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  1. 09-19-2017 - 10-01-2017: No longer disconnect upon completing a Duo Slayer Task Elite armor progression is no longer done by total hits but rather by total damage done. Le Crew armor effect will apply until 500 NPC kills Vote Tracker interface now has an adaptable scroll bar Removed: You cannot list items with a starting bid or buy-out price higher than the 'PC'. NPC Gambling added - Individual and Server Checking whether player is in distance of NPC and vice versa now takes into account the height. (Fixes bug with npcs attacking players while being unable to see them) Checking Drops no longer crashes client - No longer double interface pop up ::Reqs now shows all proper requirements Instances to certain bosses added. Picking up/Using - on and with now allows with all items (Certain items with over 32K ID were not working) Diablo and QBD kills now have a counter Protect melee now only has 1/3 of its effect for Diablo Leaving your instance now deregisters the NPC Instant kill and Aggression buffs now apply to npcs Can now cook food on all types of ranges Now requires a seed dibber to plant seeds Now requires proper items to fish at certain locations Moving now stops fishing No longer need to do a quest to runecraft Added a bunch of requirement fixes for certain skills Receiving damage is now instant Diablo boss is now summonable Overload now works properly. Turmoil now has proper bonuses 10-01-2017 <: No longer need kills for certain requirements (Time Played is now the alternative) You can trade after 2 hours of playtime You can yell after 6 hours of playtime ::well now tells you how much has been donated to donation well You now get skilling points You now get random items from skilling Reaction Bot now has better prizes NPC checks if player is viewable before attacking You can no longer attack invisible NPCs NPC respawning system redone NPC death system redone NPC spawning system redone Attempting to donate an undoantable item to donation will be notified Donations rewards have been changed (Listed on Online Store) NPC Death is now handled step by step Slayer system redone Jawbreakers as food added 5 New buffs added obtained from halloween candy. Minor herblore and mining bug fixes Packet fixes (No longer crash on item-on-item usage on certain items) Whip minigame changed to Korasi Minigame You can now wear costumes (Control + Click Item). Costume looks now override regular armor looks (Not bonuses) Last logged in now checks via Account name, Not display name. Sponsor Zone added to Donator tab Individual costume removal now has its own tab for accessibility Halloween Event active Jawbreaker heals 45 HP Automatic saving occurs every 3 minutes Progressive backups are made every 3 hours automatically Attacking pumpkins/pumpkin raid boss requires Pumpkin helmet Pumpkin raid boss has a burn effect Finishing dominion now teleports to proper location. Visual bug with full helmets not appearing properly on head (costume) fixed Info tab no longer shows old vote points Graveyard is now a part of the Custom Teleports list Punishments now directly disconnect player's clients before queuing for proper logout. Torture amulets now show up on ::checkbonuses Now takes phrase input when requiring secret phrase rather than asking for name. Memory scrolls are now a thing (Extra slots limited to donation ranks) Double Strength Potion, Double SS Effect Potion, Double Experience Potions are now buffs. Ranged and Magic damage formulas rewritten to fit the custom bonuses Ranged and Magic strength bonuses depending on weapon/arrows/spells/runes set No longer crash on shadow forger death. New donation ranks added. Attendance and Attendance rewards added (Speak to King Milestone to see) Attacking NPC and damaging NPC check for requirements (Prevents switching between combat when not allowed) All Korasi's except Bronze now double hits All Tyrant % effects put in place Custom Spell System added (Makes it easier to create custom spells) All titles and ranks are set via server (Allows for custom changing for display effects) All buffs (not attendance) save. (Drop to the base 15 seconds - i.e. If you have 27 seconds remaining, you will login with 15 seconds) You can only register for attendance once per computer/account Special Donation ranks can now restore special after ... seconds. Requirements give in now has less dialogue (Saves time with same precaution) Halloween Zone is now on Custom Teleport list Lottery server message now appears every 10 minutes You can no longer trade anyone on your network You can no longer withdraw from pouch if you do not have space in your inventory. Youtubers can only trade/gamble other youtubers/admins Casket received from skilling corrected. Donation ranks now have higher chance of getting double reward from item exchanger Only certain donation rewards can be doubled. All ranks can now be purchased and received automatically (Automatically is higher total donated) Sorry not all updates were logged and moving hosts and upgrading forums caused an issue with deletion of some patch notes.
  2. Sometimes it takes the donation upto 30 minutes for it to register properly. Feel free to try to "::claim" again, and if it does not work, please make sure it is not a pending payment in your paypal account. As long as it is pending, it cannot be paid out.
  3. A Small Setback

    Because of some technical issues during a server wide backup, all player files along with some NPC drop logs were corrupted. The latest available backup at this point is from 10-14-2017. We understand how disappointing you may be, we are as well. This was not at all intended and we did not expect the most ironic thing to occur while attempting to roll out a huge Halloween Update. If you have donated since 10-14-2017, you can claim your donation by typing the following command while online: ::claim We are extremely sorry for the setback, this hurts us as much as it hurts you and if there was any way to undo or not go through this... we would
  4. It's that time of the year again... 1. Jawbreakers Heal for 45 Hitpoints 2. Empty Basket Dropped by all monsters (Chance = 1/50) Can be exchanged for Basket of Candy at Scarecrow 3. Halloween Candies Obtained by Checking Basket of Candy Eating a candy has a chance of giving 1 of 5 available buffs that last 2 minutes 30 seconds: Heavenly Taste: Increase chance of landing next hit by 75%, increase attack speed by 1. Good Taste: Increase chance of landing next hit by 50%. O.K. Taste: Increase attack speed by 1. Bad Taste: Decrease attack speed by 1. Terrible Taste: Increase chance of landing next hit by 50%, decrease attack speed by 1. 4. Good & Bad Vouchers Obtained by eating Halloween Candies (Not Jawbreakers) Heavenly Taste: 100% chance of obtaining Voucher of Good Taste Good Taste: 50% chance of obtaining Voucher of Good Taste O.K. Taste: 25% chance of obtaining Voucher of Good Taste & Voucher of Bad Taste Bad Taste: 50% chance of obtaining Voucher of Bad Taste Terrible Taste: 100% chance of obtaining Voucher of Bad Taste Can be given in for Cosmetic Items and Halloween Pet at Scarecrow 5. Pumpkin Head Obtained by giving 1 of each Halloween candy (Not Jawbreakers) to Scarecrow Needs to be worn to see the Pumpkins (NPC) 6. Pumpkin Item dropped by Pumpkins (NPC). 25% chance of being dropped. Can be exchanged at Scarecrow for goodies 7. Pumpkin/Pumpkin Raid Boss (NPC)/Pumpkin Pet Pumpkins are found near Scarecrows (Need to be wearing Pumpkin Head to see them) Killing Pumpkins drops Pumpkin (Item) Killing Pumpkins has 1% chance of spawning the Pumpkin Raid Boss that has special loot. Pumpkin pet can be obtained from Scarecrow for 1000 Good & Bad Vouchers 8. Party Invitation Currently has no use (Will have a use in upcoming 2-3 days) 9. Halloween Token Box Opening it has a chance of giving Halloween Tokens 1 Token: 30% Chance 2 Tokens: 25% Chance 3 Tokens: 20% Chance 5 Tokens: 15% Chance 10 Tokens: 10% Chance 10. Halloween Token Can be used at Halloween Shop to obtain special items. 11. Scream Mask Trade 50 Vouchers of Bad Taste at Scarecrow for this Mask 12. Ghost Mask Trade 50 Vouchers of Good Taste at scarecrow for this Mask There is more to come! Stay Tuned!
  5. Drop Catchers can be operated to make picking up items easier or automatic. Here is what the Drop Catcher looks like: Here is what the Drop Catcher [T2] looks like: Here is what the Drop Catcher Upgraded looks like: All Drop Catcher have similar and different options when operated, they can all be found on the following thread: Drop Catcher
  6. Thunder Stone

    Thunder stones are used to upgrade Pikachu Pets to Raichu Pets. This is what a Thunder stone looks like: A guide on what these pets do can be found here: Pet Benefits and Effects
  7. Lucky Ore

    Lucky Ore can be used on Heaven Stones to upgrade them to Lucky Heaven Stones They look like this inGame: You can find a better description of what they do and what the other items similar to this do on the following thread: Upgrading Your Equipment
  8. Lucky Heaven Stone

    Lucky Heaven stones are used for upgrading equipment in-game, such as Lucky Teddy Bears, Katanas, Lucky Rings of Life, and more! They look like this in game: They are an upgraded version of Heaven Stone, and have no chance of breaking the item you're upgrading. An explanation of these odds and chances can be found here: Upgrading Your Equipment
  9. a not good idea but lets go with it anyways

    Also another thing to consider, is it going to have an operate option with a cooldown, or is the buff going off the Special meter? If so... 2.5 minute length for buffs will be kind of over doing it. It'll mean you'll never run out of buffs.
  10. Give & Get Back

    From the amount of items to the amount of things the items do, it's impossible for one person to knows what they do. So rather than new players asking 100 different players on how 100 different things work, why don't we put all of our knowledge in one place for new players to see and others to be more educated by. The Goal: Be able to make this server as user friendly as possible. How to achieve the Goal: Make a guide in the "Item Guides", "Feature Guides", or "Monster Guides" section. Make your guide as detailed as it possibly can be. Add visual content to make it as easy to understand as possible. The incentive: For every guide made, you will be entered into a raffle to receive the Exclusive Armour: Exclusive Armour for Male and Female characters. For every guide that is "Pinned" by staff members, you will be entered into a secondary raffle to win one of the following: Sponsor Rank $250 inGame value content. Want to be a part of the server as more than just a player? Show off your creative and helpful skills and become more recognized. Thank you everyone participating in the event, and remember, any guide, good or bad, is helpful. Staff members will help you better your guides, so don't be hesitant to post anything you deem useful.
  11. Launcher on Mac?

  12. Few suggestions

    You can see how much the donation well is currently holding by yelling it or attempting to donate any item (you do not have to go through with it). Other than that, how would you like to see it? Should it be announced on everyone's login? Seems over-necessary, or should be announced to the winner when he/she logs in? (Seems more reasonable)
  13. a not good idea but lets go with it anyways

    What would the cooldown be of this operate option?
  14. Diablo pet

    What? My message had nothing to do with your pet... There is 0 correlation between what was updated, my message, and your pet disappearance. Unless you're able to recreate the issue of pet disappearance, there's nothing I can do to help you. In other terms: How do we know you didn't empty your inventory with the pet in it?