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  2. Vote boss

    Was sat thinking what would make this server even more better then it hit me, Suggestion?:  A vote boss How would it work? When there is a certain ammount of votes on the server EG: 50, the vote boss becomes unlocked and players can damage him/her, you get rewarded for the amount of damage you sustain to the boss, eg 500 damage, you get a drop You could also go down the when the boss is killed you get x2 drops for a certain ammount or increased xp for skilling instead of drops I saw this on another server and it seemed to work well so thought maybe we could benifit from it here Any pro's and con's to this please feel free to share  
  3. Today
  4. Small Sale

    Selling Offhand drygore and corrupt d helm pm me In-Game: Zxc
  5. Easter Event

    My idea for the Easter event is a community based event in which an area of NPC's, being Easter Bunnies or something of the sorts appear and stay for a period of time, they would be easy to kill so anyone could get involved, but have a rare chance to drop an Easter egg, these could be donated by all players and the more that get donated the better the rewards would be afterwards, this would generate a community event where everyone would be working together to get the rewards and would greatly help newer players to the game.
  6. Easter

    Easter suggestion story:   Talk to "Eastermanager" he tells you that easter is comming but some workers of him didnt show up. He asks you to help him find them. He can also tell you that the workers are called Benny, Danny, Fanny and Harry. He gives you a list with where the workers live Benny: Yanille south of bank Danny: Al kharid swordshop Fanny: Catherby fletch shop Harry: Burthrope Pottery shop Talk with everyone and they all tell you that they arent allowed to go to work from the "Easterhater". He even took something from them. Say you will return their item. Ask where "The easterhater" lives. They dont know where he lives but they saw him last in falador park. Go to falador... 'The easterhater' really hates easter and you cant convince him to give the items back. He wants Easter gone forever. So you have to kill him and take the four items: Give the 'Blue beret' to Benny. Give the 'Red beret' to Danny. Give the 'Yellow beret' to Fanny Give the 'Black beret' to Harry They all go back to work and seem happy when you tell them you kild the 'Easterhater'.  Talk to the "Eastermanager" to get your reward. Thanks for saving easter!
  7. Yesterday
  8. Donor bosses

    It would be great to see ext donor and VIP bosses.   PROS -encourage more people to donate -New monsters to kill -Any new items that come out could be on their drop table CONS None! 
  9. Current Staff List

    Italy has been promoted to Server Support Russia has been promoted to  Global Moderator   Xexe has been demoted Griezmann has been demoted Dylan has been demoted to Server Support  
  10. ddr everyother weekend?

    have you guys ever thought of putting ddr every other weekend well i just thought of it and thought about posting and thinking about ddr during weekends will be sweet since theres more people on..

    You can join your own cc and no one will be able to attack your vorago, you can also have a vorago instance by speaking to guy at ::omen
  12. Well, errrm, hi :)

    Uhmm im liam im 27 and play rsps in my spare time, i work with people with severe learning difficulys and challangeing behaviour so this is my get away to relax, i live in sunny old england, i have a 3 year old son thats pretty much all lol, anything else please feel free to ask
  13. Bonus Max Hit

    Thats why i hit more now
  14. Don One ip Mute

  15. Last week
  16. Zealous suggestions #1

    +1 great suggestions defiantly needs to be done
  17. Bonus Max Hit

    You get 0.05% maxhit increase every prestige level.
  18. Im So High appeal (shouldnt even be banned)

    Been a friggin week I mean come on?! I've done nothing at all wrong. I diced someone that 20+ people diced 20x more than me yet I'm singled out for what reason? Because I have a bigger bank? Nice guys. This is just pathetic, you're about 24 hours from losing a very dedicated player and donator. 
  19. Appellate's username: Im So High Whose to blame for your unjust punishment?: Who the fuck knows I can't even get a response from anyone ITS BEEN A WEEK GUYS PICK IT UP FFS??! Written rebuttal/opposition: I have done nothing wrong and if someone higher up in the staff team wants to contact me privately I can explain various ways in which their staff team benefited more than anyone else in all of this.  Visual evidence (can be a questioned witness, or chat/trade log; required): ??????? EDIT: CHECK THE LOGS AND SORT IT OUT ALREADY
  20. Zealous suggestions #1

    At Kril when there is 2+ people all the kril in combat will attack you with their range attack.Thus doing a lot of damage to everyone there. Making it so they don't attack multiple people would be ideal. Add effects to doom spirit shield. Give tzhaar, custom ss, d claws, d sword, lucky comp items a price at IBC store. Make vorago spawn faster. Make mage and range viable.  
  21. Donator Lamp Giveaway!

    The winners have been chosen! 1. 14st rekt - Donator lamp2. Hc wax - 2000 turtle stones3. Dev - Double Strength potion The winners can pm me ingame to receive the items.
  22. Vorago loots

    1 - 17th: Rage Hat 2 - 52th: Regular Teddy Bear 3 - 69th: Divine Teddy Bear 4 - 153th: Rage Platelegs 5 - 225th: Regular Teddy Bear 6 - 314th: Regular Teddy Bear 7 - 531th: Purple Death Cape 8 - 576th: Rage Boots 9 - 600th: Golden Katana 10 - 618th: Devious Teddy Bear 11 - 841th: Black Death Cape 12 - 897th: Shadow Teddy Bear 13 - 946th: Red Death Cape 14 - 1004th: Rage Gloves 15 - 1042th: Rage Boots 16 - 1071th: Divine Teddy Bear 17 - 1313th: Rage Platebody 18 - 1546th: Yellow Death Cape 19 - 1557th: Shadow Teddy Bear 20 - 1661th: Blue Death Cape 21 - 1838th: Yellow Death Cape 22 - 1997th: Rage Hat 23 - 2068th: Rage Boots 24 - 2122th: Blue Death Cape
  23. Hmu for forum sigs?

    1. Italy


      I messaged u

  24. Russia's Drop Log For 10K Vorago Kills.

    Very nice! keep it up. This is also very discouraging by the way. 
  25. Don One ip Mute

  26. So...

    Lmao just click login instead of pressing enter on the keyboard  
  27. Don One ip Mute

    L0L I tried to use the appeal but ash to formal for me lmao I didn't understand the words he used so I couldn't answer the question L0L player name: Don One   Reason I was muted:   Big up (player name) for da drop staff was getting pissed because I was bigging up "shit" drops, I didn't know they were shit like some of the thing that were popping up sounded cool so I bigged it up basically all I was doing is congratulationg drops oh and also Big up (player name) for logging back in welcoming someone back whats the harm in that 99.9% of players do both of them just not the way I do? P.S  Players like(d) what I was doing (some)staff didn't?   Evidence: erm ask anyone on the server there was plenty people doing it, i just started it. shamefully i admit what i done was probably annoying, but like i wasn't Racist, flooding the chat, spamming it, wasnt hassling anyone, it basically is the stupidest thing anyone has been muted for Bascially the way i saw it and many other was a congratulation or a welcome back Just because it wasnt a short "grats m8" or "wb (player)" means I'm to be imputed, yes i was muted for it like 3 times. but every time they contradicted themselves. the first time i got muted i wasnt allowed to do either, then when i was unmuted nd back on server people was doing it then second time i was told, not to big up shit drops or welcome back's, but then.. the third time i got muted(perm) was bigging up in general? like seriously i don't understand , am i allowed to or not? its not like i had a warning on the 3rd one. i just got imputed, i tried to yell nd it said "you cant yell whilst muted" So therefore idk who muted most likely HOUSE he only has power to i think other than karan/ash/tweety    
  28. Wasko

    Ingame Username: Wasko Rank: VIP Proof: http://prntscr.com/eo1mnd
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