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  1. Rank request - Dregon

  2. VIP Rank

  3. Tweety can you please un-ban me Ign killer rsps

  4. Give & Get Back

    We're looking forward to see some more guides; already heard that several are working on new guides, very glad to hear.
  5. Hey Tweety,

    Can you you please look at my ban appeal.

    It was an honest mistake.

    Thanks, :)

  6. Skilling Suggestions

    We're looking into avenues to get custom maps made currently. Once I have more information on that, I'll make a post about it.
  7. Can you please check my "Forgotten PINS" thread in Support>Server Support.



  8. Skilling Suggestions

    I really like this idea, definitely something the developer team is going to discuss further.
  9. Back on Track

    It is going to be pretty rad; don't you worry.
  10. Yeah...

    I did not blow off your post. I am not ready to post my thread yet.
  11. Recent problems with Imagine

    I'll be making a post later today explaining everything that has been going on recently, and I'll make sure to touch on each of these topics.
  12. I am trying to play but I forgot my PIN and it wont let me talk or anything. It just lets me move around once and then I cant do anything else. I cant talk to mods, nothing. Can I have some help please? :)

  13. ive not been able to ::claim i donated already names gohan.