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  2. New player bug

    yeah I made an ironman and my friend tried to make an account and the same happened to him I'm not sure about the other players on the server 
  3. New player bug

    When I tried to make an ironman account earlier I got asked for secret phase I answered it skipped me straight into game without giving me starter gear and then did not save after I went to kill monsters I logged out and reset back to asking me if I want to be regular or ironman      
  4. Hello everyone, my in-game name is mole my real first name is Adam. I'm from England, I'm 19 years old, this is my first private server in over a year. I have decided to start playing rsps's since to be honest I missed them you can make quite good friends on these servers, by the way I am not completely new about 3-4 weeks now I just never got around to making ones of these. I hope to help anybody who needs it just give me a message anytime I am available I'll try to make sure I reply  thanks for reading, I'll see you all in-game Mole
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