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  2. Really nice! Keep it up, and goodluck in the future
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  4. cant loot item,bugged

    Couldnt loot my drop on the rocks,my first loot ingame =(
  5. The Canadians, Eh

    O say can you see, By the dawn's early light, What so proudly we hail'd At the twilight's last gleaming? Whose broad stripes and bright stars, Thro' the perilous fight, O'er the ramparts we watch'd, Were so gallantly streaming? And the rocket's red glare, The bombs bursting in air Gave proof thro' the night That our flag was still there. O say, does that star-spangled Banner yet wave O'er the land of the free And the home of the brave.
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  7. New forum users event!!

    Interesting concept this is, very kind of you to do this Adolf and I wish you the best of luck.
  8. The Canadians, Eh

    Canada!!!! Oh Canada our home and native land
  9. New forum users event!!

    If some one could yell about this in game! I would like to get started today!!   
  10. New forum users event!!

    I would like to give back to new players of the server!  I am willing to give you an hour of my time killing any boss or monster of your choice!  How it works! comment on this post if you have created a a forum account in the last month. Every Tuesday and Thursday I will select one new player and kill what every they want for an hour giveing them all the drops I get!  If your interested comment in game namebelow and hope to see you in game thanks again your friendly support staff MrAdolf!!  
  11. Have a ton of items for sale will post pictures of everything when I get home! Accepting trades or cash.  Lucky comp set 125t hailstorm 120t  ninja katana 800t lucky teddy (upgraded) 500t various 30t-40t items. tds pets 20t each   Will update sale as things are sold and if I get more thanks! buying black d cape 120t tradeing for or paying 30t for teddys all kinds,buying ashes teddy 300t    Thanks again your friendly support staff MrAdolf 
  12. Something I wrote

    Keep it up
  13. Something I wrote

    This is something kinda personal but in retrospect, it's also one of my more proud works of poetry. It's a rap, i switch the flow up, i do all sorts of things with it, so if it doesn't flow in your head well I'll release a video or recording of it once I can. I just like making music and getting my message out there. Music is a beautiful thing to me. It's art. I don't do it with intention of being famous or publicizing myself. I just want people to appreciate a creation, just like you all appreciate the creation of this server, right? It's someones thoughts, emotion and time invested into it.    I'm trapped in a trance; coming down off this ecstasy My friends are gone, but my problems are always sitting next to me Their morphing into demons tryna' break my sense of sanity I just wanna fucking overdose and leave behind humanity Crawling out my skin, lost all sense of my identity Break my spirit free that's trapped inside this mortal entity Take every fucking breath in me, until there's nothing left in me Shed me of my weight and let it finally fucking rot in peace Disconnected from reality and numb to my existence I haven't slept in days and I'm awake from these damning visions The Devil's lurking in the shadows, angels handling my battles The holy horrors of this war, has the soul inside my body rattle Uncertain of how I feel and if I'm just putting shit there A thought can tie the rope but a belief can kick the chair The only escape is drugs or at the bottom of a bottle Push me to my limits, max momentum, full throttle.     I'm sitting, stressing, ready to pull my hair out Thoughts a mess and my hearts filled with doubt I feel the anxiety boil in my chest inside of me Sick of friends that lie to me, ridiculed for who i try to be Ready to snap and switch to a full out attack Stab you with the same knife you placed in my back   And right here; a more upbeat song. This is actually a cover of 'Love yourself' By justin bieber; and these two guys that covered it inspired me to write my own version as well. I would HIGHLY recommend watching this cover first. they killed the song. And it would also give you a better glimpse at mine.   (verse 1) I'm not gonna sit and try to portray that I'm perfect But I know that someone will finally feel like I'm worth it I know I got some problems, but than again who doesn't? But I refuse to wonder if it was my fault or if it wasn't. But don't think I regret it, I took that shit as a lesson Cause figuring out what I don't want was probably the biggest blessing Found my confidence my pride, all that you buried inside And I finally realize the lies that you tried to provide Now when I make like Jay-z and move on to the next one I still wish you the best, nothing but peace love and fun Cause I know I have the potential to make someone really happy And I'm aiming for a good future so girl don't put it past me And I can be satisfied with them feeling lucky to have me But I'm scared to turn my back in fear that they might stab me It's hard to break these walls down and let em in Last time I did I was left with a feeling I never want again   (chorus) I don't know if I like you, it's hard to like anyone I ain't playing no games girl, cause I don't got time for them Don't want secrets or the lies, those are two things I despise If be than so, I'm content being in my own Cause if you think, you need, attention that bad You'll lose the greatest thing you ever had And if you think, my pride, wont pull me aside Than baby I think that you'll be surprised   (verse 2) I was tired of the games, the stress I put on my brain Twisting the blame, leaving me and my spirit drained Thinking was it really me? Or to blind to see it's you? The love you said you had it never seem to come through Was sick of the uncertainty that was making me worry Now I realize clearly that you just didn't deserve me Don't think I'm spitting to belittle you, ridicule But compared to other problems, this one is minuscule I let go of my emotions, they no longer have me chained See the tainted spots in my heart starting to fade I found my worth once I stopped believing all the lies From past emotions I kept regurgitating inside There's a world full of people who would love me as their company Ones that can't resist me unconditionally loving me That'll help use this broken pieces left for reinventing No regrets in life, I'm just learning from lessons    
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  15. Combined Death Capes

    Very great idea would be a very nice thing to work towards! This could also be done with the d kites as well!
  16. 13/01/2017 [Since 26/11/2016]

    Wonderful !! Great job! Thanks for the updates keep them comeing! 
  17. unmute me

    appellate's username:  Kingu Whose to blame for your unjust punishment?: I think myself but yeah idk haven't been on for a while Written rebuttal/opposition: I don't even freaking why i got muted and when i got muted Visual evidence (can be a questioned witness, or chat/trade log; required): i don't know seriously
  18. Why I've quit

    We're nurfing the Hank boss and we are working on releasing Pest Control with some new item introductions. What else would you like to see?
  19. Why I've quit

    Agree 100%
  20. Why I've quit

    I've lost interest as well tbh, before Christmas I went on holidays & when I came back I just haven't had it in me to be dedicated like I used to, I feel like the server needs a complete revamp & the staff team need to be fixed up & just all together changed... Great server not going to lie, but I feel like it has gone down hill. I still plan on playing from time to time, But I feel like the server just needs to start doing more updates consistently & not just junk, give us something massive & game changing that has never been seen before & it will convince all of us oldies of GadorX that the server is still one of the best.
  21. 13/01/2017 [Since 26/11/2016]

    Eyy great work on the updates! You took my Golden Hammer idea (:
  22. Have a ton of video of me killing monsters and there drop could fast forward and slow down for drops I could post to YouTube as well. Give feedback and suggestions! 
  23. 13/01/2017 [Since 26/11/2016]

    There, we finally posted it lol ^
  24. Update log has been long over due, so here are the highlights of the last month or so till today: Smithing requires hammer Golden Hammer gives double smithing exp Explosion effect added (does extra damage along with explosion gfx on hit) Hitmasks changed to fit the proper amounts of damage done. Invincibility damage hit mask revamped Damage blocked and damage appended differentiated. Update on all hit masks instant Damage apply instant Damage on teleport not applicable Damage applied when stealing from appropriate stalls Skill teleports added to skill tab Despawn distance (minnions) altered to be more accurate Using item on objects no longer disconnects you. Herblore Skill completely revamped Christmas event released (2 Solo Quests, 1 Server Quest, & Easter Eggs) NPC Requirements changed (::Npcreqs) Imagine 6 month gift deliverance Soul Split now works upto max hp instead of 120. Lamps work properly for all ranks (Secondary Ranks work fine now) Thieving System redone (No longer able to auto click) Items priced in IBC Shop Donations give 15% extra donation points on holidays New Dialogue System (Fixed screen glitching when talking to NPC with custom armour) A better Drop Potential message displayed when killing NPC Drop Potential saves and restores if you login within 2 minutes of logging out. Removed all doors (Caused problems at certain times, best to just get rid of them) Object adding redone to make gameplay smoother and cause less lag when teleporting to different places Height support for ground items (Killing ninjas does not spawn items at ::christmas - same place, different height) Object spawning and npc spawning on different heights support added. Hit splash revamped Drop rate increase now gives 1% every 500 npc kills instead of 2% every 1000 npc kills (upto 20%) Drop Catcher system redone to be better written and more efficient (code wise) Drop System revamped Raffle System redone Double Soul Split, Double Strength, and Double Experience potions added Raffle now only picks a winner that's online Hank the Tank now drops items for all players attacking it Explosion Dagger added, effect added Lucky Teddy Bear Upgraded effect added NPC Max Hit randomized instead of strictly maxing on occasions Prayer against npcs revamped Following npcs now uses pathfinding All customs are no longer notable Custom Teleports added Command system revamped Christmas Snowpile system redone Items dissapearing in bank fixed Hank the Tank disables prayers and heals Noted items now sellable to shops Donation items nerfed/buffed to fit their price Christmas Mystery Box added Christmas Cracker dropped by all monsters with a chance dependant on npc hp Dialogue System revamped Currency converters work properly now Achievements fixed Chrismas cracker can be used on another player (Fixed for iron men, and hc iron men) Bank Tabs added Home moved to Varrock Region System redone to reduce lag Region loading on teleport fixed to reduce lag Pathing System fixed to reduce lag NPC Chat fixed to reduce lag Punishment system redone Raffle system revamped I know I've missed a lot of smaller stuff, but they're smaller updates within the highlights.
  25. Mid tier items.

    @Karan More players join from time to time and do struggle for items such as Tiger, Thorse, Evil, Lion etc and some have given up. More updates are coming out with high reqs, that not anyone can attain. More armor and weps coming in prices over 100T tons of these items but not enough of the Mid tier items. An idea I had to fix this issue was similar to the raffle system but it would be once every month. Each month on the 1st a competition would take place competition of most kills in a month. It would select zones such as eturnip, lion, ursaring, thorse etc and you could set the winning prize to be about 10T+ for the months winner with most kills of selected zone. Granted all the players with katanas etc would be the ones winning the competitions but doing this would also get drops from these npc's i'd suggest disabling the ability to sell evil lion tiger thorse gear to the IBC shop players that got drops from these npc's would just be holding onto the items in bank and when a player needed some of these items and wanted to buy someone would have them.    Also you did mention this server is not meant to be pay to win, but at it's current rate it's getting close. Yes you can achieve every item and be able to use it without needing donators unless it comes to auras master capes etc but the newest items that have been added in the past few months are over 100T such as the dagger in donor shop I do believe more mid tier items need to be added new zones for people zones that dont require thousands of kills to do. At the moment weapon line is evil whip U, prestige sword, comp/lucky comp sword, frenzy, donor sword, indy, claws, donor shop dagger(Forgot name :c)katanas Probably the wrong order but you get the idea theres a huge jump between those weapons we need new weapons that are better than claws but worse than dagger in d shop to lesson the divide. Even the change between evil whip U and prestige sword is great probably should add another sword between those two. But at this current moment your better off just donating for everything. Typing this out at 6 AM, truly apologize if there are errors in my suggestion list.
  26. Xlosex's Suggestion

    2 ? Gambling and Duel Arena were not added into server until it had a 3:1 favor. So yes, we did listen. It was only added because of that. Explain what it does and how so, and if players support that, then it'll be taken care of.
  27. Why I've quit

    Spend alot of time ingame, so I thought a explanation might be deserved. Honestly, after Christmas I lost all motivation to play anymore. 2 reasons: 1st: Hank update, it was made a teamboss, but 80% of the time I can do it solo and has been made 4x as hard to do it. Completely shooting down my goal to get full hank through drops, and nearing a droprate of original runescape rares. 2nd (and the most important): Christmas update without announcing it on the forums or through any other way. Coming into the game, hardly having been a half a day offline (not counting sleeping), and finding out you never got a chance to play is not nice. Idem ditto for part 2 Just some feedback, use it to your advantage. UTribal
  28. Xlosex's Suggestion

    1. Don't care. 2. Support, but they won't listen anyways c: 3. Don't care. 4. Probably wont happen. 5. Don't care. 6. Good4You.
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