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  1. New shit

    Bump due to post being ignored.
  2. New shit

    I'm talking in the name of alot of players when i say this, we need new content. The stuff we have right now is getting old, and people are quitting because of this reason. Due to the lack of new items, bosses and zones, the server is slowly dying. I think Hank the tank was the last boss added, which was months ago.. We really want new stuff to grind for man.. I've send you a list of boss ideas before, i will post it here now so people can say what they think about those ideas.     PS: I don't mean to disrespect anyone with this post, just trying to help.
  3. New boss

    I agree that we do need a boss, alot... We've been asking for a long time but it doesn't seem to come. I'd prefer drugz his idea over the kraken tho, because the kraken drops you want are kind of useless to end-game players.
  4. Why I've quit

    Agree 100%
  5. Donor store potions

    Short suggestion: It would be nice if it would notify you that your potion has ran out  
  6. Combined Death Capes

    Oh yeah forgot about defense bonus, could be a possibility. Good idea, we'll see what happens. Thank you for your input! 
  7. Combined Death Capes

    Also, sorry for my English
  8. Combined Death Capes

    So.. Me and Griezmann were talking abit and we suddenly thought of this idea.. Currently the only wanted death capes are black and red, noone ever buys the others.. So what my idea is.. is to add a death cape that a player can create by combining every single death cape from vorago and ofcourse the black one from hank. This cape would be slightly better than the black death cape and would get those unwanted death capes back in the eco and make them wanted. This death cape would have 2K STR bonus (credit to house for that number) and maybe a slight accuracy boost? Thanks for reading.
  9. Bosses

    Wouldn't they be underpowered then? Also i think there's alot of spirit shields / (lucky) comp in game, lowering those bosses would mean more of those items ingame.. Eco would suffer too much from it I think.
  10. Hi guys, part 2 of the Christmas event has been released! This time, you need to collect 6 santa hats (Lime, green, adamant, hell green, dragon, and the regular santa hat ) and take them to the snowman at ::christmas. You can get the santa hats at ::santa. Goodluck!  PS: Also uploaded a picture with all the santa hats that you need.    
  11. Griezmann Boss

    Support, we need a new boss!