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  1. Prestige bonuses/ rewards and shops.

    This sword is in the prestige shop and it takes an hour or two to get it after you prestige: https://gyazo.com/88435739f9c14947618fdd299730a6ae Prestiging is worth it if you don't have maxed out gear but if you have a better weapon than this it's not worth it tbh.
  2. Player Owned Shops

    POS is a very good idea to implement but it also comes with many risks, they bring about minor and major dupes and instances where people lose their items, sometimes it makes it not worth it to even try but if something like this can be implemented them by all means do it because it'll help.
  3. HC/Iron man Shop

    It definately would because I have all this stuff that I have no use for lol https://gyazo.com/9f56cd8e972c3b810fdef74f2428319c

    This is a conflicting argument, I hate it when people crash me at Vorago or only take the rage phase but if it becomes illegal to crash, people will try to set people up or if people use LROL, they'll be like "oh they weren't a second ago, so it's fine" and if we make it so you can't attack a rage vorago if you haven't dealt damage to the previous reg form vorago, dick heads will just kill the first form and leave. So I don't know how you would resolve this without causing a shit storm.
  5. Vorago Caves

    This isn't a bad idea in my opinion
  6. HC/Iron man Shop

  7. HC/Iron man Shop

    I'd love this because I have a lot of high tier gear that I just don't use because it's not useful to me and I feel like opening a ton of mboxes lol.
  8. This is our lovely Dev Caren

  9. The Most Savage Post On Imagine PS

    Well... his mums chin is a pretty rare catch, can't argue with that.
  10. Prestiging

    The sword has 1900 str and hits fast, free frenzy 
  11. Sponsor rank request

    Ingame Username: Aelin Rank: Sponsor Proof: https://gyazo.com/3b065036e98bf2ffd5969c9b07a70121
  12. take a peek ;)

    True that
  13. Cool Little Idea

    So random npc's would spawn at random locations every so often and you'd have to find it and kill it and it would spawn somewhere else? So kinda like the Cursebearer but no set spawns?