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  1. Thieving Stall Math Question Reward

    +1 Maybe make it so if we enter the math's question we will get like a 1b token or a mystery box or something little, but we also won't get asked questions for the next 5-10 minutes.
  2. pvm starter guide

    Good job on the guides man, helping us get out there! Don't mean to burst your bubble, but that seemed heaps laggy, is that how you always play man?
  3. Skilling Suggestions

    Sweet, glad I could help I like the customizable idea, maybe not make too many colours, maybe every cape can change between 2 colours or something? Maybe not even that, just have the normal skillcapes & when you get a second one they become trimmed, ect... You need to check out that map then, I hate the skilling zone, it's so ugly... ahaha
  4. Summoning Guide

    Very basic guide for now, will go over at some point in time & make it better once summoning actually has a purpose. I've seen a lot of people claim that summoning doesn't work & that you have to level it through hunter, but that's not the case. Step 1 Get your invent setup with all of your Charms, Spirit Shards, Money & Pouch's Your invent should look something like that. If you don't have any Charms, you will need to kill some monsters in order to gather them. If you don't have any Spirit Shards or Pouch's you can buy them at this store. Step 2 Now that you have your Charms/Spirit Shards and Pouch's you want to click on the Summoning Obelisk & it will open up an interface. Click on one of the pouches and it will tell you what level/items you need in order to make that pouch. Since you're more than likely level 1 in Summoning, let's start with the Spirit Wolf Pouch, in order to make that Pouch you're going to need: Lvl 1 Summoning/1 Gold Charm/1 Wolf Bone/7 Spirit Shards & 1 Pouch. If you don't have the bones buy them from the store that I mentioned earlier. Step 3 Now that you have all of the items that you need to make the Spirit Wolf Pouch, click on the Summoning Obelisk & Click on the Spirit Wolf Pouch. Congratulations!!
  5. Few suggestions

    Not a fan of that 1st idea man, we already get ddr constantly from rich dudes in-game... After 10 you get nothing because we don't want people using VPN's to get free votes all day... If you know a better way around that, let the staff know... -EDIT- A few more suggestions... I know I'm just spamming you guys with suggestions, I don't expect all of them to be added... Just giving you guys some ideas that I like. ---- Fix up the drop bug with the monkey bandage. Should re-vamp the 500m ticket stores, Ironman are really the only accounts that use it & there's nothing really good there, Ironman would rather save their pointless cash. When you use the "deposit all items" button in the bank, you can't withdraw items or anything for up to 2 seconds. Logout timer, should honestly set this up to log out people AFK after like 1-2 hours, fair enough going AFK for like 30 minutes, but people like myself don't want to lose that DDR, but we should really set the timer up so Loyalty Points can actually have a purpose. I wouldn't care losing my 2% DP at a boss for this... If we could actually have loyalty points being useful. Fix up the Corp beast spawn timer, please... It's such a pain killing Corp, because of that respawn timer alone, it's like 10-15 seconds, lower it please. Make a new monster that spawns somewhere every 2 hours, make him really tanky & it has to be a team effort for the server to kill him... Every one that does damage should get a drop, like on hank... It would encourage a lot of players to come together as a community. Sometimes dismissing your pet doesn't work... Make it so when you become a Donator your yell colour changes automatically, I get tired of telling new donators to do ::changeyellcolor Simple to do, please do it... Hahahah
  6. Skilling Suggestions

    Sounds awesome man, but I thought of this last night, let me know what you think... There's no real point to maxing/99 capes, exp will always be a bit whacky because it's a custom server, so we can't really compete on highscores or anything... So, why not make it so when you're skilling you gain a certain amount of skilling points in that skill only... Say I'm fishing, I will only get skill points for fishing... Add a shop full of skillcapes & put them at like 50k skill points in that certain skill... It would make skilling somewhat competitive & if you ever see anybody with a skillcape, you know they've put in hours upon hours of work getting it. I actually really love this idea & I think it would bring a competitive side to the server! -EDIT- For example; Say I'm fishing, If I'm fishing shrimps I will get 1 Fishing skill point, but if I'm fishing sharks I will get like 5. If I'm mining copper ore I will get 1 Mining skill point, but if I'm mining rune I will get 5. Could do that for every skill, make the skillcape for that skill cost like 250k points or something, make them hella hard to get!!
  7. Give & Get Back

    Thais is actually an awesome idea, it will get so many new members involved on the forums.

    Damn, I have no idea... Try updating your Java

    No text or anything comes up?

    Try updating your Java

    No I don't sorry... Click the start button, go to computer, go to (C:) Drive, go to Users, then go to your computer name and delete the folder called "imagineps" Then re open the client & let me know if that works.

    You on windows?

    Server's up and working fine man, try deleting the cache & re downloading it. If it still doesn't work, let us know.
  14. Few suggestions

    Omg... The raffle... It doesn't actually tell you who won it, you should make a command or something to check who won the last raffle... Add the DWH for a spec weapon, why not? Don't make it decrease defence as much as it does on runescape, maybe make it 10% or something? Well how about, you need to buy this book/scroll or something, you use it or hold it & from there on out you can cast vengeance?? Overloads have been fixed? Cool, didn't actually know, tried them like a week or two ago & they were trash... - Voting - Cupcakes - 1 Point each 25 Horror bones - 2 Points RoW - 20 Points Scroll of efficiency - 75 Points Scroll of cleansing - 75 Points Drop catcher 125 Points Crystal key - 1 Point each Golden key - 1 Point each Mystery box - 2 points X2 Ring - 100 Points X3 Ring - 150 Points Spin ticket - 1 Point each Lucky ore - 20 Points --- BRAND NEW ARMOUR - 250 Points each --- Imagine Donor lamp - 500 Points Will encourage a lot of new players to vote... Still trying to think what else could be added to the store, give me a few days & I will ask people on the server for their opinions & update this list. Thanks Relin - EDIT - You guys plan on adding all skills right? Make a golden hammer increase smithing by x2 or something, make the golden tinder increase firemaking by x2.. Add them two to the vote shop for future use or something?
  15. Few suggestions

    Didn't know you didn't have to go through with giving the item... Maybe a ::well command or something? I didn't mean it be announced every time somebody logs in... I mean, the first time you log in since the raffle it will come up with a little message saying who won it...That only you can see, so it's not constantly flooding the server...