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  1. How to start client?

    If your computer is attempting to extract the client... it most likely means you do not have java downloaded. I'd redownload java, and then open with java.exe
  2. 30 second loading screens

    In process of being fixed, should be fixed as soon as next update is released soon.
  3. For those of you that don't know or need a reason as to why the drop rate bonuses were changed, read the following.   What was changed TD Pet now gives 15% (25% Before) Arcane now gives 7% (10% Before) All Lucky pieces now give 2% (3% Before) Donor gives 15% (10% Before) Extreme gives 30% (20% Before) - VIP gives 40% (30% Before) Sponsor gives 50% (40% Before) Ironman gives 55% (50% Before) HC Ironman gives 70% (60% Before) Full Turtle gives 60% (30% Before) Ring of Life 7% (10% Before) - Unbreakable 10% - Limited 5%   Why was it changed Nothing but the formula was practically changed. Drop bonuses were altered to accommodate for the changing formula.  If you noticed before the change, Drop rate on monsters with 100% DRB was not 1/2... now it is. It was in fact much worse than what the changes make it. Having 100% now makes a 25% difference in your favor than it did before. Basically meaning 85% now is equivalent to the old 100%   For everyone's sake Donator ranks giving more percentage does not make the server P2W. Why? Because items that can be purchased  by selling donations are now a little less beneficial. And the fact of the matter is, anyone can purchase a donation lamp.
  4. Perk system/pvm points?

    I guess this is the start to it:   
  5. Bonus Max Hit

    This system allows you to exceed the max hit limit your armour, stats, and boosts provide.   What kind of max hit increases do you get? Two-Handed weapon max hit increase (Only if you have 1000 Hank the Tank kills and 1000 Lucky Knight kills) Single-Handed weapon max hit increase (Only if you have 1000 Vorago kills and 1000 Tormented Demon kills)   How much of increase can you get? Anywhere from 0% to 100% (New Max hit = Original Max Hit + Modified Max Hit)   How to calculate Modified Max Hit: For Single-Handed weapons, the following formula is applied: maxHit * (((VoragoKills - 1000) / 10) + ((TormentedDemonKills - 1000) / 25)) / 10000 For Two-Handed weapons, the following formula is applied: maxHit * (((HankTheTankKills - 1000) / 10) + ((LuckyKnightKills - 1000) / 50)) / 10000 How to check your max hit: Type ::maxhit
  6. Update log has been long over due, so here are the highlights of the last month or so till today: Smithing requires hammer Golden Hammer gives double smithing exp Explosion effect added (does extra damage along with explosion gfx on hit) Hitmasks changed to fit the proper amounts of damage done. Invincibility damage hit mask revamped Damage blocked and damage appended differentiated. Update on all hit masks instant Damage apply instant Damage on teleport not applicable Damage applied when stealing from appropriate stalls Skill teleports added to skill tab Despawn distance (minnions) altered to be more accurate Using item on objects no longer disconnects you. Herblore Skill completely revamped Christmas event released (2 Solo Quests, 1 Server Quest, & Easter Eggs) NPC Requirements changed (::Npcreqs) Imagine 6 month gift deliverance Soul Split now works upto max hp instead of 120. Lamps work properly for all ranks (Secondary Ranks work fine now) Thieving System redone (No longer able to auto click) Items priced in IBC Shop Donations give 15% extra donation points on holidays New Dialogue System (Fixed screen glitching when talking to NPC with custom armour) A better Drop Potential message displayed when killing NPC Drop Potential saves and restores if you login within 2 minutes of logging out. Removed all doors (Caused problems at certain times, best to just get rid of them) Object adding redone to make gameplay smoother and cause less lag when teleporting to different places Height support for ground items (Killing ninjas does not spawn items at ::christmas - same place, different height) Object spawning and npc spawning on different heights support added. Hit splash revamped Drop rate increase now gives 1% every 500 npc kills instead of 2% every 1000 npc kills (upto 20%) Drop Catcher system redone to be better written and more efficient (code wise) Drop System revamped Raffle System redone Double Soul Split, Double Strength, and Double Experience potions added Raffle now only picks a winner that's online Hank the Tank now drops items for all players attacking it Explosion Dagger added, effect added Lucky Teddy Bear Upgraded effect added NPC Max Hit randomized instead of strictly maxing on occasions Prayer against npcs revamped Following npcs now uses pathfinding All customs are no longer notable Custom Teleports added Command system revamped Christmas Snowpile system redone Items dissapearing in bank fixed Hank the Tank disables prayers and heals Noted items now sellable to shops Donation items nerfed/buffed to fit their price Christmas Mystery Box added Christmas Cracker dropped by all monsters with a chance dependant on npc hp Dialogue System revamped Currency converters work properly now Achievements fixed Chrismas cracker can be used on another player (Fixed for iron men, and hc iron men) Bank Tabs added Home moved to Varrock Region System redone to reduce lag Region loading on teleport fixed to reduce lag Pathing System fixed to reduce lag NPC Chat fixed to reduce lag Punishment system redone Raffle system revamped I know I've missed a lot of smaller stuff, but they're smaller updates within the highlights.
  7. Xlosex's Suggestion

    2 ? Gambling and Duel Arena were not added into server until it had a 3:1 favor. So yes, we did listen. It was only added because of that. Explain what it does and how so, and if players support that, then it'll be taken care of.
  8. I got Uuidbanned?

    Ingame Name?
  9. Hank The Tank

    - Implemented
  10. Hailstorm Dagger upgraded

    - Will not happen, at least not as of yet.
  11. Sell noted items to IBC

    - Implemented.
  12. Imagine-PS on Linux?

    I've personally never worked with Linux, so the launcher was not created for Linux. It was created for Mac & Windows. It's simply because the directories on Linux are a little different from Windows & Mac... Best I can tell you is to use the Client. Whenever a new client is released, you will be unable to login, indicating that you need to download the newest client.
  13. Lucky Ring of Life Command!

    Auto revival is the reason why it's not added. if you respawn in the same place you die or can use a command to do the same thing, it allows you to ask farm. 
  14. slayer

    Will be fixed on new client update, just fixing up some other issues before release.    For now, when you go to grab a task, grab it quickly and teleport back, if you stay less than 10 seconds, you should be fine.
  15. I'm Back??