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  1. Hope you enjoy the video & guide!! -Step by step written guide- Kill pikachu until you recieve pikachu pet. > Kill 150 ninjas ::ninja > Obtain 25 mystery boxes from mysterious shadow ::mbox > Kill 250 jolteons ::jolteon > Kill 250 evil turnips for lucky knight zone 1 (::eturnip & ::eturnip2) Kill 1000 evil turnips for lucky knight zone 2 (::eturnip & ::eturnip2) -LUCKY KNIGHT PIECES- Gives 2% drop rate bonus per piece equiped. Gives 15% for full set + 10% (pieces) 25 % total drop rate with full set equiped. REMAKING VIDEO....used ncs and still had copy right sounds dkm!!!
  2. Battle Grounds.

    I have heard there is no pvp , sooo i was thinking maybe you could add something like this..........do the same thing as fight pits but you can't bring gear into the arena, once in the arena you start with a key which opens a random chest and gives you random gear, then fight eachother last man standing wins.... really think something like this would be awesome for the server!!!
  3. pvm starter guide

    no lol just because i had a bunch of things running.. i fixed the lag issue and remade the video!! thanks
  4. What do you want?

    problem 100% solved didnt know this thankyou
  5. What do you want?

    was hopeing you could add the option to zoom in and out with the scroll on your mouse

  7. skill guide

  8. Skilling Suggestions

    alright if i have any more ideas i will let you know!!
  9. Skilling Suggestions

    should also make the capes customizable then for example be able to change it to any color you want. it was like that on another server i played and everyone loved it, if you do end up doing this. also with woodcutting i think you should add to the bird nest idea that you can have a chance at a ring that is worth alot, make woodcutting more fun and good for money making and last but not least the minning and fishing area really needs a update remove the house and make it more nature like..thats my opinion anyways , thanks for all the hard work!!!! <3