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  1. new god bosses

    Honestly, this is the only suggestion i've seen in the last 6 months that's come close to being a good one, I'm game. @Karan u know what to do angry indian.
  2. Ironman only store

    The point of ironman mode is to challenge yourself, having a shop that gives you the exact same advantages as a normal player completely nullifies the reason you started this game mode in the first place. Nah, sorry bud.
  3. Tyrant set buff

    The problem with that statement is, where rage has attack and str bonus, it has 0 defense bonus, this has strength and defense bonus, with no accuracy, a tankier version of rage if you will. I'd say keep it the same, but the community is retarded and has like a collective of 1 braincell so it'll get changed anyways.
  4. a not good idea but lets go with it anyways

    Well the reason i said in the thread above to use the operate option, was to give it an operation option, to which u replied what would the cooldown of the operation option be, to which i very kindly replied 30 minutes, do u see where we're going with this? i think u just forgot to re-read the thread which i dont blame u i am very boring but that's ok. u can make it drain the spec bar as well if u want, that's all u tho man.
  5. What do you want?

    Ctrl then scroll problem sorta solved.
  6. Give & Get Back

    Guess I may as well finish up my ironman guide i started about 3 months ago LuL
  7. a not good idea but lets go with it anyways

    listen idk, anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, as to not be too overpowered. (i had that in my original post but i fucked up when i tried to embed the thread in a spoiler so i was like fuck it i'll just rewrite everything i think i had)
  8. As it stands, the only thing the new current BiS weapon (HellSlayer Sword) is good for is AFKing bosses, as it has no special attack whatsoever, so here's what I'm proposing yeh trust me this gonna be sick. We give the HellSlayer sword an operate option (Similar to Phantom - and presumably similar to the QBD armor set) that will activate a random buff that can be found in this thread It's currently being debated as to whether we want the effect to be a similar length to that of the Phantom set (1 minute buff) or the QBD set (2.5 - 5 minute buff) so u guys can vote on that in the poll above idfk if u got something else u wanna add post ur little comments down below like the thread states issa suggestion so we need ideas from all of u, even if u dont have it try not to be a complete retard and make outrageous suggestions we need balance here. it's like 3:40 am btw i'm super tired so sry for any fuckups in this thread idk it's been a rough week i'm on like 4 hours of sleep in the past 2 days so cut me some breaks plz.
  9. Diablo pet

    @Karan help my boy out plz he's a good lad.
  10. Litty's Litty Rares Tab

    i expected more
  11. A Few Things

    it's time for a change #diablo50k #diablo50k #diablo50k rest of the stuff looks good tho keep it up.
  12. Peep the streak game

    so what ur saying is there's 2 of u and u consistently snapchat ur other half like a split personality kinda thing   same dud
  13. Server Update + Limitations

    u do u boo i love u   ~daddy mike
  14. Rage Amulet Effect

    Nothing's going to hit you a 67 if you're using Dragonbone SS   Also not many things are going to smack a 67+ on you regardless.