Kills
  2. Buff System

    Two ways to apply them after the upcoming update is via operating while wearing full set of QBD or Phantom. More options will come soon.
  3. Buff System

    All timers are default, times are not always the same. Strength Mastery: 1000 Strength Bonus Lasts 5 minutes Adrenalin Mastery: 1000 Attack Bonus for all types Lasts 5 minutes Defense Mastery: 1000 Defense Bonus for all types Lasts 5 minutes Move Mastery: 5% chance to dodge incoming attacks Lasts 5 minutes Weapon Mastery: 1% chance to do double damage next hit Lasts 5 minutes Focus Mastery: Double Attack Bonus for all types Lasts 2.5 minutes Bellow: Reduce Defense of NPC you're attacking by 50% Lasts 2.5 minutes Constitution Mastery: Increase max HP by 20 Lasts 10 minutes Concentrate Attack: 500 Attack Bonus for all types Lasts 10 minutes Armour of Courage: 500 Defense Bonus for all types Lasts 10 minutes Giant Body: If health falls below 25% (Above 0), automatically healed for 10 health Lasts 2.5 minutes Toughness: 500 Attack Bonus Lasts 10 minutes Fighting Spirit: 25% increase in all types for attack & defense, 1% chance to dodge Lasts 10 minutes Constitution of a Titan: Increase max HP by 5% Lasts 5 minutes Uncanny Movement: 7% chance to dodge incoming attacks Lasts 5 minutes Deep Wound: 2% chance to inflict double damage Lasts 2.5 minutes Vitality Control: 100% health recovered from soul split Lasts 5 minutes Divine Defense: 750 Defense Bonus for all types Lasts 5 minutes Armor Break: Ignore NPC defense Lasts 2.5 minutes Devotion: Triple all attack types and 500 strength increase Lasts 10 minutes Protection & Betrayal: 5% chance to block and/or increase incoming damag Lasts 5 minutes Kill on Contact: Kill anything on next hit Lasts 5 minutes or 1 NPC Kill (Whichever comes first) Telekinetomyinv: Send all drops to inventory Lasts 10 minutes Reflection Shield: Reflect 30% (multiplied by 1000) back to the NPC Lasts 2.5 minutes Defensive Stand: Get all NPC around you to become aggressive against you Lasts 5 minutes
  4. Back on Track

    Hey fellas, some answers to your questions: Where is everyone? Hank (Tweety) is the Owner of the server, and is usually well covered in work dealing with the background tasks of the server. Karan has been busy working on the back-end, mostly Beta related tasks to add/fix content. Tim (Ash) has been extremely busy with work lately, and will be coming online more often in the near future. We have loosened up on some staff members, and will be rehiring more in the near future. Why has the Server gone down in players? We have changed the way we work recently: Instead of constantly dishing out content without making sure it's 100% working and then fixing it as we go along, we have decided to make sure it is 100% tested and is working before we release it on Live server to prevent problems. We have slowed down on advertisements: With the content releases slowing down, we decided to hold off on the advertisements till we had an actual good, and efficient update. This will all be ramping up in the near future. We were attacked heavily: Fame does not come free, being known as one of the top Customs servers, our competitors have not taken to that lightly. Instead of improving their own gameplay, they decided it was okay to attack us and attempt to steal our players. With that, we had to slow down on updates, and server sided reliability to vamp up security. We had to take down the server several times to make sure everything was secure. We had to turn off donations, voting, and forums to make sure all of our databases were not tampered. What's in the near future? It's time to make the mark we once made, and bring back what this great server is known to be: Major content releases coming up. Two new bosses within the next week, along with their own custom designed armour. Bigger and better gambling system to enjoy the game to its fullest extent. Buff system, to give the game a little bit of an outside feel. Newer Items for Low, Mid, and High tier to close the gaps between current items. New requirements to give you a reason to keep playing. Elite armour automatic upgrade system changing, to actually make it competitive. Stay tuned.
  5. Update Patch #32 - 09/19/2017

    Yeah sorry we haven't been able to post an update log in the last few weeks, but will be doing one every now and then in the future.
  6. The following updates are in order from 07-02-2017 to 09-19-2017, you may notice some updates are overwritten or reverted, that is just how they occurred. Some/Most of these updates have already been installed into the current game without a Server update. These dates may or may not correspond with the days the updates were actually live, they are simply the dates posted on our logs to keep track of what and approximately when they took place. Also do keep in mind these updates are the "overview" of the work being done, it is impossible for me to pinpoint and write down each change that occurred because it would take me about 10 days to write down all the details of just these updates listed below. I also understand I should be doing update logs and or telling everyone what has recently changed to keep everyone updated; so for that I will go back to posting recent or upcoming changes on Discord once again. Over the course of last 2 and a half months, we have managed to do a total of 294 commits, approximately 3-4 commits per day. Have altered a total of 412 classes, added a total of 68 classes. We have also managed to add over 125,000 lines of code, and alter well over 250,000 lines of code (Yes, most of the 250,000 was from automatic refactoring). Along with that, we have cleaned up, compressed, and removed over 75 classes, and about 25,000 lines of individual code. 07-05-2017: Removal of all universal NPC chats. Disconnections on Duo Slayer tasks fixed. Olmlet pet gives a random 1-20% drop rate bonus per kill. Chance of receiving Slayer Piece from Superior bosses changed from 1/(250m/npcHp) to 1/(125m/npcHp). Olmlet pet has a 1/75 chance of re-rolling a non-rare drop. Disconnections upon Slayer Task completion fixed. Olmlet pet has 1/20 chance of applying Burn damage to NPC. 3000 Damage every second for 7 seconds. Giant Squirrel pet has a 1/50 chance of absorbing all incoming damage on next NPC hit. Issue with not being able to bid on items fixed. ::resettask available if you do not meet requirements. (Only applies to extremely old players who have not obtained a task recently) Not being able to receive tasks that you don't meet requirements for fixed. Olmlet pet is no longer for sale. NPC death handling completely rewritten to be instant. NPC effects/skills handler rewritten to be instant. 07-06-2017: Instances for several areas around the game added. Help clan chat fixed. Can now hold infinite amount of members. Herblore rewritten. 07-07-2017: Nulling of NPC while wearing Corrupt armour and hitting heavy blow fixed. Login protocols updates to prevent fake clients. Unable to join help cc fixed. Right clicking: Check Drops now shows correct values for all NPCs and Items. Renaming and Cleaning up of source for more efficient execution of code. 07-09-2017: QBD combat rework started. NPC handling and combat redone. NPC registering and deregistering redone. DamageMap added to store damage done to an entity. Updates for NPC combat and QBD 07-10-2017: Client/Player system redone. Ranging from registering to taking damage to storing data around the player to queued logouts. (Files) Removal of Client class (Bad programming techniques fixation) - (Files) 07-11-2017: Rewrote incoming packets to prevent duplicate or fake packet. Packet verification. Completely rewrote outgoing packets. Removed the need to check level by experience, max levels are now cached to rid of skill updating lag. Fixing login decoder issue. 07-12-2017: General fixes and debugging. Simple entity event manager Lots of NPC combat edits More work on the QBD combat system Rewrite of the player rights system. Now incorporates Primary Rank (Staff/Regular/YT), Donator Ranks (Regular/Extreme/VIP/Sponsor), and Game Modes (Regular, Ironman, HC Ironman, Elite). All players have 3 ranks. None in the same category can overlap. Crown display/sending from server to client for new ranking system re-added/fixed. Yell System updated to be more efficient/update friendly. (Yells now display instantly and updating for an extensive amount of players is instant) 07-13-2017: Rewrite for starter and pin system. Small fix for player saving. 07-15-2017: Memory leaks on server and client fixed. Claiming casket per 10 votes now is only redeemable once per account, IP, and UID. Pin and starter system fixes. Disconnection due to server memory leaks and deadlocks fixed. New banking system added to prevent further lag/disconnections. 07-16-2017: Double queued logins fixed New player save system added for extra security and faster logout. 07-17-2017: Fix to character conversion. Buy-out price cannot be lower than the starting bid. Donor boss, Corporeal Beast, and Turtle Zone instances added. Character conversion from old player saving to new player saving redone. Youtuber rank altered. Ironmen can now pick up their own drops. Bug fix. Max level caching redone for Prestiging. 07-18-2017: Rewrite of the banking system for better performance. Fixed some issues with the banking rewrite. Fixed an issue with clicking objects/npcs and the task stopping. Fixed an issue with withdraw note button not resetting. Fixed auction opening the interface before all the strings. Fixed summons not being despawned properly. Player deregistration of wrongly indexed players fixed. Yell wait timer fixed. Double capitalization of certain words fixed. 07-19-2017: Session closing if nulled fixed. Requirements for Donator ranks fixed. Disconnection on Private Messaging fixed. Items dropped by NPCs now cache player names for proper pick ups. Rewrite of the movement system & fix pathfinding. Notable item fix for "fake" items. Switching yell color command redone for new player rights system. Requesting gamble to a "Fake" target fixed. NPC spawning on different heights fixed. 07-20-2017: Fix for items disappearing from Bank. Fix for items nulling out in bank/inv/gambling interface. Fix for gambling system item container (Removal and Offer of items) Imagine Experience lamp now gives anywhere from 1.5m to 3m experience per skill. Auto save now occurs more often to prevent loss of data in case of emergencies. Locking of packets for certain situations added. (Pin/2FA systems) Auto detection of fake/spawned items added. TwoFactorAuth system added and configured. Toggle of TFA added and enabled Notice System added to make the current messaging system much more efficient and cleaner. Notice System toggleables added. Saving of requirements made more efficient to cut down on login and logout delay. Spamming of Notice system fixed. 07-21-2017: Global Notice messaging system fixed. Item not appearing in bank fixed. Wealth calculator for bank adapted to work with new banking system. All items over a certain ID not working fixed. Debug printouts for all players ingame removed. 07-22-2017: More work on QBD and Boss NPC combat in general Started on instance system. 07-23-2017: Rewrote npc definitions to load from json now. Item scanner added for extra security Fixed NPC transformation mask More NPC Boss combat updates Updates for QBD combat 07-24-2017: Functional instance system. Fixed a couple of issues and added some instances. 07-25-2017: Rewrote clan chat system. Sidebar interfaces changed to fit properly with hotkeys. Added checks to sending a clan chat message. Region System rewritten. Protection Prayer rework Prevention of Player attacking Player while PvP is disabled. Logout Handling redone. Force refreshing for all auction timers added via client. (Reduces delay server sided, and shows proper time) 07-26-2017: More QBD combat and boss npc updates Update for qbd fire wall special attack More QBD updates, Removed some debug lines. Improved the QBD flame wall special, Changed boss NPC packaging, Some documentation on BossNPC system 07-27-2017: Finishing up elite mode. Removed printout and fixed a verification issue. More QBD updates Start of JSON saving 07-28-2017: Passive Item Scanner 07-29-2017: UID system updated Advertisement issue taken care of. False character verification fixed 07-31-2017: Some more of json saving/loading, Finished player saving/loading. character update and pin fix. 08-02-2017: Display name update Fixed region change not reloading items/objects. Fixed/re-added Json Player Saving/Loading. Added a more efficient logging system. Fixed bandages timer issue. Updated logs to use new system. Added price guide warning to auction system. Fix for messed up authentication bug. 08-03-2017: Newer, more efficient, and cleaner drop log. Started cerberus & updated boss system. 08-07-2017: Discord Bot added Discord bot to server integration added Some more changes to cerberus. Memory leak fix. Elite Mode additions 08-08-2017: More changes to the logging system, Even more changes to logging system. 08-09-2017: Interface listener + dupe fix. Cerberus Ghost Special Attack added. Cerberus Rock Special Attack added. NPC combat turning fixed. Elite Guide dialogues fixed. Gambling packet and client verification added. Cerberus Ghost Special Attack redone. Game Mode requirements and privileges redone. Prestige System redone. More elite updates, privileges fixed and redone. Elite Rank + Discord Bot updates 08-10-2017: Discord bot name prevention Elite Rank benefits + armour upgrades Mem leak fix Elite armour auto update added, requirements changed 08-11-2017: Updroppable and Untradable items updated Starter for regular and elite modes changed Refactoring & script system. 08-13-2017: Elite special armour bonuses added. Fixed issue where it allowed you to make more than 1 elite account per account. Requirements Mystery Box added. Custom Teleport requirements redone Logs for Elite account creation added 08-14-2017: Added proper queued logouts New packet for sending a url 08-15-2017: Ignores invalid packets rather than disconnecting you. Display name system re-added. Now no longer replaces actual account. Interface listener added. Drop catcher no longer causes items from inventory to disappear. Packet verification for gambling redone No longer allows you to use a display name that an account is currently using or is named. Login protocol Return code fix Finished name registrations. Prevention of empty parameters for commands Elite Mode drop rate bonus fix Trade confirmation fixed 08-16-2017: Account session fix Server run parameters added to speed up startup 08-17-2017: Fix yell timer, added clan chat and pm timer. 08-18-2017: Buffs added 08-22-2017: New achievement system added Auto retaliate disabled at certain locations Elite Mode benefits added Elite mode armour upgrade stage determination redone to speed up process. Santa Hat added to Mystery Box You cannot list items with a starting bid or buy-out price higher than the 'PC' Your starting bid or buy-out price cannot be more than 3 times the 'PC'. Get account info command redone to fit new account saving system 08-23-2017: Lottery System added 08-24-2017: Buff system updates as well as auction cancelling and lottery npc 08-27-2017: You cannot list this item for less then half the suggested price. You cannot list items worth more than 10T up for auction. Guide Price now follows item price * amount to show correct value. Dropping item verification redone Item disappearing on teleport redone. Packet Sender redone Walking system redone Donation system redone 08-29-2017: Trade System redone to use RequestManager Gambling System redone to use RequestManager Interface closing on all Gambling requests 09-01-2017: Added all of the current buffs Start of NPC Gambling System 09-05-2017: NPC vs NPC Combat system redone More of NPC Gambling System redone 09-06-2017: NPC Single Tiered Gambling System added. 09-11-2017: NPC Multi Tiered and Individual Gambling Systems made compatible and added fully. 09-18-2017: Olmlet pet burn damage fixed. Buff compatibility finished Safe lock packet verification added QBD Armour operate effect added. Phantom Armour operate effect added. Wearing D-Kite and Diablo Shield now effects damage from QBD Fire wall. New Interface for NPC Gambling Tiered System added. Buff timer saving added. Open 5000 Golden Chest Achievement fixed. Added option to change default timer for buffs. Add 1B Token to Pouch achievement fixed. Gambling System altered to incorporate NPC Individual Gambling NPC Size Brackets added for Gambling Phantom Armour added to Donator Shop Shutdown Hook redone to save everything properly. 09-19-2017: QBD Combat finished. All upcoming custom armours added. Added options for gamble interface. QBD exception fix & instance. Fix for buttons Do keep in mind that this is only about 40% of the updates. Over the last 2 months, we have been hell bent on fixing older issues that came with the Source. This source was complete garbage when we received it and we have turned it upside down. Changing every little system that helps it run to run even better. Most of the days that are missing on the above list included background updates that you simply would not understand... therefore I decided not to list them. The server has gone from being able to handle 100 players to being able to hold who knows how many, we have successfully managed to load a total of 1024 clients without a single bit of lag. The client was able to load a maximum of 10 players in one region at 50 FPS, and is now able to load over 200, even with custom armour and an insane amount of polygons per armour piece. We have changed cache updating to only update what is necessary, preventing you from downloading a whole bunch of useless data you already have every time. We have changed the 90% of the systems that caused server any lag whatsoever to cause none and be even more efficient in the job they do. Yes, we have had issues over the past couple of months, but we are not known to stop fighting, and thus will keep improving on our work. Feel free to leave any feedback and ask any questions.
  7. Queen Black Dragon

    Fire Wall: Does 90 damage if none of the following items are worn: Dragon Kite-shields (All upgradable ones): 60 Damage when worn Diablo Shield: 30 Damage when worn Fire Breath: Does 2x damage if none of the following items are worn: Dragon Kite-shields (All upgradable ones): 1.75x Damage Diablo Shield: 1.5x Damage Armour: Set Effect: Can be operated every 30 minutes for a random buff. Bonuses (Per Piece): 800 Melee Atk, 750 Defense, 2250 Strength Pieces: QBD Full Helm, QBD Platebody, QBD Platelegs, QBD Gloves, QBD Gloves, QBD Back Weapon: Name: Blood Edge Sword Bonuses: 1500 Melee Atk, 7450 Strength, 300 Prayer
  8. Elite Mode: The Final Chapter

    Accuracy, higher the attack bonus, less chance of missing, and more chance of hitting higher on the max hit scale.
  9. Elite Mode: The Final Chapter

    Yup, your armour will change color. It'll be automatically equipped on your character replacing your current armour.
  10. Elite Mode: The Final Chapter

    That's the fun of it. It upgrades automatically
  11. Prestige icons

    Yeah 4 and 5 are probably going to look like shit that small lol, and I also liked 3  Never seen it before, not too boring, not too much detail.
  12. Prestige icons

    Thought about that, but issue with that is, the CoD ranks have a lot of details, and at 15x15, it'll look not the best. But I'll show you some images, you let me know. Image 1: Click Here  Image 2: Click Here Image 3: Click Here Image 4: Click Here Image 5: Click Here
  13. Prestige icons

    If you can provide decent looking icons in PNG, JPEG, or GIF format with transparent or Magenta colored backgrounds (FF00FF), they'll go up on next client update.  
  14. Sorry it took longer than expected to run through all of the tests and make sure everything was running smoothly.  Elite rank seems to be working 100% perfectly fine, along with all of the fixes we've added to the server. It took longer than expected because we switched the saving process for all files to make it easier for the server to load/save, thus reducing lag when logging in and logging out. We also managed to fix several weird inventory models, and finalize changes & add the new Elite armour + QBD Armour. To update, it does require me to be online for 2-3 hours which I currently do not have, so the update will take place in the morning (9am-1pm EST).     As of now, trading, gambling, auction will remain offline until the update officially occurs.    We, the imagine development team do apologize for the lack of 'existence' inGame as we have all been working hard to make sure the server no longer has the problem it has had for the last year. Our main goal for the past couple of weeks has been to fix what we've broken or had been broken instead of adding onto it (which is why we've been slacking a little on the updates). I am sorry to inform you that QBD will not be released this patch because we are still looking into some of the map issues that are currently occurring.