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  1. VIP Rank

    Funny how you think they'll check these
  2. Diablo pet

    Command logs will show I haven't done ;;empty and drop logs would show if I'd dropped it. It just dissapeared for some reason after you posted in #updates on discord that drops were updated. And considering the fact that 2 other people have had their diablo pets dissapear, I don't think It's a coincidence..
  3. Item missing off account

  4. Diablo pet

  5. Diablo pet

    Yesterday as soon as Karan posted this in the discord my diablo pet dissapeared from my inventory, I would like a refund on it please because that's kinda messed up. Proof:
  6. Item missing off account

    Bump @Tweety @Karan @Ash
  7. Litty's Litty Rares Tab

    Horrible tab amazing tab**
  8. Big Problem...

    You do realize it's not only owners that do that sometimes? Databases get leaked or people get them via illegal methods, you should never use the same password on 2 different servers, it's just safer that way.
  9. Big Problem...

    Don't use the same password on 2 different servers and this wouldn't have happened.. your fault plain and simple.
  10. Elite Mode: The Final Chapter

    Do we know when it happens? Like do we get the different colored elite armor?
  11. Elite Mode: The Final Chapter

    Is there a way to see how many hits you're on?
  12. (Black) Death Cape [Upgraded]

    Black death cape already has the highest strength bonus, I'd only say yes to this if it was sometime like 3+ black death capes combined to make it.
  13. Item missing off account

  14. When you can't pick up Bludgeon Claw

    Well with the dinh's, it stays on the ground after you pick it up sooo...