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  1. Vorago Caves

    Great idea Support from me   Goodluck with coding hehehe   Griezmann
  2. Bonus Max Hit

    Lovely idea!    Griezmann  
  3. New shit

    Since a lot of players are getting bored (me too) right now on the servers and quit because of it.   Support +1   Griezmann
  4. Xlosex's Suggestion

    1. thieving is already a good way to earn money, 2b and chance on a mbox is good enough to me. 2. Agreed on this since i hate gambling. 3. There're enough staffs imo at the moment. 4. Agreed on this, they're working on it too. 5. When new bosses come, new gear will come aswell. 6. Feel free to invite your friends or make videos on YouTube about our server     Griezmann
  5. Gl, I've got my golden katana drop at the 600th kill
  6. Buying lucky comp gloves

    Sold em   /Closed
  7. Donor store potions

    Since you don't get a message when the potion has ran out of it's effect. Would be nice! +1 support
  8. take a peek ;)

    I see both of you are having the best time you've ever had hehe  
  9. Count to 1,000,000

    15   Griezmann
  10. Tabs in bank

    I tought they were already working on this idea, and I still support it  
  11. Bosses

    Corp and hankthetank should be easier to kill, like they were before 
  12. Combined Death Capes

    Since we have combined teddy bear aswell i agree on this idea   +1 support Griezmann
  13. Change drop potential text

    Would be awesome +1 support   Griezmann
  14. Cool Little Idea

    I think they should upgrade cursebearer instead of a new one. Like making him harder to kill and way better loots would be better imo.   Griezmann
  15. Hailstorm Dagger upgraded

    It's already op enough No support from me   Griezmann