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  1. House

    You're a house, close your doors. And quit copying me :c
  2. Happy Birthday Karan & happy 4th!

    Thanks Hank I hope you have a wonderful day too! And happy birthday Karen the receptionist <3
  3. Hiya! Forgot to make one!

    Hey guys some of you may already know me! But I'm Solo Play, I've been playing since March 2016 and this is the second account I've made since I forgot my first, I thought I'd introduce myself. I don't know what to really say so er... HI! Cya around in game
  4. Update Patch #31 07/02/2017

    Thanks Hunk
  5. Happy Birthday Imagine!

    Fucking love this server Hank keep doing what you do <3<3<3
  6. Rare\3a collection [Forever ongoing]

    Nice man I'm looking to achieve the same on my ironman
  7. "Road to ?"

    Road to all 1 of every item in game.
  8. iron man system / gambling

    It's a form of gambling which in my opinion shouldn't be allowed under any circumstances on ironman, In my eyes we should grind for our gear as any other ironman would.
  9. I HATE THIS GAME ( but i also love it )

    Not bad, still you should see my vorago drops. That'll make you cry.
  10. Animals!

  11. Hello guys as many of you already know I've challenged myself. I'm going to be continuously killing vorago everyday until I get ethier katana drop. -Underneath will be loot so far in my long or short journey- Loot that's not on the drop table that I recieved are, x5 casket, x4 heaven stone. I don't remember what kc but the first drop in the journey was a lucky ore. - KC MILESTONE
  12. I might quit Imagine-PS

    Don't quit, just take a break you've obviously burned yourself out playing this game.