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  1. Pacy Donor rank request.

    Rank has been given. /closed
  2. Bwak Rank Request

    Rank has been given. /closed
  3. Cyprisknight rank request

    I've given you extreme donator for now. You will get Legend when the rank gets added to the forums. /closed
  4. UUID "Revenzge" Unban Appeal

  5. 2K Vet Rank Request

    Vet has been given ingame.
  6. UUID "Revenzge" Unban Appeal.

    Will be handled on discord. /closed
  7. Fat Max's UUID Ban Appeal

    There is no player called "Fat Max".
  8. ban appeal for "patrick 420"

    You should be unbanned.
  9. UUID ban appeal

    I've tried to unuid you, but since it doesn't show a UID, it might not work. @Karan @Tweety
  10. UUID Banned

    You have been unbanned. Make sure it doesn't happen again.
  11. Saik's UUID ban

    Thanks for making an appeal. You have been unbanned, but please make sure this doesn't happen again. I'd advise you to read the rules before playing the server.
  12. Karolis UUID unban appeal

    What was your username? I can't find anything on "karolis".
  13. acc recovery for bopper808

    His password is too long, I can't do anything about this. @Karan @Tweety @Arithium

    Appeal denied. /closed