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  1. Pet Benefits and Effects

    For those whom like Visuals- just wanted to help add some up close pictures : ) . Hope this is alright!
  2. How to Start Imagine

    Another remarkable guide Anarchy-up voting to be a golden guide! Thanks for all your help to new players with this guide and ongoing amazingly,detailed forum posts! Stay awesome dude.
  3. Gear Guide

    Hello Anarchy, -Mind checking the torture (orn) versus Immortal Charm. Seems like the Torture (orn) has higher strength to me. Thanks bud!
  4. Immortal Band [Ring] & Immortal Charm [Necklace]

    Terrific guide Xivivx , great to see how these are formed- was a bit curious myself- till you taught me LOL. Hoping the immortal band will get buffed comparable to amulet of torture (or)- only time can tell.
  5. Item Exchanger Information Guide

    Hello Everyone, ImaginePS introduced an in-game mechanic that allows exchanging higher tier items for some quick wealth. This is especially great for those whom PVM/Boss religiously, and allows for quicker possibility of monies versus waiting to sell in auction or sell to others players. NOTE: There is a small degree of risk on using this though (80 percent chance of success/ 20 percent chance of failure). Additionally, there is a potential to double your standard exchange value (higher chances based on in-game donator status). Where to go? *To begin with, teleport ::home and go towards the east wall of the interior home area. There will be a light brown wheelbarrow looking object. Rick clicking it will show it to be the "Item Exchanger". Can all items be used on it? * Only certain items are specifically allowed to be exchanged. Typically, higher tier boss drops, and casket items. Click the item you wish to chance and use on the item exchanger. There is currently zero messages to alert you that an item has been put in, but will inform you that an item cannot be used currently (plus you will see item in inventory if not taken by exchanger). How does it work? After some item metric checks, you can get a standard exchange value of 60 percent of what the item price check value reflects (::pc (item name) ) . However, if you get doubled by some luck, you can respectively receive 120% of the price checked item value. For Example: Lets say we are putting in a "Lava Spirit Shield" -currently price checked at 50,000 Bills or otherwise known as 50T. Knowing there is an 80/20 percentile of gaining value back (success/failure), I will take my chances... Outcomes can be the following: Best Case- 50,000 x .60 = 30,000 plus somehow get the x2 bonus = 60,000 Bills (60T) Decent Case- 50,000 x .60 = 30,000 (30T) Worst Case- Goes into Exchanger and get zero return on investment. Hope this guide helps! Feel free to contact me in game over this or any other topic, thanks! Humbly, Nightmarex40
  6. Korasi (Minigame/Stats)

    Great insight, going to attempt this minigame now! Thanks everyone!
  7. My introduction!

    Welcome to the game Enigma, this is a very fun exciting server-full of customs beyond your wildest dreams for an RSPS! Hope you enjoy your stay- I know I always find myself coming back to Imagine (even after extended breaks LOL)!
  8. ImaginePS Wikia needs help!

    Hello Reliinquish, I will assist you on this! Lets talk tonight, been updating the current wiki with pictures and some extra descriptions (will show you tonight). Cordially, Nightmarex40
  9. Server Disconnections

    Thanks Karan and Tweety for swiftly looking into everything!