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    So im starting gfx again after a long break, bit of background ive done gfx for various kinds of people, my old osrs clans, old cod teams, league based sigs. other private server teams. Just a way of me getting back to how i used to be. as i no longer have my old pc i no longer have any of my old gfx to show. i'll work on trying to get some back off my old 07 clan Fatality. i had a few forum posts for a few members that i may be able to get back.

    Type of gfx - youtube banner / forum sig / avatar

    Whatever text you want

    Type of design - Clean 2d  / clean 3d / detailed 2d / 3d. (Specific Ideas of what you would want on it i.e a monster from ingame, i league champ, character from a game / anime, whatever you want would be nice too)

    Threw something together which is a first in a while tbh.

    Feel free to tip ingame (if thats allowed, not sure if it is) would help alot xD

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