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  1. Tyrant set buff

    I feel like this should be changed, who will donate $200 for a set with no attack bonus might as well use rage
  2. New Slayer System

    Seems like a good system! But I think it should cost to spawn slayer monsters in or to get put into a room with that monster in specific like an instance
  3. Boss instances

    I'm sure many people have been doing the new boss tasks and been given a corporeal beast task, however if they aren't sponsor (extreme or vip) there are only 2 corps and if they aren't extreme + there is only one corp to share between the whole server. Personally I think this isn't enough for players since the massive increase of players and I have to wait hours to do my task. Hoping you'd take it into account and think about making instances similar to vorago. Thanks Bunny
  4. Mystogan's Drop Log V2

    Not too bad!
  5. Hiya! Forgot to make one!

  6. Tim's beginner guide.

    Sweet guide  
  7. Update Patch #31 07/02/2017

  8. Pets

    Now due to the new update today, focused on pets everyone has them out. After having my pet out for half an hour I've left clicked it which has picked it up and sent it to my bank too many times to count, this is both frustrating and wastes time. Can we please change it so that you have to right click the pet to bring up an option to pick it up because I'd like to keep my extra drop rate for more than 5 minutes at a time. Thanks for reading hope this gets changed. Bunny