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  2. Item missing off account

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  4. mute apeal

    Will be unmuted when someone online can unipmute you (I've already unmuted but i believe you're ipmuted) /Closed
  5. Trading/Chatting Reqs and skilling

    Skilling is something i've wanted to see implemented for months now, and we've had ideas for it. Even fully thought out how to implement skills and make it a viable option for players to make money but lately there just hasn't been much time to focus on skilling because of all the issues we've been facing. It will definitely be added sometime in the future though. And the 100 NPC kills can be obtained very easily by killing chickens at camelot, or going to ::seeds but i do see what you're saying. It could be a good idea to make it kills or play time.
  6. Trading/Chatting Reqs and skilling

    Skilling does need to be fixed... I know it would be hard because of the xp rates and the xp rings and stuff, but it would be so good to be able to just kick back & skill sometimes & it actually have some value behind it.
  7. A Few Things

    it's time for a change #diablo50k #diablo50k #diablo50k rest of the stuff looks good tho keep it up.
  8. Trading/Chatting Reqs If I were to play the server and for some reason not want to do any killing and just skill I would not be able to trade or use ::yell. The need for requirements on trading and chatting makes complete sense but I think NPC kills should not be the only way to access these features. A play time requirement of 3 or 4 hours would be acceptable for new players should they choose not to PvM or want to do some skilling to start out. Skilling Skilling is very barebones on the server which sucks but I know the server is PvM focused with all the customs. I think skilling can still have its place in the game and the server could benefit from it getting some attention. Similiar to what you did with Thieving can be done with the rest of the skills. Flesh out each skilling area and give it the basics of what it needs to be trained and then make the resources/products that come from skilling sell for a decent amount. I don't see any reason (besides time and effort) why Skilling can't be on par with the PvM in this server, it would be a real power house if they both intertwined and had plenty of content to offer. I understand the work that would go into the skilling portion and it's not a small job. I hope my post doesn't sound whiny or greedy I just wanted to put my 2 cents in about how to improve the server.
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  10. A Few Things

    50K kills was a bit ridiculous for Diablo, thanks for the lower!
  12. mute apeal

    Appellate's username: Ja nikuriu Whose to blame for your unjust punishment?: no idea Written rebuttal/opposition: i was drunk and sayd some things in yell Visual evidence (can be a questioned witness, or chat/trade log; required):
  13. A Few Things

    - PM Timer for regular players has been lowered to 5 seconds. - All ranks should show proper % droprate on ::mydroprate - Diablo kill requirement has been changed to 25k NPC Kills
  14. Error Connecting to Server

    Sorry for the late reply, server's been running fine for me & I've been on all day man. Try restarting your computer & re downloading the client.
  15. Error Connecting to Server

    Is the server down or something atm. everytime i try to log in, it just says "error connecting to server"
  16. A Few Things

    Agree with it all, overload's are stupid tbh... Why do you even need a herblore level to drink it? That just doesn't make any sense... Make it, yeah... But to drink? C'mon... Keen to try out the new boss
  17. A Few Things

    The only thing I can give my opinion on is the Overloads. They're most certainly buggy. Everything else, I only see what everyone else is saying and it would appear they agree with the sentiment.
  18. A Few Things

    Agree to all, big problems that have effects on all members, not just new or old. All need to fixed fixed asap IMO, would greatly enhance the chances of new players continuing and old players staying.
  19. A Few Things

    I know voting should be up at some point soon, but it's very annoying because a lot of people can't get their rewards for voting for the server, which we appreciate very much. This should have been up by now. The new boss "Diablo", he's an amazing new addition to the ImaginePS boss list, though i find he's slightly too easy to kill, and his drop potential count is too high, given there's another boss with the same health that has literally less than 1/3 of the kill for you to get drop potential. Even down to 1/90 would be fine for Diablo. On the topic of Diablo, i feel the current requirement is a bit too excessive. 25000 to 30000 ::Npckills would probably be enough. Overloads seem a bit buggy, needs to be at least looked at. Perhaps making it last longer would be a good enough fix. The chat timer for clan chat and private messages need to be removed from regular players at some point. Probably shouldn't say it here in case someone gets it removed simply to spam advertise on the server. None of the donator ranks appear to tell you how much droprate is given by it, on ::mydroprate. This includes donator, extreme donator, vip, and sponsor ranks.
  20. Back on Track

    Can't wait!! Just need to recover my in game pin to play lol
  21. Back on Track

    It is going to be pretty rad; don't you worry.
  22. Buff System

    Amour breaking sounds crazy
  23. Buff System

    Two ways to apply them after the upcoming update is via operating while wearing full set of QBD or Phantom. More options will come soon.
  24. Can't get into my account.

    My bad, can someone move this please? Still need help btw..
  25. Buff System

    Nice buffs but how do you apply them?
  26. Buff System

    All timers are default, times are not always the same. Strength Mastery: 1000 Strength Bonus Lasts 5 minutes Adrenalin Mastery: 1000 Attack Bonus for all types Lasts 5 minutes Defense Mastery: 1000 Defense Bonus for all types Lasts 5 minutes Move Mastery: 5% chance to dodge incoming attacks Lasts 5 minutes Weapon Mastery: 1% chance to do double damage next hit Lasts 5 minutes Focus Mastery: Double Attack Bonus for all types Lasts 2.5 minutes Bellow: Reduce Defense of NPC you're attacking by 50% Lasts 2.5 minutes Constitution Mastery: Increase max HP by 20 Lasts 10 minutes Concentrate Attack: 500 Attack Bonus for all types Lasts 10 minutes Armour of Courage: 500 Defense Bonus for all types Lasts 10 minutes Giant Body: If health falls below 25% (Above 0), automatically healed for 10 health Lasts 2.5 minutes Toughness: 500 Attack Bonus Lasts 10 minutes Fighting Spirit: 25% increase in all types for attack & defense, 1% chance to dodge Lasts 10 minutes Constitution of a Titan: Increase max HP by 5% Lasts 5 minutes Uncanny Movement: 7% chance to dodge incoming attacks Lasts 5 minutes Deep Wound: 2% chance to inflict double damage Lasts 2.5 minutes Vitality Control: 100% health recovered from soul split Lasts 5 minutes Divine Defense: 750 Defense Bonus for all types Lasts 5 minutes Armor Break: Ignore NPC defense Lasts 2.5 minutes Devotion: Triple all attack types and 500 strength increase Lasts 10 minutes Protection & Betrayal: 5% chance to block and/or increase incoming damag Lasts 5 minutes Kill on Contact: Kill anything on next hit Lasts 5 minutes or 1 NPC Kill (Whichever comes first) Telekinetomyinv: Send all drops to inventory Lasts 10 minutes Reflection Shield: Reflect 30% (multiplied by 1000) back to the NPC Lasts 2.5 minutes Defensive Stand: Get all NPC around you to become aggressive against you Lasts 5 minutes
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