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  1. Elite Mode: The Final Chapter

    Yup, your armour will change color. It'll be automatically equipped on your character replacing your current armour.
  2. Elite Mode: The Final Chapter

    That's the fun of it. It upgrades automatically
  3. Prestige icons

    Yeah 4 and 5 are probably going to look like shit that small lol, and I also liked 3  Never seen it before, not too boring, not too much detail.
  4. Prestige icons

    Thought about that, but issue with that is, the CoD ranks have a lot of details, and at 15x15, it'll look not the best. But I'll show you some images, you let me know. Image 1: Click Here  Image 2: Click Here Image 3: Click Here Image 4: Click Here Image 5: Click Here
  5. Prestige icons

    If you can provide decent looking icons in PNG, JPEG, or GIF format with transparent or Magenta colored backgrounds (FF00FF), they'll go up on next client update.  
  6. Sorry it took longer than expected to run through all of the tests and make sure everything was running smoothly.  Elite rank seems to be working 100% perfectly fine, along with all of the fixes we've added to the server. It took longer than expected because we switched the saving process for all files to make it easier for the server to load/save, thus reducing lag when logging in and logging out. We also managed to fix several weird inventory models, and finalize changes & add the new Elite armour + QBD Armour. To update, it does require me to be online for 2-3 hours which I currently do not have, so the update will take place in the morning (9am-1pm EST).     As of now, trading, gambling, auction will remain offline until the update officially occurs.    We, the imagine development team do apologize for the lack of 'existence' inGame as we have all been working hard to make sure the server no longer has the problem it has had for the last year. Our main goal for the past couple of weeks has been to fix what we've broken or had been broken instead of adding onto it (which is why we've been slacking a little on the updates). I am sorry to inform you that QBD will not be released this patch because we are still looking into some of the map issues that are currently occurring.
  7. Clan chat ranks

    When redoing clan chats to support higher player count + make player loading smoother, I specifically asked the developer to leave out the ranking system. This is because I have a better plan for clan in the future, right after QBD +Elite Mode have been added successfully.
  8. Drop Catcher

    Only if the item is priced in IBC will it auto sell.
  9. Unexpected Maintenance

    Sorry fellas, Dedicated server had an unexpected maintenance, and since we did not receive a warning, you maybe have possibly lost 1-2 minutes of progress.    We are sorry for this.
  10. Requirements Mystery Box

    Don't want to waste time getting the Armour as drops? Well you no longer need to.   What happens when I click on the box: You are presented with fine text telling you what the box can and cannot do.   WHAT'S IN THE BOX: Can be opened up to complete a random requirement. Does not complete the 'kill' portion of the requirement. Can only complete requirements that require items. Can complete pikachu/mbox requirement. Can complete already completed requirements.
  11. Lending

    Not going to happen at this very time, but I do like the idea itself and have tried to implement a version of it before (obviously failed miserably). However, after the QBD updates and Elite Mode updates along side the skilling updates are implemented 100%, I will get someone smarter to look for a way to get this done the best way possible.  When it comes to bugs/dupes, I only trust Lennard working on the system, so most likely after he's done with QBD.
  12. New Slayer System

    All drops from superiors are only obtainable from superiors.
  13. New Slayer System

    I think choosing your own slayer task when you can get upto 50% bonus DR on a task is not the best idea...
  14. donation

    You can claim now, it'll go through. We're looking to get the issue fixed as soon as possible.