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  2. Hello.

    Hello. I am Perish.
  3. Slayer Guide

    Another great guide as always <3
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  5. Slayer Guide

    awsome guide anarchy
  6. UUID ban appeal

    so what is gona happen?
  7. UUID ban appeal

    I've tried to unuid you, but since it doesn't show a UID, it might not work. @Karan @Tweety
  8. UUID Banned

    You have been unbanned. Make sure it doesn't happen again.
  9. UUID ban appeal

    Appellate's username: b e e r Whose to blame for your unjust punishment?:I am the one to blame Written rebuttal/opposition:I've been banned for being disrespectful and saying "kill your self" to other player which for I am sorry, this has happened like half a year ago and I think I am a changed person I am not going to tell anyone bad things like this anymore. And I think I deserve another chance after being banned for this long. Visual evidence (can be a questioned witness, or chat/trade log; required):
  10. UUID Banned

    Hey Lidl Rick here been away from Imagine for a while and im UUID banned once i try to log in again any help / info not sure what I did as I have been away for a while thanks.
  11. Slayer Guide

    Slayer Guide To start slayer, type ::Slayer and speak to Duradel to get a task. To check your task, you can type ::Task which brings up an interface. Within this Interface you can: Block/Cancel Tasks Access the Slayer Shop Extend Tasks Slayer Streaks You can increase your slayer streak by completing tasks, without resetting your task or blocking a task. If you reset/block any task, whatever your current streak is, will be reset to ZERO. By being on a slayer streak, you will over time, get more points per task. Slayer Superiors Slayer Superiors have different chances to spawn dependent on the task (Easy, Medium, Hard, Boss) Superior Drops: Common: 1T cash Rares: 5T Cash, Slayer Pieces, Barrows Slayer Helm, Shadow Slayer Helm Slayer Piece Drop Chance: 150,000,000/HP Easy Tasks Points/Task: 20 Points on Max Slayer Streak: ? Superior Chance: 1/225 Customzone Monster (::customzone) 50K HP - 1/3000 Jogre (::1mhpboss) 500K HP - 1/300 Pikachu (::pikachu) 15K HP - 1/10000 Sonic (::sonic) 20K HP - 1/7500 Ninja (::ninja) 30K HP - 1/5000 Insectoid Assassin (::insectiod) 45K HP - 1/3333 Tome of Magic (::tome) 25K HP - 1/6000 Undead Hero (::undead) 125K HP - 1/1200 Ckey Monster (::ckey) 7.5K HP - 1/20000 Gkey Monster (::gkey) 75K HP - 1/2000 Celestial Dragon (::celestial) 13K HP - 1/11583 Medium Tasks Points/Task: 30 Points on Max Slayer Streak: 65 Superior Chance: 1/200 Santa Animals (::Santa) 160k HP - 1/937.5 H'ween Monster (::Hween) 160k HP - 1/937.5 Phat Monsters (::Phat) 160k HP - 1/937.5 Spongebob (::Spongebob) 200K HP - 1/681 Evil Turnips (::Eturnip) 300k HP - 1/500 Tzhaar-Xil (::Tzhaar) 387.5K HP - 1/387 Cave Horror (::Horror) 175K HP - 1/857 Ursaring (::Ursaring) 250K HP - 1/600 Scyther (::Scyther) 255K HP - 1/588 Lion (::Lion) 262.5K HP - 1/571 Ethereal Mage (::Ethereal) 200K HP - 1/750 Totodile (::Totodile) 275K HP - 1/545 Transformed Horse (::Thorse) 287.5K HP - 1/521 Ganodermic (::Ganodermic) 187.5K HP - 1/800 Rainbow (::Rainbow) 175K HP - 1/857 Hard Tasks Points/Task: 40 Points on Max Slayer Streak: ? Chance for Superior: 1/150 Turtle (::Turtle) 1M HP - 1/150 Luckyknight (::Luckyknight) 2.5M HP - 1/60 Forgotten Warrior (::Forgotten) 200K HP - 1/750 Shadowforger (::Shadowforger) 625K HP - 1/240 Boss Tasks Points/Task: 50 Points on Max Slayer Streak: 80 Chance for Superior: 1/90 Hank the Tank (::Hank)* 20M HP - 1/7.5 Corporal Beast (::Corp)* 3.75M HP - 1/40 Tormented Demons (::tds)* 2.375M HP - 1/63 Luckyknight (::Luckyknight) 2.5M HP - 1/60 Vorago (::Omen)* 1.75M HP - 1/85 K'ril Tsutsaroth (::Kril)* 10M HP - 1/15 Skeleton Mage (::Halloween) 4.5M HP - 1/33 Donator Boss (::Donorboss)* 1.75M HP - 1/85 Thanks to Misto Quente for helping me with Slayer Tasks Slayer Helms Slayer Helms give bonus drop rates while on your slayer task Example: If your task is 30 Tormented Demons, While Wearing a Slayer Helmet, You will gain bonus drop rate killing Tormented Demons. If you kill Vorago while wearing a Slayer Helmet, while your task is Tormented Demons, You will NOT get bonus drop rate at Vorago. Slayer Helm: 1% Bronze Helm: 2% Iron Helm: 3% Steel Helm: 4% Black Helm: 5% Mithril Helm: 6% Adamant Helm: 7% Rune Helm: 8% Dragon Helm: 9% Lava Helm: 10% Lime Helm: 13% Barrows Helm: 20% (2 Limes) Shadow Helm: 33% (2 Barrows) Gilded Helm: 50% (2 Shadow)
  12. Last week
  13. client problems...

    nvm fixed it myself.
  14. Join the 150T GIVEAWAY HERE: https://gleam.io/ftXdH/lucky-set-giveaway-150t
  15. Bank Search

    This has been suggested many times before, but as far as i know, it would be extremley hard if possible to implement with having bank tabs, i believe it was a choice between the two.
  16. Veteran rank request


    If you're having trouble running your client and/or your launcher, pelase follow the instructions below to resolving the problem: First off, go to http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jre8-downloads-2133155.html and download the version complimentary to your computer (x86 = 32bit, x64 = 64 bit). After downloading the file, and running the setup, you should come upto a finish screen. Running your Client and/or Launcher If you attempt to run your client or launcher and they do not open, or only briefly open and close (A white screen might flicker on your screen), and after 10 seconds the client or launcher do not open 100%, follow "How to Open Client Forcefully" below. If you attempt to run your client or launcher and it gets stuck on the "Loading" screen or "Start" screen or no words appear with the background displayed, follow "How to Delete your Cache Manually" below. How to Open Client Forcefully There are two ways you can go about resolving this issue, it occurs because your java environment is not set properly. You can google how to set CP environment variables for your PC/MAC for java, or try this: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1672281/environment-variables-for-java-installation Use a batch file to run the client and or launcher. Follow "How to use Batch File To Open Jar" below. How to use Batch File to Open Jar First you want to drag "imagine.jar" or "imaginelauncher.jar" or w/e your client/launcher is currently named to the Desktop. Then you want to right click on an empty spot on your desktop > new > text document > name it whatever. Open the text document on the desktop, and write the following in it: If using "imagine.jar" java -jar imagine.jar If using "imaginelauncher.jar" java -jar imaginelauncher.jar If you're using any other name for the JAR file, just replace "imagine.jar" with the name of the file with .jar at the end. Now top left corner > file > Save As... > Name the file "run" > Change "Text Document" or "Text File" under the name bar to "All Files" > Save to Desktop Now run the "run.bat" file and it should run the client and/or launcher for you. How to Delete your Cache Manually If you're using Windows: Press Windows Key + R. In the window that pops up, type: %userprofile% Now search for a Folder called "imagineps" and delete that folder. Once that folder is done being deleted, rerun your client or launcher. If you're using Mac: Navigate to "Finder", hold COMMAND while using TAB to navigate through all of your open applications till you hover over "Finder' and release COMMAND. Now press COMMAND + SHIFT + H. Looks for a folder named "imagineps" and drag it into the Trash. If you're using anything else... why? Just message "Karan" I guess... I have ADDED the FILES ( CLEAN ) for simple download and save to desktop OR you can follow the STEPS to doing it yourself. files are at bottom of the post! If all else fails try this method go to start/search and search for file explorer OPEN file explorer Options click on the view tab at the top then make sure "HIDE Extensions for known file types is "UNTICKED" now thats sorted. close the window. now open up " My Computer" then go to C:\ go to C:\Users\"currentUser"\.imagine find the file imagine-client.jar right click and copy paste to desktop ( move to your own folder if sharing computer) then right click on desktop and hover over new then click text document open the text document up and add this coding now got to file and "save as" make sure to save location to desktop or if on shared computer and you have your own folder save to folder. now save that as imagine.bat and save as ALL FILES Now find the imagine.bat file and run it. NOTE: if you want to hide the file extensions again just do the same steps but making sure the box is ticked If you have any other issues or complaints, please post them below. ALL CREDITS TO THOSE WHO HELPED imagine-client.jar imagine.bat
  18. Quickchats ban appeal

    @Karan @Ash
  19. Elf on the shelf

    Assuhh It's ya boii Elf Pker5 here (Me on the right & blood saver on the left) Literally took 5 min to get him position right smh *So, who am i? I'm Elf Pker5, or just Andreas. A few months ago i turned 18 (yay, can drink & drive ) *Where am i from? Estonia North-East Europe (Below Finland & above Latvia) *How did i find this? I kno de wae JordanRSPS's - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hQkSk8S5lc Video brought me here, since i saw so many customs. *What do i do @ my spare time? Play Counter-Strike 1.6, i really like kreedz gamemode. Getting motorcycle licenses aswell soon *How do i look like? Anyway I'm a pretty good listener and i like helping peeps X D(never say that, it's emo :~~~)) Soon will create a thread on the goals i want to reach. C u in game lulz
  20. Forgot Pin

    Yeah, you just have to PM a staff member ingame and ask them for your pin, we can give it once you're logged in
  21. Forgot Pin

    I Forgot my secret phrase and i haven't played in a few months, just wondering if anyone can help me no one in game answers PMs.
  22. Teddy Bear Guide

    There's been lots of questions of what teddy bears do, what effects etc. This guide aims to clear that up. These are the Lucky Teddy Bears, on the left is the regular version, dropped by ::luckyknight. It gives a solid 20% droprate bonus. On the right is the upgraded version, which gives 20%+1% droprate bonus per equipment slot used (Cap of 32%). These are the Ash's Teddy bears, on the left is the regular version, dropped by ::hankthetank. It gives 2800 strength bonus. On the right is the upgraded version, which gives 2800+100 strength bonus per equipment slot used (Cap of 4000). These are the 8 normal vorago teddy bears. They're dropped from Rage Vorago, found after talking to the dwarf at ::omen. They all have the same stats. These are the combined versions of the 8 vorago teddy bears. Above are the stat bonuses for all 8, all the same. You can upgrade the Lucky Teddy Bear and Ash's Teddy Bear via an upgrade stone: To make a combined teddy bear, you require all 8 vorago teddies in your inventory. Then right click, and use one on another one. To change the colour of a combined teddy, right click it, and click "Change".
  23. Quickchats ban appeal

    Appellate's username: Quickchats Whose to blame for your unjust punishment?: Myself Written rebuttal/opposition: Hi, I just want to say sorry for eariler Flaming those players, and joking about botting was really not acceptable and especially sorry for making those other accounts and wasteing your time I behaved pretty poorly and I understand why you banned me, but I really love imagine PS and invested a lot of time and effort into it, and I know I did the wrong thing but I dont want to have to leave this game that I really enjoy, because of one stupid mistake, I would gladly apologise to those 2 players I flamed and to you for wasting your time. If you could possibly consider giving me another chance you would never hear me flame or joke about botting ever again, thank you. Visual evidence (can be a questioned witness, or chat/trade log; required):
  24. Gear Guide

    Nice guide! It will indeed help me in the future. Thanks!
  25. Can't Launch Client?

    Once you have Java downloaded, it should be it’s default launching app.
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