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  1. Prestiging

    The sword has 1900 str and hits fast, free frenzy 
  2. Sponsor rank request

    Ingame Username: Aelin Rank: Sponsor Proof: https://gyazo.com/3b065036e98bf2ffd5969c9b07a70121
  3. take a peek ;)

    True that
  4. Cool Little Idea

    So random npc's would spawn at random locations every so often and you'd have to find it and kill it and it would spawn somewhere else? So kinda like the Cursebearer but no set spawns?
  5. The Canadians, Eh

    What's this for lol
  6. Drop Rate Percentages Guide

    This is off, thought I had already made a guide about the % and how it affects drops   1:100 with 100% drop rate would make it 1:50 1st number:2nd number 1:100 You do the 2nd number divided by 1.(your percentage up to 99%) or 2.(your percentage if over 100%) So with 75% it would be 100/1.75=drop rate With 105% if would be 100/2.05=drop rate
  7. 1 of every drop *GOAL*

    Good luck, Shadowforger one is impossible tbh, takes like 30mins to kill 1
  8. Unreal Coincidence

  9. Mosquitos kills

  10. Giving away 30t in items.

    It finished over a week ago my dude
  11. Vote contest

    Even though this is quite op, it's good for those who can't afford to donate and it can bring others to the server, I personally asked tons of friends to vote for me every day and it was an easy free month sponsor.
  12. June's Voting Competition

  13. Main/Offhand claws.

  14. Trick question #1

    There is a blade stuck in your body