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  1. Hi Hi Hi

    Thanks :)! Oh really thats wicked :)!, I'm currently in newcastle but not from here
  2. Hi Hi Hi

    Thank you! Nice to meet you also  
  3. Loot from 1000 vorago kills

    Wow, Congrats! Looks lovely seeing all them numbers 
  4. Hi Hi Hi

    Hey there, Most/Some of you probably know me by now!, My names Annie "IGN - Pancake", I'm currently a young single parent living in the united kingdom, I don't have much to do with my life at the moment so i started to play this around 1-2 weeks ago and haven't looked back since, I've met some great people & met some new friends, I'm enjoying the game so much at the moment, I hope to meet some new players & i can help the community in the near future!, I'm a really nice understanding person, Always willing to help anyone, always online, So if anyone needs any help or anything Pm me on the Imagine Discord! I'm really into watching series, Music, Art, Animals, Anything mystery also! If you have any good series feel free to pm me them :)! Thanks for reading my boring introduction!