unjail me dont delete!

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    Mar 8, 2018
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    Whose to blame for your unjust punishment?:
    Written rebuttal/opposition:
    well i gambled a guy martino big pots it was apparently not aloud but i had a middle man named math a helper he watched it even held a pot so i thought its k i got staff with me. few days later a friend of mine asked me if he could borrow something to rebuild i said no it is not aloud. then he said it is i am talking to ash right now he said it is aloud. he did talk to ash but it was not aloud to do, so he lied to me i fell for it after that i got a jail instant after the trade like they were plotting against me. and now ash tells everystaff to not talk to me r anything he deletes my appeal et. i do not know why. the guy deleted me on discord so i could not message him about it anymore i still have the prove that he said its k ash said ur aaloud to. hope i finally get help and this does not get deleted
    Visual evidence (can be a questioned witness, or chat/trade log; required):
    in discord and check my trade log u see i traded math to
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