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  1. sever down-time

    3pm GMT/BST
  2. Used to be 200 online at anyone time
  3. Buying Ornate Katana 2q

    Message me on here / ingame if im online to discuss price. My offer is 1.5q cash, Dbone SS shield and hailstorm dagger Cheers
  4. ;

    Uhm what?
  5. Hi Hi Hi

    Nice to meet you Annie, also from the UK here. which part?
  6. donated

    Do ::claim
  7. ip banned

    Just for the record, you and only you is responsible for the security of your account. blaming your brother doesnt work because its your account.
  8. Frenquently asked questions

    Can i make a suggestion? Make all the questions Bold so they stand out from the answers. otherwise good job.
  9. Switching Armor Pieces

    Takes away the idea of grinding for an item so wouldnt work.
  10. community mute

    That would totally get abused. All it takes is for people to jump on a bandwagon and someone is unfairly muted.
  11. unban iron alle

    Read the rules, follow the unban template like everyone else. the way you have just posted is an easy way not to get unbanned.
  12. Big Problem...

    Then make a ban appeal?
  13. In need of some help.

    What i'm saying is. when they did the roll back, they only rolled it back 2 days. therefore only stuff that appeared in that two days would have been removed.
  14. In need of some help.

    The roll back was only 2 days. so you would have what your account had 2 days previous to the account rollback. therefor you're saying you made your entire wealth in 2 days?
  15. In need of some help.

    You made your entire wealth in 2 days?