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  1. Xlosex's Suggestion

    1. I think 2b every click + a chance for 30b (an mbox) is definitely high enough already. 2. Gambling, Pking, or Staking brings in a lot of players as a lot of players love to do this, i disagree with this. 3. Unnecessary. 4. Hopefully on the way soon. 5. I agree. For late game players like me, I'm getting bored. 6. As long as it's not going around on other servers and spamming join us, it's fine. A YouTube account, sharing with your friends on Facebook etc etc would be just fine  
  2. Prestiging

    The smoke devils drop prestige points with every kill, and overall i do like this. The prestige armour does have stats FYI. For the bow/staff we'd need to fix them first.  Overall I do support the suggestion  
  3. Good luck! I got my katana at around 380!
  4. Tabs in bank

    I would absolutely love this, not sure if i'll happen or not, but still. Support.
  5. Combined Death Capes

  6. Bosses

    Vorago recently got a slight buff as well, I haven't seen much of a change in Lucky Knights, but it may just be me. Corp and Hank the Tank are just simply overpowered right now, but they aren't supposed to be extremely easy like corp was before. I support nerfing some of the bosses, but slightly.
  7. Good luck on the challenge, and yeah, the layout of it is alright as is  
  8. Change drop potential text

    Maybe "Drop Potential: _%. Progress: _/requirement." But I like this idea, +1 Support.
  9. hi everyone

    Welcome to Imagine Louise, glad to help out all we can in-game.  
  10. A Few Suggestions

    In the shops, there is no "Buy X" function, this would be very helpful while buying most of everything that's being sold/bought a lot. ======================================================================================= The Hailstorm dagger still seems to be pretty overpowered for only costing 12K donor points, maybe it still needs nerfed quite a bit. ======================================================================================= At this point, there are a lot of Dragon Claw Sets, too many at that. The price from 2 weeks ago dropped from 50t a claw down to people selling sets for 40t. ::tds should either be removed, or remove the dragon claws from the drop table. ======================================================================================= As of late, bosses have been buffed, and, in fact, are nearly impossible to kill unless you have at least 10 cupcakes in your inventory, i'm not complaining, but I suggest a slight nerf to the bosses. At ::corp in full heavy dragonbone and a dragonbone ss, i get destroyed. That's not fun. ======================================================================================= I do realize that the vote redeeming system has a timer so it doesn't cause lag, and such, but maybe 30 seconds is a little overkill. It'd be nice if it was lowered to 15 or 20 seconds. ======================================================================================= I've noticed a few items that still don't sell to the I Buy Customs, for instance, dwarven army axe or the rubber chicken, I'd love it if all low tiered items could be sellable to the I Buy Customs.   That's all for now. Opinions and/or suggestions to be added are great.
  11. just a few suggestions

    I agree with the second suggestion, and the first one is already in the game, just max out your drop catcher  
  12. Griezmann Boss

    I see it's been edited, It's decent defence stats, not too overpowered, but I see a typo with one of the pieces of gear... "Griezmann's Football (off hand)". Griezmann is a soccer player, so shouldn't he have a soccer ball? Still Support
  13. Griezmann Boss

    Decently hard to get, at first I didn't support this just because it's named after you (lmao), but I actually really like the idea. The defence may need lowered a bit, but: Support
  14. A New Prayer??

    No removing prayer and adding to hp is how soulsplit works, and it works against everything, so there must be a reasonable explanation to how it would work.
  15. A New Prayer??

    Basically I thought there needed more custom things in Imagine, not just items, just abilities or things to do. So I thought "Maybe we need a custom prayer come into effect...", and I thought of this: Name: Imaginary Chant (Named after server) Effect: 1/3 of damage dealt is removed from opponents prayer and added to hitpoints. Increases Attack by 20%, and Defence by 15%, Strength by 25% + 10% of opponent's combat level. It's a little bit better than Soulsplit and Turmoil, but maybe not too overpowered. If it heals too much we may need to reduce the amount of health regen it gives, but overall I loved the idea. Suggestions and Recommendations always appreciated.  Ps: Night helped a little with a suggestion :')