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    • Rollback refund
      I haven't been on for longer since the last rollback after the katana dupes and i didnt ask for a refund but now i got a clear picture of my droplog: https://gyazo.com/f30106a68f340ebb0a03cc727410b3ff ING: Brock Lesnar
    • I messed up?
      So in this thread it says " Regular Donator (2k donor points, $10) " so i did not know you had to buy the Lamp for the donator rank. So i am asking if i could delete/trade my item i purchased instead of the rank, and be given back the points i wasted? I would really appreciate this since i kinda messed up the only reason i bought the points, and it was kinda missleading. I played on servers where you buy the points and when you hit the amount of points you purchase you get the rank, and you spend the points.  And with nothing saying that you need to buy a lamp to get the rank, unless i missed that somewhere. Only thing i had to go off of was the donator thread saying "  Regular Donator (2k donor points, $10) "   Or if one of the admins could trade me a lamp and il give them the item and the points i have left https://gyazo.com/d6b7f153bbaa1c06f1d2ef195891e8d3  
    • Slayer Helmet Upgrade Guide
      No, to make a gilded helmet, you need to buy 8 lime slayer helmets, combine them to make 4 barrows slayer helmet then combine those to make 2 shadow slayer helmets, combine those to make the gilded slayer helmet. You dont have to buy the other helmets, you can go straight for the lime slayer helmet.
    • Slayer Helmet Upgrade Guide
      i need all the helms to make gilded one,right?  
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