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  1. Hunger Games minigame

    I can make custom maps; so if you or anyone else in the community can come up with a blueprint for this, might help our decision.
  2. Donator Prices and Benefits

    Remember, all ranks, scale. So, sponsor has everything the lower ranks does and what sponsor does. ^.^
  3. The new home Discussion/Thoughts?!

    The bankers are only temporary until I fix the objects (e.g. the bank booths). Which will be done Friday when I get home from my family's house.
  4. Happy Holidays. Love y'all :x

  5. Im goofy

  6. Forum Rank Tradeable

  7. 13 Days 100+ Players?! {HISTORY MADE}

    The server uptime means that we haven't needed to restart the server in 13 days (All of our updates were passive, went into effect without an actual restart). We've been online for over a year and a half now
  8. BurntDown Rank Request

  9. Rank request - Dregon

  10. VIP Rank

  11. Tweety can you please un-ban me Ign killer rsps

  12. Give & Get Back

    We're looking forward to see some more guides; already heard that several are working on new guides, very glad to hear.
  13. Hey Tweety,

    Can you you please look at my ban appeal.

    It was an honest mistake.

    Thanks, :)

  14. Skilling Suggestions

    We're looking into avenues to get custom maps made currently. Once I have more information on that, I'll make a post about it.