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  1. YouTuber Rank

    This post is quite old and the guidelines have changed. For the most updated guidelines, pm "Tweety" or "Ash".
  2. Server downtime issue

    We understand that you may not be able to login, or connect to the server.  We are working on the fix right now and will not stop until we come across one.   Please do understand that we appreciate everyone's patience and appreciation of our work. We cannot disclose any of the work we're doing until it is done, and therefore are unable to answer certain questions. Please bare with us while we get across this little hiccup.   Any questions you may have, feel free to pm @Karan here, and he will get back to you as soon as he is able to and, has a definitive and proper answer.
  3. Downtime and Issues

    We are aware of the issues present with the recent updates. (The updates were 100% urgently required)   Here are some problems you will experience: Inability to login Lag spikes Parts of your character's body going invisible Some item models invisible or very small Maps non-existent Messed up floor textures Messed up wall textutes   Estimates time till fixes: We are trying our best to get these fixed as soon as possible while fixing many other issues alongside. The fixes should arrive by end of today or tomorrow   We thank everyone that remained with us through all of the problems.
  4. Price check yell-message

    It comes activated for new players, so I'm pretty sure they don't turn it off when they join.
  5. Price check yell-message

    You don't use it... it just happens when you type those words in Yell. lol
  6. Price check yell-message

    If you say "price" or "worth" or "how much" in yell, it should trigger Yell Assistance. 
  7. Promo Code

    Just a little gift for everyone using the forums:   Code: forums##ga74ux91its8u(k   How to redeem: ::promo forums##ga74ux91its8u(k
  8. New Introdruction

    Yeah I remember u  lol
  9. The Start: You are given the choice to pick a rank between the following three ranks: Regular Mode: Nothing special Ironman Mode: Cannot interact with other players (Trading, Gambling, Staking, PvPing) HC Ironman Mode: Same as Ironman; reset on death. You are asked to create a Secret Phrase; this will keep your account protected incase it is accessed by someone other than yourself. You are given some items and gold. The armor you receive has a special bonus while equipped: 60% drop rate bonus until you reach 250 npc kills.   New Player Benefits: The best bonus you can receive as a new player is drop rate bonus, and the easiest way to achieve this is by picking a referrer. Use the following thread to understand how it works: Guide: Click Here   ImaginePS Unique Drop System: We have two complimentary systems, both added to benefit your stay here at ImaginePS: The regular drop system takes into account your ‘Drop Rate Bonus’ to help make your chances of obtaining a rare drop easier. You can accumulate anywhere from 0% to 200% drop rate bonus. i.e. having 100% drop rate bonus cuts the drop rate of the npc in half. The Drop Potential system works on the further end, ensuring you do not go without a drop for longer than you should. Each NPC has its own limit, as listed on the this thread. Once the limit is reached, you are given a percentage; each percentage indicating your chance of getting a drop. If the regular drop system benefits you over drop potential, drop potential will not be in use. NPC & Zones Requirements: ImaginePS is a PvM based server and to make this interesting comes interesting challenges. Zones that require unlocking can be found using the command: ::npcreqs Some zones require you to get a Set as drop before being unlocked, more info can be found at: Click Here   Starting Zones: It is recommended that you go to one of the following to start: Thieving Stalls (Use the skills teleport to go here quickly) Crystal Key Monsters for new equipment: Teleport: '::ckey'   Shops: All shops can be found at home or ::shops The 'I Buy Customs' Shop Purchases all Custom Items that are priced. If an item is unsellable, inform a staff member. The 'Sell Everything' Shop Purchases all non-Custom Items that are priced. Be aware of the price you are selling a certain item at.   Armor & Weapons: Spirit Shields All custom Spirit Shields have special effects or bonuses. All effects: Click Here Dinh's Bulwark This shield is the best defensive item inGame and has the highest strength bonus. Benefits of Shield: Click Here Ash's Teddy Gives a hefty Strength Bonus and can be upgraded. Upgraded Bonus: 100 Strength Bonus per equipment worn. Lucky Teddy Gives a hefty Drop Rate Bonus and can be upgraded. Upgraded Bonus: 2% Drop Rate Bonus per equipment worn. Max Strength Gear Check thread: Click Here   Upgrading Equipment: Certain equipments can be upgraded for special bonuses and effects. Upgradable by Stones: All Items shown on thread: Click Here Upgradable by dyes: Some items can be upgraded by using the following dyes: Shadow Dye 3rd Age Dye Barrows Dye Upgradable by using armor on armor: Some items can be upgraded by two of the same items on each other.   Scrolls: Scroll of Efficiency: Can be used on Ring of Wealth or Lucky Ring of Life Give anywhere from 0% to 10% Drop Rate Bonus Can be used up to 5 times per account. Scroll of Cleansing: Can be used on Dyed Equipment, Ring of Wealth and Lucky Ring of Life Using on Dyed equipment removes the dye from the pieces (Does not return the Dye) Using on Ring of Wealth or Lucky Ring of Life removes the 5 Scroll of Efficiency limit and the Drop Rate Bonus obtained.   Drop Catcher: Drop Catchers make PvMing easier as they will pick up certain items that you allow them to pick up. Different types of Drop Catchers will do different things: Check their different modes: Click Here   Double Drop Rates: Item Donation Well: Item Donation Well can be filled up for Double Drop Rates. Can be filled by killing NPCs. Killing Hank the Tank adds 1T to the well. Killing Rage Vorago adds 50B to the well. Killing all other NPCs adds 1B to the well. Can be filled by adding items. All items are deposited into the well at 1/5 of the price listed. Prices are listed on ::pc Lasts for 3 Hours. Drop Rate Bonus limit is 200% for this duration. Turtle Stone Donation: Turtle Stone Donation can be filled up for Double Drop Rates. Can be filled by donating Turtle Stones Can be obtained by killing Turtles Turtle can be found at ::turtle Lasts for 1 Hour 30 Minutes. Drop Rate Bonus limit is 275% for this duration.   Max Hit Bonuses: Max hit can be increased in 3 specific ways, the following guide will help you understand this best: Guide: Click Here   Trading: When trading, both your items value and the player you are trading with' items value are shown complimentary to their items. You are not allowed to give away more than 50T. System will automatically remove all items that are not traded fairly. (Given away) Multiple give aways of smaller than 50T trades add up. Same applies to Gambling.   Gambling: Flower Poker: FT1 || FT3 || FT5: A gambling mode which can be accessed at: ::gamble After accepting a gamble request, proceed to use one of the following commands: ::ft1 (First player to get 1 win in a dice roll will win) ::ft3 (First player to get 3 wins in a dice roll will win) ::ft5 (First player to get 5 wins in a dice roll will win) Gambling NPC: A NPC that accepts specific bets and doubles them with a 45% chance. Can be found at: ::market Gambling Rules: Gambling outside of the premises is not allowed (Use the interface). Giving away more than 50T is not allowed. System will automatically remove all items that are not traded fairly. (Given away) Multiple give aways of smaller than 50T gambles add up. Same applies to Trading.   Pets: All Pet benefits can be found here: Click Here Saying a pet's name in yell will trigger Yell Assistance which will tell you what the pet does.   Achievements || Trophies: All achievements are listed in the Player Info Tab. Upon completion of Achievements, you can speak to Mr. Trophy for an exclusive equipment item.   Skilling: Teleports: All/Most skills have teleports associated with them. Access the Spell Book and search for "Skill Teleport". Go to your skill tab and click the skill you'd like to train. Some teleports have sub categories. (i.e. Thieving) XP Rings: 2x XP Ring: Multiplies the experience gained by 2x. 3x XP Ring: Multiplies the experience gained by 3x. 4x XP Ring: Multiplies the experience gained by 4x. Slayer: Tasks: Tasks can be obtained from the Slayer Master. Located at: ::slayer 3 Types of Tasks: Easy Medium Elite Slayer Helms: Each Slayer Helm gives a specific amount of drop rate bonus towards your tasks. While wielding the following helms and fighting your assigned task, you will receive the following drop rate bonuses: Slayer Helmet: 1% Bronze Slayer Helmet: 2% Iron Slayer Helmet: 3% Steel Slayer Helmet: 4% Black Slayer Helmet: 5% Mithril Slayer Helmet: 6% Adamant Slayer Helmet: 7% Rune Slayer Helmet: 8% Dragon Slayer Helmet: 9% Lava Slayer Helmet: 10% Lime Slayer Helmet: 13% Barrows Slayer Helmet: 20% Shadow Slayer Helmet: 33% Gilded Slayer Helmet: 50% Superiors: Killing monsters assigned as your task for slayer have a chance of spawning Superior Slayer Monsters Chance of monster spawning: 1/200 Killing Superior monsters gives you a chance of obtaining a rare Slayer Exclusive Item. Chance of obtaining item: 500m/npcHP Superior Stats: 5x the health of the monsters you are slaying. 1.5x the attack of the monsters you are slaying. 2x the max hit of the monsters you are slaying. 2x the defense of the monsters you are slaying. Prayer: Bone Crusher: Turns bones obtained upon killing a monster into experience. Gives 2x the experience of the bone. Can be used with Celestial Pet. Cannot be used with XP Rings. Altar: Bones can be used on altar for extra experience. Gives 2x the experience of the bone. Cannot be used with Celestial Pet. Can be used with XP Rings. Bones: Ourg Frost Celestial Spongebob Horror Imagine Experience Lamps: Can be obtained by doing hunter. Give 3m experience in all skills. Can be used with XP Rings.   Donations: Paypal: You can purchase donation points (exclusive inGame currency) to be used in the donation store: Store: Click Here OSRS || RS3 || Giftcards: (Refer all questions about this to owner/community manager) OSRS: For conversion rates, use the following command: ::osrsconvert AMOUNT Replace AMOUNT with the amount of OSGP you'll be converting. (i.e. ::osrsconvert 8.3m) Least you can donate is 8.3m RS3: For conversion rates, use the following command: ::rs3convert AMOUNT Replace AMOUNT with the amount of RS3GP you'll be converting. (i.e. ::rs3convert 50m) Least you can donate is 50m   Ranks: Regular Donator || Extreme Donator || V.I.P. || Sponsor View Benefits: Click Here Helper || Support: This is the initial Staff Position with minimal rights to help the higher tier staff members get their job done. Rank is obtained by continuously helping the community and being active. Moderator || Administrator: These are the higher tier staff members, with full rights to help keep the community running the way it should and provide the best possible gameplay experience to everyone. Community Manager: Along with the rank above, this rank helps ensure peace and smooth gameplay for everyone. Direct any questions about donations, or personal info questions towards them. Who's Online? You can check which staff member is online by using the following command: ::staffonline   Updates: Updates are posted daily first on Discord: ::discord Check the '#updates' text-channel to see them. Link to discord: Click Here Updates are posted daily second on inGame client: Check the "?" tab and click the "Latest Updates" button. The latest updates can be found towards the bottom. Updates are posted monthly on Forums: Subsection to updates: Click Here   Rules: All staff members highly enforce the rules, so make sure you're staying updated. The rules are subject to change without notification. The rules are located: Click Here     Free Gift: Go in game and do:  ::promo ReadTheStarterGuide
  10. Battlefronts Appeal

    You were for charging back donations.   Appeal Denied.
  11. A not good guide about what pets do now.

    if you yell the pet's name in game, yell assist will also tell you what the pet does.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 5 posts to view.
  13. Updates: Referral System: https://imagine-ps.com/community/index.php?/topic/1916-referral-system/ 'Turtle Box' added to Exclusive Shop at home. Turtle Rare Drops altered. Turtle Boxes no longer give turtle armour you have in your inventory, unless you have all of the pieces, then it is random. Total mboxes drops show on ::npcreqs until you've unlocked requirement. Food (Class #) heals 125 and has # uses Food (Class #) can be purchased from Noterazzo Pikachu pet now gives 10% drop rate bonus if under 5,000 NPC kills, and 5% drop rate bonus otherwise. Raichu pet now gives 10% drop rate bonus if under 5,000 NPC kills, 7% drop rate bonus if under 10,000 NPC kills and over 5,000 NPC kills, and 5% drop rate bonus otherwise. Vorago pet now has a 10% chance to double your max hit for next hit. Corporeal beast pet now has a 10% chance to reduce your next damage taken by 50%. Prestigious Pet now has a 10% chance to do maximum damage (::maxhit) next hit. '::getpc LOW HIGH' will get you all items priced in the low to high range in 1B Tokens. (i.e. '::getpc 500 1000' - This will get you list of all items priced from 500B to 1000B) You now only need level 100 in skills to prestige. '::pc NAME' now offers better suggestions for faulty names. You can now only dismiss pets via Summoning Tab. You can now choose a referrer if you have less than 5k npc kills. Turtle boxes no longer give you items that you need, instead you can now gamble them with a 75% success rate to obtain an item you'd like. Updates can now also be found on the "?" tab on Client. Trading items now show value of all items based on Price Guide.  
  14. checkdrops command

    Yes because you guys were typing:   ::checkdrops NPC NAME  
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 5 posts to view.