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  1. bank pic

    LMAO! well played brother
  2. New Item & Money Sinks

    i fapped to this marvelous idea. No Joke
  3. I messed up?

    Tbh, he sud be refunded as the donations page can be quite ambiguous to those who do not have English as a native language. Just my 2 cents.
  4. Update Patch #31 07/02/2017

    Sweet stuff🙈
  5. Appeal

    Appellate's username:  888/Sleep Whose to blame for your unjust punishment?: Myself Written rebuttal/opposition: Im very sorry for what i have done. Im truly sorry as i was desperate during that time. I know i shouldnt break the rules but i still went ahead. I hope i can have a second chance to play again in server :C Visual evidence (can be a questioned witness, or chat/trade log; required): No witness atm.
  6. Request drop logs, or guides

    do 2k vorago loot:))  It would be fun to see actual drops instead of some commands:O
  7. Rago vs Omen's Maul

    not everyone has cupcakes and not every1 has good armor to efficiently solo the 25k hp. 
  8. Buyin All Donations

    Paying Good cash offer for ALL your ingame donations. Bigger amounts can be negotiable   Buying up to $250. Pm me on forums if you are interested!!

    ill sell it for ninja katana and full indep set:)
  10. Shadow Forger

    Yes. i agree that a cancel slayer task permanently perk would be great addiition!!
  11. donor sword upgrade

    +1. Donor sword are crashing in price and this could be a good addition!
  12. teddy special new idea

    you can combine 8 regular teddys into combined teddy bear that gives good stats than the regular teddys.  and we have ash's teddy for a maximum of 4k str if u want. we also have spirit shield if u prefer defence.  sorry but no support to this idea. 
  13. gap between spirit shields

    i think they are fine the way they are
  14. long stretch DP

    Yes, i do agree that higher dp like 5% is needed if it resets on logout. Secondly, im cool with 1% if it doesnt reset upon logging out.
  15. long stretch DP

    no support for the second idea. If someone manaage to even reach 50% dp, thats a guaranteed drop every 2 kills so that would be crashing the eco.