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  1. Peep the streak game

    yus exactly what im saying
  2. Peep the streak game

    Felt like it was necessary to show my snap streak dedication (SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM TO SEE THE BEST STREAK)  Enjoy!
  3. Enter: Iron Phawks

    welcome! also, goodluck to your drops in the future as well! <3
  4. Percosets

    welcome! pm in game if you have any questions! enjoy!
  5. Big Problem...

    RoW got hacked as well, people make mistakes it happens. 
  6. Big Problem...

    regardless him using the same password, the ban should be lifted if just hacked/spammed, and user changed info so it could not be done again. sure its his fault, however it wasnt a broken rule is what hes implying
  7. UPDATED! Road to $2000

    goodluck! youre so close:O
  8. 410 Tormented Demon kills loot

  9. Been here a week and Loving it 👌👌

    Hi josh!! welcome, hope you stayyy:D See you in game!!
  10. I'm Logic

    welcome! never seen you than again i dont pay attention :3 but welcome hope you stayyyy 
  11. New Icons?

  12. 1st slayer gear piece in game

    Congrats !!!!  
  13. Favorite Music?

    Edm here, trance, hardstyle, festival, dance, riddim, wubzzzzzz. also old school hip hop!