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  1. Suggestions

    @Karan  @Tweety Dear guys If u like to make ur server bigger or let players stay for longer u got to change a few things. Atm there arent much goals and after all people stop playing and quit i would like to see these things changed: New goals New achievements: Hard+Elite and better rewards for it (Hard achievements same as Medium x5, Elite achievements same as Medium x10) Prestige system: atm you need to do ALL skills to 125 and if u dont grind for a lot of xp lamps it takes ages maybe buff the xp rate system so its easier getting 125 and prestige more often. Also add better rewards for it u can add some items in prestige shop like xp lamps, lucky ores, prestige master title, mystery boxes, ...   Comp cape Add the completionist cape in the cape shop and u can buy it if: -U got all skills 125 -U did all achievements (beginner,easy,medium if u arent going to add hard and extreme) -Prestige lvl 10 ( If u going to make it easier) -50 000 ::npckills This cape would have slightly better stats or as good as black death cape. Why?: if u got all these things u already played for a while and if the reward is good, players really grind for it and stay on the server (also gives players like me a challenge) if u give the comp cape stats like evil wings everyone says fuck you to comp cape. We really need to have people stay for a while. More people online everyday!   Please give us some updates
  2. Weekly challenges?

  3. Vote boss

    Extra skilling xp would be lame cause skilling is not working 100% or xp rate sucks but other rewards are welcome
  4. Easter

    Easter suggestion story:   Talk to "Eastermanager" he tells you that easter is comming but some workers of him didnt show up. He asks you to help him find them. He can also tell you that the workers are called Benny, Danny, Fanny and Harry. He gives you a list with where the workers live Benny: Yanille south of bank Danny: Al kharid swordshop Fanny: Catherby fletch shop Harry: Burthrope Pottery shop Talk with everyone and they all tell you that they arent allowed to go to work from the "Easterhater". He even took something from them. Say you will return their item. Ask where "The easterhater" lives. They dont know where he lives but they saw him last in falador park. Go to falador... 'The easterhater' really hates easter and you cant convince him to give the items back. He wants Easter gone forever. So you have to kill him and take the four items: Give the 'Blue beret' to Benny. Give the 'Red beret' to Danny. Give the 'Yellow beret' to Fanny Give the 'Black beret' to Harry They all go back to work and seem happy when you tell them you kild the 'Easterhater'.  Talk to the "Eastermanager" to get your reward. Thanks for saving easter!
  5. Bonus Max Hit

    Thats why i hit more now
  6. Wasko

    Ingame Username: Wasko Rank: VIP Proof: http://prntscr.com/eo1mnd
  7. Bonus Max Hit

    fantastic but when i typ ::maxhit i see i also get a bonus for my prestige lvl how does that work @Karan ?
  8. cant loot item,bugged

    "Tiger platelegs"
  9. New boss

    true but maybe harder to code because the kraken is not in melee distance. (i have no idea tbh)
  10. New boss

    Hello Me and House starting to brainstorm for a new boss so here's our idea:   Kraken (1M-2M hitpoints) Drops:    1-10 Gkeys 5-20 1B ticks Virtus mask Virtus robe top Virtus robe legs   Rare drops: -Imagine xp lamp -Arcane blood necklace (3% droprate) -Arcane stream necklace (6% droprate) -> Combine stream+blood to get arcane blast necklace -Arcane blast necklace (10% droprate) -...     Note: This Boss is only killable by mage/range
  11. Xlosex's Suggestion

    1. thieving is already a good way to earn money, 2b and chance on a mbox is good enough to me. 2. No duel arena for me thanks. 3. We could have max 1-2 server supports extra and promote one extra ss to mod. 4. Agreed on this. 5. When new bosses come, new gear will come aswell.  (copypaste a bit from griezmann)
  12. Prestiging

    only the sword is worth it to buy to others suck thats why i am posting this
  13. Prestiging

    Oh btw the bow is a melee weapon maybe change it into a range pls
  14. Prestiging

    Dear @Karan I have a few suggestions about the prestige system. So at a moment i wanted to have prestige 50 and started grinding till the moment i realised that its not worth doing it so i suggest all this: 1. At prestige 1 u get extra points why dont we get extra points like 10,20,30,...,50 even more,...,100prestige a lot 2. First item i bought was the prestige bow this bow has 0stats pls change it. I think +1500 would be great -> (aquatic bow has +780range bonus) 3. I didnt check on the other stats but would u take a look at these too? (ring,amulet,pet) I would like to see that prestige armor is good for melee,range and mage (+1000 att bonus for mage and range(=equal ganodermic and +800 for melee stats? (=equal evil armor) 4. Theres no staff in the shop could u maybe change the name in one of those weapons (maybe mace into prestige staff) and give it a +1500 magic att bonus? 5. Add the xp lamp into the shop for like 250k points? (others are 400k points) Maybe add some items from vote shop or skilling shop into the prestige shop? 6. Give smoke devils (@prestige zone) a drop now they dont drop anything
  15. Suggestions

    -Skilling no point in doing it maybe a better reward then '10m' and skillcape (maybe make the skillcape worth selling for like 100b orso or other rewards) -Maybe max cape with great stats? -PLS fix achievements and add the hard and elite ones  +achievementshop (i can brainstorm with u for ideas pm me ingame or forums)   Greetings your truly wasko