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  1. Skilling tasks

    So like slayer tasks this would give you something like "chop x trees" and after tasks it would give a certain amount of skilling points and hold a streak, with this would require a remake of the skilling shop to give players incentive to do them as the current rewards aren't that good but it might be a good idea to liven up the skilling aspect of the game. Maybe add a few custom axes/picks etc that give a higher chance of random drops or something and capes and setis with a same kind of jist.
  2. Slayer Helms

    Maybe lower bonuses(atk/str not dr) on all helms but make it so that you can combine any slayer helm with any other regular helmet
  3. Skilling Suggestions

    Maybe a remake of the prestige zone/shop because if the update is good prob more ppl gonna prestige.