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  1. Staff Feedback - December 2017

    Tweety (Owner) - Good guy. One of the more active owners I've seen in my years of rsps's. Karan (Developer) - good overall. sometimes promises an update in x days but when the day comes no update. seen this a few times Arithium (Developer) - Don't see him on much I'd like to see him engage with the community a bit more. Ash (Community Manager) - Great. Nothing bad to say about the man House (Admin) - Pretty active with the community nothin bad to say. Anarchy (Moderator) - Was a great helper and is now a good mod. Cux (Moderator) - Great guy. super chill, helpful and active in the community. #Cux4admin Ltmax (Helper) - pretty new staff haven't been online while he is much but seems decent. Koala1234 (Helper) - When i've seen him online he's a good helper.
  2. a not good idea but lets go with it anyways

    This is a great idea imo +1
  3. The Supah Suggestion Thread

    I love all of these. The item that saves DP upon logout would be very useful. I've seen so many times people in yell saying RIP dp gotta go to work/school in yell so this would be perfect.
  4. Custom Items / Model Showcase

    Damn bro these are sexy. Hopefully @Karan hits you up would love to see some of these ingame 
  5. Dp at K'ril Tsutsaroth

    +1. I couldnt get 200 kills in once day if I tried (and i have).
  6. Brazzers Drop Log [PICTURES]

  7. The Ironmen are the superior accounts!

    Times are changin boys! Those regular plebs will hold us down no longer! We must unite as one to show them we will not take this abuse! I had a dream that regulars and irons could play peacefully along side each other but they treated us as lesser and showed that will never happen! They brought this upon themselves!
  8. Brazzers Drop Log [PICTURES]

    I will be posting pictures of all my drops that get announced in the order i get them starting 3/2/17.       - I missed a few corp drops, forgot to screenshot. I got 2x pinks, 1 DOOM, 1 lava and 1 saradomin.   Full set complete  THE 19 DAY GRIND IS OVER BOYS!!!! NEXT GRIND : DRAGONBONE AND SHADED SPIRIT SHIELDS! HYYYPE                  TOOK A BREAK FROM TAKING PICTURES SO I MISSED A FEW BUT I WILL CONTINUE ADDING FROM NOW ON