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  1. 1 Hour Of Vorago!

    not a bad video dude. my name in a lot so why wouldn't it be ;). joking aside, be nice to see you do more. ~Fatal
  2. Sup folks!

    Nice to meet you. Hope to see you ingame. ~ Fatalblade
  3. Bwak Rank Request

    @Ash - I have seen this user in game
  4. Rate 1/10 :P

    I give you 7/10
  5. Road to Gilded Slayer Helmet (40,000 slayer points)

    Good luck bud
  6. Not a bad idea overall but you would need to be sure that it isn’t too easy to obtain because basically you would ruin the “grind”. by this I mean you would make people OP before they even start, also perhaps they should be restricted slots so only 2-3 essence at any one time which then gives prospect to a stacked effect e.g. combining luck with rage gives an extra effect like (1% chance to double hit or random dr 1-5%) perhaps segregate the essence into shards (2/3 shards per essence) to create its full counterpart.
  7. Christmas Guide

    Christmas Event 2017. First start off at ::christmas. As the snowman has already been built I won't bore you with this bit.... Step 1 you need to speak to Santa first (he will give you a list) collecting snowballs from the pile will satisfy the requirements for this list, when and only when all this has been struck out can you move onto the next step. Step 2 Speak to the snowman and he will ask you for red and green Santa hats, the list is as follows; 1 x Regular Santa hat 1 x Dragon Santa hat 1 x Green Santa hat 1 x Lime Green Santa hat 1 x Adamant Santa hat 1 x Hell Green Santa hat all these can be found at ::Santa, these are all on the rare drop table for Santa Animals or alternatively if you have the Santa points to purchase them then do so, another option is other players. make sure you have all these in your inventory otherwise it wont work. Step 3 Collecting Snowballs from the piles - unfortunately there isn't a designated number like 500-1000 (if there is please correct me but i didn't find there to be) so just collect and use them on the snowman until you get a cracker and it will also announce in yell that you have completed easter egg 1. Step 4 First you need to use the cracker you just got on someone who will give your stuff back to you, not fair if a person takes it, also you need the snowglobe that is within the cracker for this part. left click the snow globe to spawn snow balls and use them on the snowman (as there is no point banking unless you want stupid amounts of snowballs) as above keep doing until you get a cracker and it announces in yell. it is that simple, but if you get the announcement with a full inventory the cracker auto deposits in your bank. footnote; the rewards from each cracker is 50 donation tickets (500 donator points), 1 Double Strength Potion, 1 Double SS Potion, 1 Snow globe (2 crackers in total) good luck and have fun, and Merry Christmas ~ Fatal
  8. Donator Prices and Benefits

    ooo thanks tweety
  9. Mystery Box Contents

    thanks for doing this dude it will help people going forward
  10. Just in case..

    gz dude!
  11. im back :) [ my hcim goals]

    nice bro good luck in reaching your targets
  12. Donator Prices and Benefits

    wow, sponsor got some good stuff (with some potential), although i do like the VIP rank benefits, didn't know there was a "restore prayer and hp" command. thanks House Fatal
  13. Turtle Stone Donation Incentive

    most of the "rich players" donate stone irrespective, it is the newer and not so rich players that prefer to sell them instead. so far as incentive, I'm not entirely convinced it would improve much, if people camp turtles they tend to do for ::reqs towards hank =/
  14. The new home Discussion/Thoughts?!

    ill grant it isnt a bad setup, kind of weird going from varrock centre to it though (although in time I dare say i'll adjust), overall i like the setup i do agree however the path could be shorter, i know the commands can tele you to specific places but still sometimes i'm to lazy to type them
  15. Forum Rank Request

    In Game Name: Fatalblade Rank: VIP Proof: