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  1. Veteran Rank Request

    Rank has been given ingame. /closed
  2. VIP Request

    Rank has been given. /closed
  3. Extreme Donor Rank Request

    Rank has been given. /closed
  4. Forums Rank reg v.i.p miksi ei

    Might want to add the proof.
  5. Rank Request - User

    Rank has been given. /closed
  6. Welcome to the server Dosia! Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions.
  7. Vet?:o

    You want vet instead of your donor rank? I can only give you 1 rank.
  8. ~Slayer~Youtube

    Enjoyable vid mate, keep it up.
  9. rank request

    Rank has been given. /closed
  10. Double Drop 1 Kill

    That's not too shabby.
  11. range owns6 UID ban appeal

    You advertised another server. Appeal denied /closed
  12. rank requst

    Moved the thread to the actual Rank Request section. Rank has been given. /closed
  13. 1st slayer gear piece in game

    Gratz on Imagine's first Slayer piece drop. @Karan fixy fixy?
  14. Been here a week and Loving it 👌👌

    Welomce to the forums Sir Josh! Good to see that you're enjoying the game.
  15. Focus' Ban Appeal

    I appreciate the honesty and that's why I decided to unban you. Make sure to read the ::rules and go by them to avoid situations like this.