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    • Crazy Pvm

      Check out my Suggestion post! 
      · 0 replies
    • El Zulrah

      1more month till 1 year veteran woah.
      · 0 replies
    • battlefronts  »  Ash

      Long time no see old man
      Hope everything is working with a lot of love and care
      · 0 replies
    • George Pvm  »  Ash

      Hi Ash,
      Could you take a look at my ban appeal please? Think I was UUID banned when I quit sometime ago really missing this server, thanks.
      · 0 replies
    • Madara  »  Ash

      Hello ash i just made an account, i validated my email and now im trying to login to server and it says its incorrect ive tried to log in numerous times and tried to change to another password , still cant login any suggestions?
      · 0 replies
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    • Buying x4 ring and 5k horror bones
      Buying x4 ring and 5k horror bones cash pm me in game IGN: Jailed
    • QoL improvements
      It would be pretty nice to see these minor\annoying things fixed.   Drop warning toggle: Would be nice to be able to turn the warning for dropping items off. Maybe for items under a certain price on ::pc. (leave the warning on by default) Familiar 'Pathing\following': Currently your pet can walk under you, on top of whatever you're killing, sit a few squares away or lag behind you when following you. Could this be changed up to have it follow close BEHIND you? Just a minor inconvenience while you're killing things to repeatedly misclick on your pet. Player 'Pathing'?: Sometimes when you click something to attack you'll walk towards it and it'll move 1 square away and your character will not step the extra square to attack it. NPC's can also sit under you while you're attacking them. It would be nice to force them off of that square if they do so. Bank loading time: All the items load quickly in the bank.. Although you have to wait like 3-7 seconds before you're able to withdraw anything from it. Moving after teleporting: Some areas you teleport to don't allow your character to load right away (about 10 seconds) you can't move while you're waiting for your character to load. Major disadvantage if you're hunting cursebearers.     Like I said, they're pretty minor things but little improvements like these make the game feel and play a lot better.
    • Buying Dsword
      Buying a dsword for average price pm me in game or on the forums 
    • rank request
      Username) Dr touch me (Donor Rank) V.I.P Rank (Proof) https://gyazo.com/71ca4158882746b32cf89e98c317a079
    • Staff Feedback
      Really really enjoying the amazing staff on this server! Ash, House, and Princess are always the first to answer server questions. While Karan and Tweety are fighting tooth and nail to get the server back up and always on it, even if it cost them sleep. Hats off to you fine folks!