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  1. Donator Prices and Benefits

    ooo thanks tweety
  2. Mystery Box Contents

    thanks for doing this dude it will help people going forward
  3. Just in case..

    gz dude!
  4. im back :) [ my hcim goals]

    nice bro good luck in reaching your targets
  5. Donator Prices and Benefits

    wow, sponsor got some good stuff (with some potential), although i do like the VIP rank benefits, didn't know there was a "restore prayer and hp" command. thanks House Fatal
  6. Turtle Stone Donation Incentive

    most of the "rich players" donate stone irrespective, it is the newer and not so rich players that prefer to sell them instead. so far as incentive, I'm not entirely convinced it would improve much, if people camp turtles they tend to do for ::reqs towards hank =/
  7. The new home Discussion/Thoughts?!

    ill grant it isnt a bad setup, kind of weird going from varrock centre to it though (although in time I dare say i'll adjust), overall i like the setup i do agree however the path could be shorter, i know the commands can tele you to specific places but still sometimes i'm to lazy to type them
  8. Forum Rank Request

    In Game Name: Fatalblade Rank: VIP Proof:
  9. Few suggestions

    Idea 1 how about once per month (or ad-hoc dependent on how you take to the idea) having a "double drop rate event" where you double the drop rate for 24 hours only. do this at peak time (most player activity) this should regulate the "overly priced" items such as Katana's, hell slayer etc... Idea 2 voting - I notice you have 10 votes = casket (but after 10 you get nothing) perhaps give a 30% chance of double vote points upon redeem.