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  1. UnBan Etheraa

    No. Fuck off.
  2. Tweety could you just unban me , when server update's my ban refreshes i was unbanned ING:Revenzge

  3. uhm so ive been trying to play since yesterday and i just cant get the game to start this is what i get, so please let me know if you have any idea on how to fix this


    1. Cux



      IF YOU HAVE ISSUES LIKE THIS -> CHECK FOR MALWARE LIKE "PremierOpinion" . It blocks connections to our launcher.

  4. UUID ban appeal

    Looking into this now.
  5. server is downnnnn

  6. [Request] Donator Ranks On-Forums Shadow96

    Done. /locked
  7. Christmas Sale!

    Howdy Everyone! I'm glad to be able to spend the holidays with you guys this year. I will be online for most of the day today, as well as tomorrow off and on while at my parents house. (I'm actually in my home-town this year). To celebrate this year, we'll be having a sale for donation points! ALL profits made this week will be going straight into advertising. Now that we've fixed all the issues that our competitors have been saving/using against us for sometime now; we're finally prepared to do a solid push and get our rightfully deserved player-count once again. <3 Tweety & The Imagine Administration.
  8. Sponsor rank

  9. Hunger Games minigame

    I can make custom maps; so if you or anyone else in the community can come up with a blueprint for this, might help our decision.
  10. Donator Prices and Benefits

    Remember, all ranks, scale. So, sponsor has everything the lower ranks does and what sponsor does. ^.^
  11. The new home Discussion/Thoughts?!

    The bankers are only temporary until I fix the objects (e.g. the bank booths). Which will be done Friday when I get home from my family's house.
  12. Happy Holidays. Love y'all :x

    1. King Gangue
    2. touch me

      touch me

      happy holidays love you to

  13. Forum Rank Tradeable

  14. 13 Days 100+ Players?! {HISTORY MADE}

    The server uptime means that we haven't needed to restart the server in 13 days (All of our updates were passive, went into effect without an actual restart). We've been online for over a year and a half now