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  1. Slayer prestige

    So bassically prestigeing just slayer would award slayer prestige points and you can use them to "invest" in certain tasks making them more likely appear rather than other tasks
  2. New spirit shield ideas

    Unholy - 2x ss effect Beastmaster - 2x effect of pet(or chance to proc effect depends on pet) Sadistic - lower max hp by 50 increase dmg by 20% Slayer - 20% dr on task Guthix - regen 1hp/s Rage - increase str and decrease atk(higher maxhit/lower chance to hit) Bandos - increase defence stats by a percentage the numbers might need tweaking they are just there to get the jist of the effects, might give us a bit more costumization in terms of builds for bossing
  3. Raids

    Maybe a weekly event where bosses rotate on a scheduel where it has like a lower chance of rare and a bit higher hp but when a rare drops everyone participating in the kill gets a rare from the loot table
  4. Cooking bug

    When you cook a certain fish it keeps cooking it when you leave the stove.(when you open bank, store the cooked ones and withdraw the raw ones it just keeps cooking them or when you fish them it automatically starts cooking them ) Edit: also when you cook one type of fish you need to relog to try to cook another type.
  5. Skilling tasks

    Yep it's live that why this came to mind
  6. Skilling tasks

    So like slayer tasks this would give you something like "chop x trees" and after tasks it would give a certain amount of skilling points and hold a streak, with this would require a remake of the skilling shop to give players incentive to do them as the current rewards aren't that good but it might be a good idea to liven up the skilling aspect of the game. Maybe add a few custom axes/picks etc that give a higher chance of random drops or something and capes and setis with a same kind of jist.
  7. Slayer Helms

    Maybe lower bonuses(atk/str not dr) on all helms but make it so that you can combine any slayer helm with any other regular helmet
  8. Skilling Suggestions

    Maybe a remake of the prestige zone/shop because if the update is good prob more ppl gonna prestige.