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  1. This is a minor suggestion that I think would prevent people from accidentally typing the wrong price and selling their item either way under or way over its value. Once you have entered bid, buyout and duration of the item, you post item as normal, but once you press to post it, there will be a dialogue saying "You are posting [itemname] for [bid price] bid and [buyout price] buyout, are you sure you want to do this?" Then you will be prompted with a simple yes/no to confirm that you havent wrong information. I've seen people buy dinh's bulwark for less than 1t aswell as many other examples, so this would be a nice failsafe to prevent such faults.
  2. Shorter spawn timers

    This suggestion is extremely simple, and would only require to edit timers. Killing bosses etc has frustrated me because there is so much downtime due to respawning, this is especially the case for me at vorago. I suggest boss respawn timer would be significantly reduced to about 5 seconds or so. I dont really see why this shouldn't be done. Waiting for monsters to spawn is just boring downtime, faster respawns would mean more entertainment for the players. When bossing I want to kill bosses nonstop, not wait around half of the time. As I said, for me this applied mostly to vorago timers, but I'm sure it is similar with many other monsters.
  3. Drop Catcher

    I didn't read this suggestion until now, but having something like this would certainly be awesome in my opinion!
  4. Progression Guide [efficient method]

    This guide is not 100% finished yet, will probably expand on the end part. People constantly ask for advice on what they should do next, I had no issue giving out advice for these players. But now it is piling up quite a bit of questions, most are very similar, which is why I'm making this guide to explain everything I would tell each individual player. Note: this guide is not 'the only solution' for reaching endcame. This is simply an efficient way that I would recommend people to use for quick progress in an enjoyable way. Step 1: Starter Guide Prior to reading this guide I recommend checking out the starter guide and become familiar with it, this contains very much crucial information. Note: make sure you check the list of commands for helpful ones. Access them with either '::commands' or click here. Step 2: Thieving Go to skills tab > press thieving skill > thieving npcs; pickpocket man until lvl 25 thieving. Press thieving skill again > thieving stalls; do highest stalls you can, keep going until you have 1T(1000B) cash in your pouch. place ckeys in first slot of inventory > type '::openallckey' ; equip the better armor (if you get a demonslayer crossbow, keep for later). place gkeys in first slot of inventory > type '::openallgkey' ; equip the better armor (gkey items are better than ckey). If you got mystery boxes stalls, either open or sell for 25-30B each. With the 1000B cash, withdraw them as 1B tickets, buy an 'Evil Whip Upgraded' from players, you might have to get up to 1500B in order to find a seller. This weapon will serve you for a long time. If ever in doubt what item is better, comparing their price by rightclicking items can be a good indicator. It is also wise to compare stats, you can always do '::checkbonuses [itemname]' for checking stats. Note: some weapons have double hits which wont show in stats. Step 3: Pikachu pet Teleport to '::pikachu' Start killing pikachu's until you get a 'Pikachu pet', at this point you might also have gotten a thunder stone. If you received a thunder stone, use it on pikachu to evolve him, if not, move on. Once you have a pikachu, rightclick and drop it, thus it will follow you around. Read here for the benefits. Step 4: Prayer lvl 95 Teleport to ::home > buy a 'Bonecrusher' from 'Skillpoints Store' > teleport to '::celestial'. Bonecrusher will bury the bones for you, so start killing celestial dragons until you reach prayer lvl 96. At some point you might get a celestial pet drop, if you do, go to summoning tab, unsummon pikachu, drop celestial pet to make it follow you. This will grant 2x prayer xp which stacks with bonecrusher. When you reach lvl 95 prayer, switch back to pikachu for better droprates. Now go to '::altar' > click the 'Chaos Altar' to switch your prayers. From now on, when killing monsters I recommend you always use 'Berserker' and 'Turmoil'. You will also want to either use 'Deflect Melee' or 'Soul Split' on most monsters. Use 'Deflect Melee' where ever you are able to stop all dmg from hitting you. Certain monsters will be able to hit through this prayer, which is when you will want to use 'Soul Split' for more sustainability. Note: also use super pots (attack, strength, defence) when killing monsters. Step 5: Wings If you have 2500 'Skill Points', buy a pair of wings and equip them (all wings have same stats). If you got your wings, skip to next step. If you need more points: If you have a 'demonslayer crossbow' from ckey drops, you can use this with some onyx bolts from 'Supply Shop' at '::home'. Go to '::1mhpboss' or '::corp', a couple of hits with this crossbow and you will have maxed out ranged, granting many skillpoints. If you dont have this crossbow, go to '::hunter', talk to the npc and teleport to the first imps. Buy a 'Butterfly Net' and 'Impling Jars' and start catching imps. Note: if you get 250 'Imp Points' you can buy a 'Imagine Huge XP Lamp', use it for 2.5-3 mill xp in all skills (you can borrow xp rings from players for more xp). Step 6: Ring of Wealth teleport to '::gorak' > start kiling 'Gorak' until you recieve a ring of wealth drop. Note: if you're out of luck, you can also thieve for another 1-2T and buy from players. By this time you will most likely have acquired quite a bit of divine armor which is an upgrade for you. Use this ring until you reach 10k npckills total (check with '::npckills'). At this point,'Lucky Ring of Life [Unbreakable]' will be better, dont use other rings than these two unless you kill a monster that has no valuable drops. Step 7: Unlock Evil Turnips Write '::reqs' to see the full list of npc requirements, you can also see which ones you have unlocked etc here. You will not need to unlock all of these right now, only the ones linked to evil turnips. Unlock in this order: '::pikachu' > '::ninja' > '::mbox' > '::jolteon' > '::eturnip'. If you lose track of where you are, either teleport to one and see if you can attack them, or open '::reqs'. Step 8: Evil Turnip farming Now you have come quite far, this is where you start to get gear that is actually considered decent. Kill evil turnips at ::eturnip until you got the full set, if there are a couple parts you never seem to get, sell different ones for 1-2T cash and buy the ones you need. When you have the full set, you should keep farming these for more drops. This is a decent money method as each drop equals 1-2T cash, except some parts valued at 300b. At this point it is all about the money. Do whatever to acquire some wealth. Basicly you will want to get better gear in order to increase your killing speed, increasing your income. Alternate money methods(some will require further ::npcreqs unlocks: These guides are not listed in any particular order. Tzhaar farming; '::tzhaar' (4k kc req), this is basicly an upgraded ::eturnip farming spot. You might want to sell some dyes to ibc-vendor at ::home. I would only keep shadow dyes, as these sell quite easy for 5T. Save up tzhaar armor, if you combine 2 of the same piece they become supreme, value is the same as if selling the regular separate, but supreme is easier to sell. Turtle farming; ::turtle (4k kc req), some people buy turtle stones for 20b ea, picking these up can be boring but its worth it. Also here you can work on unlocking hank the tank. Hank the Tank farming; '::hank' (1k turtle kc and turtle set req), good money if the place is crowded, not worth it if there are few players. Voting; Either sell auths at around 500b per auth or even better, vote 10 times a day or buy auths to reach 10 votes in a single day for a casket reward. This is a great money method that works alongside any other with very little effort. Getting 10 vote auths a day means you will either be able to buy drop catcher in under 2 weeks, or buy a lucky ore to sell every 2nd day. It also means you get a casket daily which can sell for 7T+ to other players. Dont open these if you want a steady profit, not worth it. Lucky Knight farming; '::luckyknight' (250 eturnip kc), will feel slow but can give you great rewards such as lucky completionest armor or lucky teddy bear. Recommended to get a shaded ss first. Lucky Knight2 farming; '::luckyknight2' (1k eturnip kc), same as ::luckyknight, but these have lower armor and hit you harder, so if you're geared for it, this will be faster kills, also shaded will hurt more if they hurt you more, right? Slayer; '::slayer', this will mix up your farming spots which is great if you dont like the repetitive farming. Slayer points sell for a decent price and if you are really lucky, you can get slayer armor from supreme monsters on your slayer task which is worth extremely much. Vorago farming; '::omen', vorago is a hard boss but when you are able to kill him, it can be very rewarding. There is a small prequest before you can kill him, if you struggle, there are guides for this. Corporeal Beast farming; '::corp', corporeal beast is a hard boss, but he also has very good drops, the best being dragonbone spirit shield. Tormented Demon farming; '::tds', tormented demons are not very hard, but still has some great drops to make it worthwhile. The most notable one being amulet of torture. Gear Priority: Items to save for listed in the order you should get them. Prices change constantly so dont rely 100% on these, ask in yell or clanchat for market prices: Links worth checking out for more info: Spirit Shield Effects | Set Bonuses | Dinhs Bulwark | Drop Catcher | Pet Benefits | Upgrading Equipment | Donor Benefits | Max Strength Bonus 'Thzaar Whip Upgraded' (6-8T) 'Frenzy Rapier Upgraded' (around 15-17T), sell tzhaar whip upgraded once you get this one. 'Supreme Tzhaar' set (helm,body,legs, 6t/piece, 18t for set), sell replaced evil parts. Note: can buy 2 regular tzhaar item of same slot and combine to a supreme. 'Donator Sword' (35-45T), this will be a turning point where you suddenly hit and kill much faster. 'Lava Spirit Shield' (45-50T), this is almost as significant as getting your donator sword. 'White Death Cape' (15-20T), many would probably place this later into the list, but its quite cheap for its impressive stats. Note: there are other color death capes for about 25-35T that are viable options, white is the cheapest one. 'Imagine Donor Lamp' (30-35T), buy 2k donor points at around 15-17T per 1k, buy this and use it for donor rank, click here for benefits. 'Lucky Completionest' set (130-150T), consists of boots,legs,body,helm,gloves for about 30t/piece 'Hailstorm Dagger' (prices unstable, ask ingame for current market price, most likely 130T and upwards), note: not worth buying for donor points atm, prices are low. 'Shaded Spirit Shield' (70-80T), sell lava ss once you are able to reach enough cash after selling it and buy this one. Some would recommend to get this earlier, the reason why I haven't is that early point money methods are at monsters that you will use protect from melee, meaning 0 dmg done to you, meaning 0 reflect from shaded ss. 'Imagine Donor to Extreme Lamp' (120-140T), buy 8k donor points at around 15-17T per 1k, buy the lamp and use it for extreme donor rank, click here for benefits. 'Scroll of Efficiency' (15T), either farm turtles and buy scrolls for 1k turtle stones or buy for 1k dpoints in donor store. Also buy scrolls from players if you can. These scrolls are applied to your ring of wealth for more droprate, they give 0-10% droprate and stack up to maximum of 5. If you get a 0% scroll, it does not take up any of the 5 slots. If you get 1-2% on your first scroll, or a really bad series of droprates, consider to clean the ring and start over. Cleaning is done with scroll of cleansing and removes all applied scrolls of efficiency, but you can now try again with chances for better droprate bonuses. Dont clean it before you have new scrolls to use. Note: scroll of efficiency is not bound to the ring, but to your character. So if you get another 'Ring of Wealth', or change to 'Lucky Ring of Life' you will keep your bonuses. At this point you will probably reach 200% droprate when double droprate is active, which is sufficient for considering upgrading your armor. I recommend you buy a set of 'Heavy Dragonbone' (5 pieces that replace your lucky set), this costs about 300T, or 50-60T each piece. You will want to get an 'Arcane Blast Necklace' (55-60T) and 'Lucky Ring of Life [Unbreakable]' (30T) to achieve the setbonus. Now you could upgrade wings into 'Black Death Cape' which is 200T, this was not recommended earlier because the white deathcape is not far off on stats at 1/10 of the price. It is also worth considering if you want a 'Dragonbone Spirit Shield' at this point, which absorbs 40% of all dmg, making boss farming much more pleasant. This shield goes for 300T+ currently, but prices are unstable.
  5. Corp Instances

    +1, I dont see any downside to adding this.
  6. Maybe people disagree with my opinion here, but imo this just sounds like a gamemode where you are shittier than everyone else. Why would anyone want to play a gamemode that makes you go dry 24/7, hardly getting any drop. Also once you finally get that set you sought after, it doesnt even grant you a bonus. Might be some people that would like this so others could know that they are a real badass. Sorry for the negativity, I just can't see any joy in this gamemode. I'm simple, I like drops  
  7. Prestige icons

    Ye I also checked out those! Image 1 - details are too small, not fit for 15x15 Image 2 - quite boring tbh Image 3 - best option imo, simple details that sets them apart, go for this one Image 4 - way too much details for 15x15 Image 5 - way too much details for 15x15
  8. Prestige icons

    Awesome, I don't have any experience at all as a graphic designer tho. Is it possible to use prestige icons from call of duty etc? Theres lots of them to pick from.
  9. Prestige icons

    Hey, recently I wanted to show off my prestige rank, which is when I thought of this. When displaying your prestige, you have to show so much details into your title, leading to little space for actual messages. Example (you can see my name, rank etc takes up half the chatbox before the actual message): So I thought we could add yell/chat icons for prestige aswell. The idea is based on what diablo 3 does with paragon levels. They unlock new icons at lvl 1,10,20,30,40,50.. and so on. This does take some effort in designing, but what diablo does is that the first icon would be a simple icon, the 2nd would build on the first design, 3rd would build even more on 2nd icon until it eventually becomes a series of awesome icons to show off. This implementation would save lots of space in the chatboxes which means you can have large messages without using several lines. It would be places next to the other icons such as donator or moderator etc. It should be noted that this idea could also apply to npckills with similar icon progress.
  10. Road to lvl 100 prestige

    For some strange reason I figured my next goal on Imagine would be to reach lvl 100 prestige. So thats what I've been nolifing lately, its a painful road that I do not recommend to anyone at all. It is repetitive, it takes an extremely long time and although rewarding, its not that great rewards compared to the effort put into it. Anyway, I started it, so I'm gonna finish it, at over 23k imp points currently, I'm close to reaching my goal. It will be done with double xp potion and 4x xp ring so 1 lamp will be enough for 1 prestige. Edit: I did it boys
  11. I really liked the video! A really nice trailer for those wondering what this server is about  Well done.
  12. New Item & Money Sinks

    I agree with you on everything except the potion++. None of these should be permanent, at least not the best one. The reason being that poisons would be implemented to make a money sink. If its permanent, the rich players will just buy it once and the sink wont flow for long.
  13. Rage Amulet Effect

    Could just have a proc for getting hit 50+ dmg instead then instead of percentage? Also dbone ss is no excuse for not being able to  proc imo since rage is suppose to be kinda "glasscannon". Therefore it makes sense that you would have weak enough defence to get hit that hard.
  14. Rage Amulet Effect

    I support this idea! #MakeRageAmuletGreatAgain Also, should have a visual effect so you can actually tell when its active. Like a glow around your weapon or an aura around you
  15. New Armour Sets

    I like the suggestion, what about the set bonuses tho? I also agree with Reliinquish and Aelin, if this would be a thing, it needs to be extremely hard to obtain. But honestly, I'd prefer a new end-game set to be untradeable. Anything that is going to be the new "awesome" thing that everybody wants most likely wont be that awesome if its tradeable. Simply because once its released, it will be farmed by most end-game content players until there is a huge bunch of those sets in the eco. When its in the eco, ppl simply have to save cash and buy it, no challenge or anything, just a simple trade. While it might sound like I should make an ironman account and shut up, I do believe there is a point here. It's hard for things to be really cool and sought-after if everyone buys it within a week. If its untradeable, fewer people will have it and you'll know the guy wearing it really worked for that set.