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    We almost have this. I'm pretty sure I actually suggested this, myself. Just not on the forums for some reason. +1.
  2. I mean, it's gettin there. I guess... Good work though Half was me but ok np ;3  
  3. +1 Easy as hell to do and would make slayer actually fun to do the elite tasks.
  4. Weekly challenges?

    I would like for this to be a thing. I like the skilling part of it, but some of the skills in the game aren't functional at the moment. If they get fixed/revamped then I could see this as something that would only boost the community and player count +1, Support.
  5. The Ironmen are the superior accounts!

    Wow I hate this 01010100 01101000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01100001 00100000 01101000 01110101 01110010 01110100 01100110 01110101 01101100 00100000 01100011 01101111 01101101 01101101 01100101 01101110 01110100 00101110  Hope that (^^^) hurt your feelings   PS: ;3
  6. Brazzers Drop Log [PICTURES]

    Nice drops man! Keep it up!

    Basically here I'll be posting everything that I have for sale at the moment. If you would like to buy anything, pm me ingame, and if I'm not online, comment on the post   The following items are in no specific order (price, name etc) 3x Ugly Rage Boots - 40t ea 2x Red Rage Boots - 40t ea 4x Lucky Teddy Bear[Upgraded] - 400t ea 3x Ash's Teddy Bear[Upgraded] - 350t ea 3x Purple Deathful Kite - 30t ea White Deathful Kite - 30t 2x Yellow Deathful Kite - 30t ea 3x White Deathcape - 20t ea 2x DOOM Spirit Shield - 30t ea Lime Spirit Shield - 30t 2x Pink Spirit Shield - 30t ea Lucky Comp Body - 25t  3x 4xp ring - 20t ea Hank the Tank: 3x Helmets, 4x Platebodies, 5x Gloves, 5x Boots - 60t ea Dragon Claw Offhand - 30t 3x Berserker Ring T13 - 8t ea Hell Wing Shield - 6t 3x Supreme Tzhaar Whip - 8t ea 11x Lucky Comp Sword Mainhand - 8t ea Lucky Comp Sword Offhand - 8t Tzhaar Helm - 3t 3x Teddy bear set (All 8 vorago teddies) - 320t 2x Lucky Ring of Life [Unbreakable] - 25t ea Hailstorm dagger - Best offer over 150t 34.6K tokkul - Best offer While I'm here.. Buying Banners, 2x Rage Legs, Independence Offhand, Frenzy Maul and Frenzy staff.
  8. Would people be interested in drop videos

    I would love to see this drop log, posting it on youtube or other media areas would be great for people to see, hopefully draw more players!
  9. Hey guys, House here. I decided to make an updated official server price guide so that the players know who posted the guide, and it'll constantly be updated by our staff team, so here it is. Message to all staff members! Please do not edit this post without consulting at least 1 other staff member and discussing that of which you would like to change. Item [Price] (Str Bonus) Crystal Key Chest 15k HP [::ckey] Gilded Bandos [2b a piece] (118) Gx Body/Legs [5b a piece] (148) Superior Tetsu [10b a piece] (188) Oblitary Sword/Offhand [7b a piece] (141) Tormented Demon Shield [1b] (75) Bronze Korasi [1b] (140) Beats Headphones [2b] (118) Purple/Cold Blades [2b a piece] (100) Staff Of Pods [1b] (102 Mage) Staff Of The Farmer [1b] (102 Mage) Blisterwood Polearm [1b] (545) DemonSlayer Crossbow [2b] (200 Range) Drunk Slave [20b]  Whore [20b]  Alchemist [20b] Crystal Key [500m-1b] Hell Chest/Key [100b-150b] Tok-Tkzar armor [50b a piece] (408) Hell Powder [100-200b = 1k] Tome : 50k HP [::tome] Beastmaster Pieces [20b a piece] (268) Blood Mage Pieces [10b a piece] (228) Book of Cataclysm [10b] (228) Celestial : 20k HP [::celestial] Steel Torva Pieces  [30b a piece] (278) Dark Abyss Ceremonial Pieces  [15b a piece] (158) Draconic Visage [Worthless] (278) Slaughter cape  [10b] (278) Murder cape  [10b] (228) Celestial Bones [2b ea] Pikachu : 30k HP [::pikachu] Mossy Torva (helm/body/legs) [20b a piece] (208) Trident Of The Moon [5b] (605) Bill's Bong [10b] (140) Brutal Flail [5b] (400) Chronic Greataxe [5b] (655) Chronicle Godsword [5b] (655) Dragonlifting Legs [15b] (158) Wizard Hat [10b] (158) Dandelion Death Cape [10b] (75) White Wings [10b] (75) Water Cape [10b] (75) Sonic : 40k HP [::sonic] Sonic Gold Rings [1k = 80b-100b] Superior Death Mask [20b] (208) Lava Boots [15b] (158) Flaming Cape [15b] (248) Brutal Longsword (offhand) [10b] (108) Butter Robe Top/Bottom  [10b a piece] (208) Birdy Suit {208 range} [10b] (208 Range / Str) Dragon CrossBow [10b] (204 Range) Fancy Jackets [15b] (248) Paper Bag (mask) [10b] (208) Loving Cape [15b] (208) Bow Of Fame [10b] (204) Sword Of Edictation [15b] (258) Laughing Ring [1b] (100) Ninja : 60k HP [::ninja] Papers [1k = 80b-100b] Aiyana (Body/Helm/Legs) [25b a piece] (300 Range) Aiyana bow  [40b a piece] (300 Range) Cube Head (All Colours) [20b] (288) Wings (All Colours) [20b] (288) Earth Blade [20b] (288) Demon Wind [20b] (288) Mario Chomp Chomp [20b] (958) Ninja (pet) [30b]  Insectoid : 90k HP [::insectoid] Ares (Helm/Chest/Legs/Gloves) [30b a piece] (311) Shield Of Wrath [25b] (311) Purplelava cape [30b] (311) Poison Cape [30b] (311) Crossbow Of Devastation [15b] (1200 Range) Kuri Wind Sword [30b] (358) Kuri Wind Offhand [30b] (328) Customzone : 100k HP [::customzone] Black Bandos (t2) [30b a piece] (341) Dragon Sq Shield Ornamental Kit [75-100b] Black LightSaber [50b] (378) Amulet Of Fury (t1) [40b] (251) Berserker Ring (t1) [40b] (251) Magma Cape [50b] (341) GoldenKey : 150k HP [::goldenkey] Lime Bandos (t3) [40b a piece] (371) Arrows Shield [40b] (371) Brutal Whip [40b] (408) Spectre Boots [40b] (381) Cape Of Light [40b] (361) Amulet Of Fury (t2) [50b] (271) Berserker Ring (t2) [50b] (271) Golden Key [3b] Undead : 250k HP [::undead] Forest Bandos (t4) [75b a piece] (391) Thunder Shield [50b] (391) Souleater Sword [65b] (438) Sunny Cape [50b] (381) Spectre Boots (green) [60b]  (401) Amulet Of Fury (t3) [75b] (291) Berserker Ring (t3) [75b] (291) Alien : 290k HP [::alien] Frostbite Pieces [80b a piece] (474) Frostbite Tokhaar Kal [100b] (491) Frostbite Brutal Whip [100b] (478) Lime Defender [70b] (431) Amulet Of Fury (t5) [125b] (351) Berserker Ring (t5) [125b] (351) Terrobird : 340k HP [::terrorbird] Kryptic Pieces [80b a piece] (484) Kryptic Tokhaar Kal [100b] (509) Kryptic Brutal Whip [100b] (509) Gx Defender [80b] (451) Amulet Of Fury (t6) [150b] (371) Berserker ring (t6) [150b] (371) Gorak : 380k HP [::gorak] Divine Pieces [100b a piece] (544) Divine Tokhaar Kal [120b] (549) Divine Brutal Whip [120b] (544) Ring Of Wealth [800b-1t] (0) Charmeleon : 400k HP [::charmeleon] Devious Pieces [200b a piece] (584) Devious Brutal Whip [200b] (584) Devious Tok-Haar-Kal [200b] (589) Demonic Scythe [100b] (1700) Kuri Cyan Wing Shield [150b] (491) Amulet Of Fury (t9) [300b] (451) Berserker Ring (t9) [300b] (451) SpongeBob: 440k HP [::spongebob] Frostbite Tyras Helm [225b] (474) Divine Tyras Helm [230b] (544) Devious Tyras Helm [235b] (584 BloodThirsty Tyras Helm [240b] (571) Sea Blue Tyras Helm [250b] (611) Flippers (all kinds) [225b] (600) Spongebob Bones [3-4b ea] Jolteon : 480k HP [::jolteon] Sadburner Sword [100b] (609) Op Dplate [100b-150b] (609) Sauron Helm [100b-200b] (609) Spinal Corps Cape [150b] (609) Imagine Fatal Shield [200b] (481) Warrior Ring (v) [200b] (505) Arrav : 500k HP [::arrav] Obsidian pieces (Helm, Body, Legs, Shield, Boots) [650b] (682)  Obsidian rapier [750b] (682) Lavaflow godsword [600b] (682) Arrav Death Cape (Weak) [650b] (682) Ursaring : 500k HP [::ursaring] Tiger pieces (Helm, Body, Legs, Boots, Gloves, Kite) [400-500b ea piece] (642) Tiger amulet [400b] (481) Tiger rapier [500b] (642) Tiger cape [400b] (642) Tiger ring [400b] (481) Scyther : 500k HP [::scyther] Nightmare Pieces [600-700b ea piece] (682) Halo Sword (all colours) [550b] (682) Souledge Sword [450b] (682) Amulet Of Fury (t10) [500b] (491) Berserker Ring (t10) [500b] (491) Horror : 350k HP [::horror] Aquatic Pieces [100b a piece] (780 Range) Horror bones [4-6b ea]     Lion : 525k HP [::lion] Lion Pieces [700b ea piece] (700) Lion Sword [700b] (700) Lion Sword (offhand) [700b] (700) Lion Claws (2h) [400b] (700) Totodile : 550k HP [::Totodile] Totodile Pieces [800b a piece] (712) Ice Scimitar [850b] (712) Ice Godsword[600b] (902) Rainbow : 350k hp. [::rainbow] Dusty Pieces [100b] (900 Magic / 350 Str) Dusty Wings [100b] (700 Magic / 275 Str) Dusty Boots [100b] (700 Magic / 275 Str) Dusty Gloves [100b] (700 Magic / 275 Str) Dusty Amulet [100b] (500 Magic / 250 Str) Dusty Ring [100b] (500 Magic / 250 Str) Transformed horse : 575k HP [::thorse] Thorse Gloves [1t-1.5t ea] (750) Thorse Pieces [900b-1t ea piece] (750) Lasso Mainhand-Offhand [1t ea] (750) Thorse Ring [1t] (545) Thorse Amulet [1t] (750) Ganodermic : 375k HP [::ganodermic] Gano pieces [200b a piece] (1000 Magic / 375 Str) Polypore Staff (full) [200b] (1250 Magic / 505 Str) Ethereal : 400k HP [::ethereal]  Ethereal Pieces [250b ea piece] (1150 Magic / 400 Str) Evil Eturnip - 600k HP [::eturnip] Evil platebody/skirt/hood [1-1.5t] (775) Evil Boots [1t-1.5t] (750) Evil Amulet [1t-1.5t] (750) Evil Wings [1t-1.5t] (750) Evil Shield [200b] (500) Evil Spear [300b] (1250) Evil whip [700b] (785) Evil Vine [400b]  Evil whip (upgraded) [1.1.5t] (800) Tzhaar-Xil - 775k GP [::tzhaar] Berserker Necklace (7) Tzhaar Armour [3t] (1000) Tzhaar Whip [4t] (1000) Third-age Dye [1t] Shadow Dye [5t] Barrows Dye [1t] Bandos - 500k HP [::bandos] Jet Pieces [500b] (481) Bandos War Longsword [150b] (478) Dark Blood Wings [100b-150b] (481) Ring of Wealth [800b-1t] (0) Sliverhawk boots [400b] (431) Kraken Helmet [250b] (421) Amulet of Fury (t7) [200b] (371) Berserker Ring (t7) [200b] (371) Bork : 750k HP [::bork] DragonBone Pieces [250b] (521)  Warning! This is NOT the OP Donator Dragonbone! Kraken Helm [250b] (421) Silverhawk Boots (431) Water Defender [250b] (451) Amulet of Fury (t4) [80b] (311) Berserker Ring (t4) [80b] (311) Icylava Cape [300b] (521) Shadowforger : 20k HP [::shadowforger] Mage's Books (all colours) Deadly Excalibur Zamorak gadorx scimitar (160) Slave [20b] Death Whip (169) Rainbow Cape  (169) Rainbow Wings  (90) Anonymous Cowboy Hat  (100) Heaven's Gate Key  Shadowforger pet 1mhpboss : 1m HP [::1mhpboss] Hell Chest/Key [100b - 150b] Owen 2h  [30b] (858) Ozan Cape [20b] (258) Owen Shield [20b] (108) Choco Cape [20b] (208) Angelic Buster Cape [20b] (206 Magic / 208 Str) Black Santa Hat [100b] (0) Warrior Ring (v) [200b] (505) Werewolf Claws [10b] (258) Black Dildo [50b] (158) Guthix Axe [150b] (155) Forgotten warrior : 400k HP [::forgotten] BloodThirsty Pieces [400b ea piece] (571) BloodThirsty Brutal Whip  [400b] (571) BloodThirsty Tokhaar Kal [400b] (571) Sun Defender [300b] (491) Ring Of Wealth [800b-1t] (0) BarrelChest : 800k HP [::bca] Sea Blue (helm,body,legs) [500b a piece] (611) Sea Blue (gloves,boots,cape) [500b a piece] (611) Sea Blue Brutal Whip [400b] (611) White Anchor Of Death [400b] (1200) Red Anchor Of Death [400b] (1200) Amulet Of Fury (t8) [250b] (411) Berserker Ring (t8) [250b] (411) Turtlezone : 2m HP [::turtlezone] Turtle Box (Gives a Platebody, Helm, Platelegs, Gloves, Boots, Wings, Ammy, Ring, Mainhand Scimitar, or Offhand Scimitar) [5t-6t ea] (1000)   Vorago : 7.5m hp.(Vorago : 5m,Rage : 4,5m, donator vorago:4m hp, rage: 3.5m) [::omen] Rage Pieces (Platebody, Helm, Platelegs, Boots, Gloves) [40t] (2000) Rage amulet  [30t] (1250) Lucky Ore [5t] Vorago (Pet) [10t] Teddy bear [40t] (2500) Yellow Death cape [40t] (1500) Yellow Death Cape (1500) [40t] Purple Death Cape (1600) [40t] Blue Death Cape (1650) [45t] Red/Green Death Cape (1700) [45t-50t] Auspicious Katana [700t+] (6500) Golden Katana [800t+] (7000) Luckyknight : 5m HP [::luckyknight] White Death Cape [20t] (1500) Lucky Completionist Armour [20t-25t] (1800) Lucky Completionist Mainhand/Offhand [8t] (1800) Lucky Ring of Life (damaged) [15t] (1100 With full Dbone set) Ring of Wealth [800b-1t] (0) Berserker Ring(T11)  [2t] (561) Berserker Ring(T12)  [4t] (621) Lucky Ore [5t] Diamond Party Hat [500b] Lucky Teddy Bear [300t] (2400) Double Strength Potion [5t] HanktheTank : 40m HP [::hankthetank] Tanky Armor [200-400b] (1000 Def) (200) {Common} Hank the Tank Armor (Helm, Body, Legs, Gloves, Boots) [60t] Lucky Ore x2 [5t] Finest Stone [10t-20t] Ash's Teddy Bear [300t+] (2800) Berserker Ring(T13) [8t] (781) Black Death Cape [100t+] (1800) DonorBoss : 3.5m HP [::donorboss] Scroll of Cleansing [5t-10t] Scroll of Efficiency [5t-10t] Donator Sword [25-30t+] (1700) Donation Point Ticket x10  [100b+ per ticket] Lucky Ore [5t] 1B token x75 [75b] 1B token x100 [100b] Ring of Wealth [800b-1t] Corporeal Beast : 7.5m HP [::corp] Lime Spirit Shield [30t] (2300) Pink Spectral Spirit Shield [30t] (2300) Dragonbone Special Spirit Shield [200t+] (2300) Shaded Spirit Shield [40t] (2300) Saradomin Spirit Shield [100t+] (2300) De'vil Spirit Shield [30t] (2300) Lava Spirit Shield [60t] (2300) DOOM Spirit Shield [30t] (2300) Corporeal Beast (Pet) [10t] Lucky Ore [5t] K'ril Tsutsaroth - 20m HP [::kril] Dragon Claw Mainhand/Offhand [30t-35t ea] (1700 ea) Abyssal Dagger [] (5000) Abyssal Bludgeon Pieces [] (5000 for full Bludgeon) Amulet of Torture [] () Black Deathful Kiteshield [50t+] (2700) Red Deathful Kiteshield [50t+] (2700) Red Death Cape [45t-50t] (1700) The Red Curve [30t] (4000) Ankou pieces [] () Amulet of Torture (or) [] () Pyromancer pieces/Warm Gloves [] () Tormented Demons : 5m HP [::tds] Shield Left half Dragon Claws Mystery Box x100 [30b each] Tormented Demon (Pet) [15t] Hell Wing Shield [6t] (950) Opened Hell Chest x5 [200b each] Berserker Ring(T11)  [4t] (561) Berserker Ring(T12)  [6t-8t] (621) Hell Chest x5 [100b each] Hell Key x5 [100b each] 1B token x100 [100b] Blue Deathful Kite(shield) [40t] (2400) Yellow Deathful Kite(shield) [40t] (2400) Lime Deathful Kite(shield) [40t] (2400) Purple Deathful Kite(shield) [40t] (2400) White Deathful Kite(shield) [40t] (2400) Skeleton Mage : 900k HP [::halloween] The White Curve [20t] (4000) The Black Curve [20t] (4000) The Cyan Curve [20t] (4000) The Lime Curve [20t] (4000) The Orange Curve [20t] (4000) The White Curve Upgraded (4000) The Black Curve Upgraded (4000) The Cyan Curve Upgraded (4000) The Lime Curve Upgraded (4000) The Orange Curve Upgraded (4000)   Slayer Points Shop : [::slayer] Slayer Points [4b-5b ea] Mystery Boxes [30b] Crystal Key [1b] Ahrim's Staff (all kinds) (900 mage) (435) Custom Dragon claws (635) Dark Bow's (all kinds)  Slayer Helmet {1% DR on task} Bronze Slayer Helmet {2% DR on task} Iron Slayer Helmet {3% DR on task} Steel Slayer Helmet {4% DR on task} Black Slayer Helmet {5% DR on task} Mithril Slayer Helmet {6% DR on task} Adamant Slayer Helmet {7% DR on task} Rune Slayer Helmet {8% DR on task} Dragon Slayer Helmet {9% DR on task} Lava Slayer Helmet {10% DR on task} Lime Slayer Helmet {13% DR on task} [20t-25t] Barrows Slayer Helmet {25% DR on task} [40t-50t] Shadow Slayer Helmet {33% DR on task} [80t-100t] Gilded Slayer Helmet {50% DR on task} [160t-200t] Skill Points Shop : [::shops] Rune Bars Magic Logs CupCakes [3b ea] Imp Keys : [::hunter] Imp key [300b] Tanky armor  [200-300b] (1000 def) (200) Donator Points Shop [::shops] Frenzy Weapons (without Godsword) [12t] (2000) Frenzy Godsword [12t] (2500) Imagine Donor Lamp [10t] Imagine Extreme Donor Lamp [50t] Imagine V.I.P Lamp [100t] Tzhaar Whip [4t-5t] (1000) Tzhaar (Helm/Body/Legs) [3t a piece] (1000) Comp Pieces [10t] (1750) Comp Offhand-Mainhand [5t-7t] (1750) Dyes (Third age / Barrows) [1t ea] Gilded Third Age [37.5t] (0) 2x Xp Ring [5t] (0) 3x Xp Ring [10t] (0) 4x Xp Ring [20t] (0) Custom Tzhaar (Third age,Barrows,Shadow)  [4t-8t a piece] (1000) Donator points [1000 = 10t] Donor Points Shop 2 Donation Mystery Box [3k Donor points] (Has Chance to give you any item from the donor shop) [15t] Heavy Dragonbone Pieces (40tt ea piece) [1900 Strength] Chaotic Claws Mainhand & Offhand (40t ea ) [1950 Str Ea Claw] {3900 Strength Combined} Fairy Wings (15t) [1250 Strength] Untradeable Gambling Pass -Need 10t to make it tradeable- [100t] Arcane Blast Necklace [30t-40t] (750 Strength) [7% Droprate Boost] Scroll Of Efficiency and Cleansing [5t-10t ea] Finest Stone [10t-20t] Mystery Boxes : [::mbox] Custom Sleds [50b] (0) Custom Dragon Boots [5b] (0) Regular Party hats [5b] (0) Epic Cape [300b] (0) Full Ares [30b a piece] (311) Full Beast Master [20b a piece] (268) Regular Hween masks [5b](0) Cupcakes [3b ea] Ring of Wealth [800b-1t] (0) Third Age Melee (Helmet, Platebody, Platelegs, Kiteshield) [1.5t a piece] (1000) Unholy CurseBearer : [Spawns to random places] Deep Torva Pieces  [250b] (288) Halloween Deathcape  [200b] (288) Grappes Korasi [200b] (238) DeepWater Cape  [200b] (288) Crystal Key [500m-1b] Crystal Key x5 [500m-1b ea] Crystal Key x10 [500m-1b ea] Party hat, Santa, H'ween [::phat, ::santa, ::hween] Custom Party Hats, Santas, or H'weens [2b Per Point] Spin Rewards Banners(All Types) [10b Ea] (0) Fake beard [10b Ea] (0) Fake moustache and nose [10b] (0) Fake monocle, mustache and nose [10b] (0) Curly wig [10b] (0) Rubber chicken [25b] (0) Rainbow afro [50b] (0) Third-age melee [1.5t] (1000) Third-age range [500b-1t] (1000 Range) Third-age mage [500b-1t] (1000 Magic) Third-age druidic [1t] (0) Attacker, Healer, Defender and Collector lvl 1-5 Vanguard pieces  Profound decorative sword [5t] (1000) Ring of devotion [750b] (550) Ice Amulet [300b] (550) Top Hat [100b] (0) Callisto Pet [3t-4t] Cerberus Pet [3-4t] Venenatis Pet [3t-4t] Vet'ion Pet [3t-4t] Steadfast Boots [2t] (1000) Glaiven Boots [2t] (1000) Ragefire Boots [2t] (1000) Discontinued Items  Independance Armor [25t ea] (1800) Independance Mainhand [50t+] (1800) Independance Offhand [10t] (1700) Universal Drops Heaven Stone (This item is dropped by all NPCs with a droprate of 1/(200,000,000 / (NPC HP)) [1t] Casket (This item is dropped by all NPCs with a droprate of 1/(400,000,000 / (NPC HP)) [5t] Credit to: Matt and Ding for their original price guides Ash for helping with the guide And to Reliinquish for the guidelines
  10. Regular Donator (2k donor points, $10) Benefits: 15% Droprate bonus increase ::bank ::dicon ::donortitle ::dzone (picture) ::donorboss Extreme Donator (10k donor points, $50) Benefits: 30% Droprate bonus increase ::edicon ::edonortitle ::edzone (picture) All regular donator benefits (Droprate bonuses do not stack)     V.I.P Donator (20k donor points, $100) Benefits: 40% Droprate bonus increase ::vipicon ::viptitle ::vipzone (picture) All regular donator and extreme donator benefits (Droprate bonuses do not stack)   Sponsor (250$ total donated) Benefits: 50% Droprate bonus increase (Does not stack with others) ::setyelltitle   Hope this helps!     ~House out
  11. The Good Rare Drop Log

    In this log that I'll be updating frequently, I'll be posting me and my ironman's (Exterminator) rare drops that are actually decent. This will go on forever until I quit, which I don't plan to at any time soon, so stay tuned for more rares! These Rare drops are in no specific order, and any drops you see without killcount, I simply forgot to screenshot it and I got Ash/Karan/etc to give me the yell announcement. House: (Not really a drop but one of a kind :D)  (WOOOO) (didn't get kc in there) Ironman (Exterminator):  (yes, 296)  (only one, in 4650 kc) (B2b - after i already had a set) (I got set but didn't ss the other pieces)   PS: Hope you stick around to see more awesome drops ;3      ~ House out
  12. unipban

    No, at this point you could not get unipbanned. You threatened to DDOS us, and that's not acceptable in any manner. Denied.
  13. EVERY drop in the game.

    You're gettin far down that list... I wish you the best on the last few though, seems they'll be quite the challenge.
  14. Player Owned Shops

    I, for one, do want this to become a thing. But instead of needing to right-click a player to see the shop, perhaps a "::viewshop playername" is in order, in case said player is killing vorago, or corp, etc etc. +1