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  1. Why I've quit

    Spend alot of time ingame, so I thought a explanation might be deserved. Honestly, after Christmas I lost all motivation to play anymore. 2 reasons: 1st: Hank update, it was made a teamboss, but 80% of the time I can do it solo and has been made 4x as hard to do it. Completely shooting down my goal to get full hank through drops, and nearing a droprate of original runescape rares. 2nd (and the most important): Christmas update without announcing it on the forums or through any other way. Coming into the game, hardly having been a half a day offline (not counting sleeping), and finding out you never got a chance to play is not nice. Idem ditto for part 2 Just some feedback, use it to your advantage. UTribal
  2. Should make a multi mob for afkable kc

    -1 No support, getting kc up to 1k+ (If I'm quoting you) is supposed to be difficult. Otherwise many endgame players would be bored way too fast, there are easy and more difficult goals ingame. Getting your kc up to like 5k+ is supposed to be more difficult.
  3. Bosses

    Hank was kinda underpowered before, didn't kill corp much though. I if hank just hits slightly lower like 400's instead of 500's it would already be good imo. Hank just has a way too low droprate, 1/290 is completely and utterly insane. Especially considering the fact that I still have to do it solo 75% of the time because no one wants to kill Hank... To come near the old droprates you would need 5+ people. And I have never gotten a team like that since the update
  4. Combined Death Capes

    Purple is also bought specifically, for it's defence bonus. Which is far better than any other death cape. Seems like a good idea. It would be an expensive a.f. item though, so on top of what you suggested, a defence bonus similar or slightly lower than purple d cape one, would also be welcome imo. +1
  5. Bosses

    The overpoweredness of current bosses is something I would like to see in qbd or something. Damage wise they can handle a minor nerf Lucky knight I didn't notice any change either, could be me.
  6. 1000 every monster kill challenge

    Awesome challenge man! Love it. And goodluck, you will need it
  7. Change drop potential text

    To explain my suggestion I will give an example. If you would kill a npc that needs 60 kills for 1% dp. And you have 24 kills, it would display as: "your drop potential for this monster is 0% with 24 kills." What I would love to see is: "your drop potential for this monster is 0% with 24 out of 60 kills." Or something similar if you guys have any other suggestions ^^
  8. Tabs in bank

    I understand there are higher priority's, maybe an update for when the highest priority items are finished and introduced into the game. Since as you mentioned it takes alot of time
  9. Tabs in bank

    Hey all! Straigtforward suggestion, which is especially nice for more endgame players. Tabs in banks where you can store your sets and other collections in various different tabs, just like in osrs. Everyone must like to have a junk tab, sets tab and pot tab for example right? UTribal  
  10. just a few suggestions

    He gave you some feedback, take it. There isn't a single comma in your entire post. It makes it a hell to read and understand. 
  11. A Few Suggestions

    Here we go: 1. Buy X, full support, 1 downside. Your client will most likely completely trip if you decide to buy 1 million 1m tickets or something.  2. Hailstorm dagger is indeed 12k d points, in current market (and it will stay that way for a long time probably) that would mean hailstorm dagger is 120t. Now since not many people are buying it, even thought it's very strong for it's price, they are selling for an easy 200t. And since it's going for that price, I dont see a need for a nerf, also considering that even less people will buy it from donator store.  3. removing tds seems a bit extreme and since people are doing tds for claws pretty much, removing claws will have similar effect. I do think that something has to be done about it, but not this.  4. Bosses have been buffed, but easily survivable with a monkey bandage. You will die occasionally, which is fine, but I'm not getting destroyed. And that is without a dbone ss! They simply require slightly more active gameplay as of lately. Not sure about this one ^^ 5. Full support, 10 - 15 second timer is plenty.. IMO 6. Cant give this a bigger support, I spend like 30-40 minutes emptying inventory's when I was cleaning my bank couple days back.
  12. just a few suggestions

    If you upgrade it to the 3rd tier dropcatcher, it will pick up everything. So that's already taken care off ^^
  13. hi everyone

    Dutch people unite!
  14. Sell noted items to IBC

    Also in addition, this would mean that all sellable common drops should be able to be withdrawn as a note from bank. Which isn't the case currently
  15. Hailstorm Dagger upgraded

    I think it's fairly clear, but same for me. It's very strong considering its price already No support