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  1. command suggestion

    These would need cooldowns as they couldn't just be infinitely used. The infinite prayer one is a little too much, maybe a temporary infinite prayer command that lasts like a minute and has a cooldown.
  2. Skilling Suggestions

    I'm done with woodcutting, mining and fishing. You'll randomly get a reward while doing each. They may need to be balanced slightly as its mostly just been me testing.
  3. Thieving Stall Math Question Reward

    You could just logout after 19, and continue again so that wouldn't help. Read my edited reply above.
  4. Thieving Stall Math Question Reward

    Unlikely to remove it, but we can add a reward for answering correctly sure. I could tone down the rate it happens some as well. Edit: Updated the rate it occurs to 1/75. Answering correctly will give a random amount of 1-3 1b tokens.
  5. Skilling Suggestions

    We don't have a reliable map editor to remove buildings. Theres a map that I was considering using but I'd have to check it out. The customizable cape idea I can ask Lennard if hes capable of doing, but no promises on that.
  6. Skilling Suggestions

    I've already started working on the skill points system. About half the skills are done but are subject to change points wise.
  7. Skilling Suggestions

    Basically the idea I had in mind for points. Definitely something worth considering.
  8. Give & Get Back

    Something to note, guides that are 'poorly done', will not be entered. Please put effort into the guide so that its easy to understand for a new player.
  9. Skilling Suggestions

    So now that we've gotten stability out of the way & added some more bosses, its time for me to focus my attention elsewhere. I want to start working on skilling to make it a bit more profitable and worthwhile. I've come up with some suggestions on what I can do, but I want the community to help me decide what should/shouldn't be added. Skilling General ~ -> Modify skilling experience -> Skilling points, varies based on what you're doing Fishing ~ -> Ability to fish mystery boxes -> Ability to fish up keys -> Possibly 1b tokens? Firemaking ~ This skill sucks, no thanks Woodcutting ~ -> Random bird nest drops which can contain various items like fishing Mining ~ -> Similar to fishing Agility ~ -> Exchange agility tickets for 1b tokens Crafting/Runecrafting/Cooking ~ -> Possibility of getting 1b tokens while doing them. Smithing ~ -> Potential chance to craft a rare piece of equipment Skilling Store Selling System ~ -> Ability to basically sell mass quantities of logs, fish, ores etc.. for 1b tokens -> Adding on to the above, possibly making raw fish worth more then cooked? Or Vice Versa? -> Custom skilling outfits can be bought with skilling points
  10. New player bug

    Can you replicate the issue? The account should be locked as soon as the starter dialogue starts and shouldn't end.