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  1. bank sale [all sold]

    https://gyazo.com/c136f23fd25a2bdffc72a859f8e683d1 pm me offers ingame name cash only [troll drops] [offline] all items are sold
  2. [Merchants] Clan Recruitement Thread

    In-Game Username : Troll drops Current Rank : sponsor NPC Kills : 77437 Bank Wealth :20Q+ Total Playtime : 41 days 16h Average playtime / day : 5-10h
  3. Loot from 1000 vorago kills

    So i have saved up a tab on 1k vorago kills i have used some cupcakes so that number is wrong. https://gyazo.com/ac6cb5e857d2cebc0353d121941e87e6   i will now save up a 2000 kill tab and will update this post when i have it.
  4. community mute

    I saw someone cant remeber who that had this idea about ::community mute. we as a community vote on mute someone like a spammer but i think we may need ::community jail too so we as a community can jail if no staff in on and if someone is giving out stuff like today. that can help the staff team a bit to get the ppl muted / yelled so they cant do any more harm if there is no staff online.   sorry for bad english 
  5. bank pic

                                                                                                                                nothing for sale atm and if u ask me for stuff and i will just ignore you
  6. veteran rank

    name: troll drops rank: veteran
  7. Road to katana

    Iam going for a katana drop and will post all my rare drops and pics on them   Drop 1 on kc 39 blue death cape  Drop 2 on kc 180 rage hat            Drop 3 on kc 339 vorago pet        Drop 4 on kc 362 rage platebody  Drop 5 on kc 370 shaodw teddy