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  2. YouTuber Rank

    This post is quite old and the guidelines have changed. For the most updated guidelines, pm "Tweety" or "Ash".
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  4. more suggestions

  5. YouTuber Rank

    i like this idea but i think 3 videos a week is a bit much, they would be very rushed, you have to think about the time it takes to edit them etc. id say 1 main vid a week and a 2nd one maybe a guide or more basic each week   editing them is the main time consumer
  6. Imagine itemlist

    wow nice list you put a lot of work in to this
  7. Rank request

    ign: Result Normal donator
  8. Pet Benefits and Effects

    Very useful, thank you.
  9. more suggestions

    +1 good suggestions all around imo
  10. YouTuber Rank

    once i order my new mic and get my account set i can do 2 videos a week if you want good content channel had 285k views 1k subs   
  11. Yesterday
  12. YouTuber Rank

    3 Videos a week is kind of harsh if you actually expect them to supply you with good content.

  14. Server downtime issue

    We understand that you may not be able to login, or connect to the server.  We are working on the fix right now and will not stop until we come across one.   Please do understand that we appreciate everyone's patience and appreciation of our work. We cannot disclose any of the work we're doing until it is done, and therefore are unable to answer certain questions. Please bare with us while we get across this little hiccup.   Any questions you may have, feel free to pm @Karan here, and he will get back to you as soon as he is able to and, has a definitive and proper answer.
  15. rank request

      Ingame Username: touch me Rank: donator rank Proof: https://gyazo.com/054a40f08755d23441d63b7d56af7485
  16. Last week
  17. Possible rollback?

    I feel for you and I'm sorry for your loss, but we cannot refund items that you willingly gave away. Hopefully, we'll still see you in-game though!
  18. Possible rollback?

    Hello >.> A few months ago I went through a rough spell IRL with multiple family members passing away which really got to me and I just couldn't be bothered with life anymore, which ended up with me throwing all my earned and donated items into the well and quitting I was just hoping for a possible rollback to when I had my gear because I really wanna get back into playing this server and grinding gear on my hc ironman >.>
  19. Buying Ornate Katana

    Buying ornate katana Offer: Ninja Katana + 455T https://gyazo.com/f1fb976dca919fcd20b0d8d2afa03dc3 PM me ingame or on forums.
  20. more suggestions

    1. insta kill dart -from donor shop (maybe added to casket also) 100 points per dart with a 1/20 item chance or 250 points for a 1/10 item chance? - make sure it would kill bought phases of a boss(vorago)-(QBD) 2. ankou outfit bonus - exstreamly rare to have full outfit and only cosmetic but maybe add like a 2x xp multiplyer to it for skilling that stacks with xrings or any effect in general- maybe if full outfit is in inventory it will give u two chances to roll on the krill drop table only? like if roll one doesnt hit a unique items it rerolls once or has a 25% chance to reroll if no item hit. 3.item gambler - that hAS a 1/3chance of returning ur item + giving u the "cash value" in token in return example- lucky comp item would be return along with 25t cash. 4.ability to combine 2 spirit shields and have both effects of the spirit shield making the item untradable  unless paying 100t to break down  5.ability to also donate turtle items/boxes for the ddr and remove it from the shop @ home so you cant buy the boxs.  
  21. Buying Tzhaar Set

    Pm me in game please, : Floyde
  22. Downtime and Issues

    We are aware of the issues present with the recent updates. (The updates were 100% urgently required)   Here are some problems you will experience: Inability to login Lag spikes Parts of your character's body going invisible Some item models invisible or very small Maps non-existent Messed up floor textures Messed up wall textutes   Estimates time till fixes: We are trying our best to get these fixed as soon as possible while fixing many other issues alongside. The fixes should arrive by end of today or tomorrow   We thank everyone that remained with us through all of the problems.
  23. howdy ya'll, Jarred here!

    welcome to imagine-ps
  24. howdy ya'll, Jarred here!

    As you can see, my name is Jarred. I haven't played a rsps in over a year and a half being on deployment. Due to this server being quite different than other's I remember, I apologize if I ask for help and guidance sometimes but it appears i'll need it  i'm pretty active but I am in the marine corps and there will be times I'll be gone for a week or more at a time, I'll give a heads up though. I'm looking forward to meeting some of ya'll on the server. Thank you for reading(: -Jarred
  25. Rank has been given. /closed
  26. Ingame name - Hardcore Nyx   Rank - Sponsor   Proof - attached
  27. Price check yell-message

    People use the clanchat instead of the yellchat, so they won't receive the assistace
  28. Sneak Peaks - 5/19/2017

    @Karan @Tweety man we really have some kick-ass ideas glad to work with u lot   love xoxo   mike
  29. Sneak Peaks - 5/19/2017

    Sick job mate, and almost back up? just finished work and bored as shit :')
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