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  2. Cant get on

    This can be closed now.
  3. 3,000 (3K) Vorago kills.

  4. 3,000 (3K) Vorago kills.

    From now on I will be logging my Vorago drops! Gl me Y gl to you! - Cyborg aka > RUSSIA <
  5. Yesterday
  6. Cant get on

    talk in the shout box, Ill try to help you there  
  7. Cant get on

    been trying to download the client and launcher neither of them work or even start downloading the client...
  8. Prestige bonuses/ rewards and shops.

    This sword is in the prestige shop and it takes an hour or two to get it after you prestige: https://gyazo.com/88435739f9c14947618fdd299730a6ae Prestiging is worth it if you don't have maxed out gear but if you have a better weapon than this it's not worth it tbh.
  9. yea some exclusive stuff for ironman and hc ironman would be cool, i am regretting making my first account ironman, since it just means i am going to have to heavily grind for things i could otherwise buy, so far as i can tell money is more or less useless on ironman, other than buying potions ect from shops
  10. If you're an ironman, chances are your DR is enough you don't need this suggestion I'm about to mention. But for those of you who do, or thing this would be helpful here's my suggestion. A shop/ shops or even a Grand Exchange for only Ironman/ Hardcore Ironman accounts where you can buy items you normally would have to heavily grind to get a drop (if at all) possible to get an item. This would also make a ton of items such as donator items/ very difficult to get items purchaseable for Ironman/ HC Ironman accounts.  Also I feel like Ironman and HC Ironman accounts should have a private instance zone, or different npcs/ bosses available exclusively to them meaning the items obtained from them, will also be exclusive to those accounts. Let me know what you all think!
  11. Player Owned Shops

  12. Player Owned Shops

    I definitely think this is a good idea, since my sales usually always go un-noticed and unsold. 
  13. Let me get this whole thing started by saying I have NOT prestiged yet and do not know what the rewards or shops or perks are for doing so but from what I've heard it's not very good/ not worth it which is a shame since it's something that should definitely have it's rewards as it's something that's either difficult or time consuming.  With that said here's some suggestions I'd like to make for the prestige system. 1. Drop Rate %/ Drop Catcher and stat perks/ bonuses. 1a. Many servers will give you either, or both a drop rate increase and bonus statistics such as +100 str and prayer, defenses etc (or less/more) for each, or every certain amount of prestiges (I won't make any estimates, these would be completely up to staff). Doing so will make it beneficial, and helpful even to prestige and will cause more people to do it. This will also obviously raise prices and desire for 2x, 3x, and 4x xp lamps aswel as possibly hunter training (for lamps).  1b. Drop Catchers. I am not certain how many are currently ingame or their functions, and I actually forget how they're obtained (I'm dumb, really dumb). But offering a drop catcher every 2, 5, 10 or more prestige would certainly be a huge bonus for prestiging.  2. Better Prestige shop with items worth getting or a Prestige zone (if there isn't already one) (Again I'm really, really dumb so please excuse me if there's things I do not know that is already implemented, and if so disregard).  1a. As mentioned before I am not sure what is in the prestige shop so I don't know if the opinions have been biased but I have heard there is nothing worth getting. If that's the case, add in some gear/ equipment or other things like new boxes or something to give it a fresh, desired shop. In fact, have different stage shops with better gear each time you get with the last shop having the best (or some of the best) gear. From armor, to weapons, to collectibles or maybe even gambles like boxes of sorts would make it much more exciting or fun to prestige (since I'm sure most of us have the ability to prestige quite often and choose not to) 1b. A prestige zone, preferably or possibly with own: Prestige Zone boss which would drop whatever staff would choose, Prestige only Vorago cave, potion combiner (combines your non full potions into full ones), and anything else that might go here!    That's all I've got so far. It's quite a bit to take in and think about actually so I think it's plenty enough. Let me know your guys opinions or thoughts! I feel like this would definitely make prestiging worth doing for most people.  
  14. Hai Everyone

    My name Is Lily, I Like cartoons such like star vs the forces of evil. I've played many runescape private servers in the past about 10 of them haven't gotten interested in many of them then I came upon this server by watching top 5 rsps videos on youtube and then I fell in love in this one because it is very creative. I'm 20 years old. I also love the community and all you people out there because most of the people on this rsps is friendly especially those admins who answered most of my questions. Some of the donators here are very helpful as well since they help out people that need advice like the newcomers.
  15. Last week
  16. Road to katana

    still no katana?
  17. Well, I'm a pretty busy person, and have a lot going on currently. I'm seeking employment right now and self-recording music while writing my own and getting a solo project in the works and haven't had the time to make it ingame hardly at all over the last 3 days. I'll still play here and there, but not nearly as much or as long as I have when I first joined a little over two weeks ago. Anyway, good luck everybody on whatever they may be trying to do/ get!
  18. intro

    Hello Cody! Welcome to Imagine-PS. If you need some help feel free to pm me on forums or ingame.
  19. Hiya everybody!

    Hello and welcome to the forums. I'll make sure to say hi to you when I see you ingame.
  20. VIP Rank Request

    Rank has been given. /closed
  21. Possible Trophy Model

    I got bored last night and challenged myself into learning something new. This is my first attempt at a model with metaseqouia (I learned 3ds max in hs, but have mostly forgetton everything I learned). I hope you guys like it.
  22. Hiya everybody!

    My ingame name is the same as forums, I am Omfgags. I've been on the server for probably around two weeks now. I'm on quite often and if you see me ingame, say hi! I also help a lot so feel free to pm me. 
  23. intro

    HI all, I used to play RSC long ago when it was new and awesome, i played on dial up internet, i was in the top 100 on highscores for a time. started on server last night, its pretty overwhelming with all the cosmetic stuff and the items that i have no idea what are/do im only playing bc keran held me at gunpoint and forced me to my character is on ironman 
  24. VIP Rank Request

    Ingame Username: Equilizer   Rank: VIP   Proof:
  25. Introduction

    Weclome to Imagine!
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