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    • Vote boss
      Was sat thinking what would make this server even more better then it hit me, Suggestion?:  A vote boss
      How would it work? When there is a certain ammount of votes on the server EG: 50, the vote boss becomes unlocked and players can damage him/her, you get rewarded for the amount of damage you sustain to the boss, eg 500 damage, you get a drop You could also go down the when the boss is killed you get x2 drops for a certain ammount or increased xp for skilling instead of drops

      I saw this on another server and it seemed to work well so thought maybe we could benifit from it here

      Any pro's and con's to this please feel free to share

    • Small Sale
      Selling Offhand drygore and corrupt d helm pm me In-Game: Zxc
    • Easter Event
      My idea for the Easter event is a community based event in which an area of NPC's, being Easter Bunnies or something of the sorts appear and stay for a period of time, they would be easy to kill so anyone could get involved, but have a rare chance to drop an Easter egg, these could be donated by all players and the more that get donated the better the rewards would be afterwards, this would generate a community event where everyone would be working together to get the rewards and would greatly help newer players to the game.
    • Easter
      Easter suggestion story:   Talk to "Eastermanager" he tells you that easter is comming but some workers of him didnt show up. He asks you to help him find them. He can also tell you that the workers are called Benny, Danny, Fanny and Harry. He gives you a list with where the workers live Benny: Yanille south of bank Danny: Al kharid swordshop Fanny: Catherby fletch shop Harry: Burthrope Pottery shop Talk with everyone and they all tell you that they arent allowed to go to work from the "Easterhater". He even took something from them. Say you will return their item. Ask where "The easterhater" lives. They dont know where he lives but they saw him last in falador park. Go to falador... 'The easterhater' really hates easter and you cant convince him to give the items back. He wants Easter gone forever. So you have to kill him and take the four items: Give the 'Blue beret' to Benny. Give the 'Red beret' to Danny. Give the 'Yellow beret' to Fanny Give the 'Black beret' to Harry They all go back to work and seem happy when you tell them you kild the 'Easterhater'.  Talk to the "Eastermanager" to get your reward. Thanks for saving easter!
    • Donor bosses
      It would be great to see ext donor and VIP bosses.   PROS -encourage more people to donate -New monsters to kill -Any new items that come out could be on their drop table CONS None!