News and Updates

Update Patch #33 11/15/2017

09-19-2017 - 10-01-2017: No longer disconnect upon completing a Duo Slayer Task Elite armor progression is no longer done by total hits but rather by total damage done. Le Crew armor effect will apply until 500 NPC kills Vote Tracker interface now has an adaptable scroll bar Removed:  You cannot list items with a starting bid or buy-out price higher than the 'PC'. NPC Gambling added - Individual and Server Checking whether player is in distance of NPC and vice versa now takes into account the height. (Fixes bug with npcs attacking players while being unable to see them) Checking Drops no longer crashes client - No longer double interface pop up ::Reqs now shows all proper requirements Instances to certain bosses...
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Update Patch #31 07/02/2017

Hello Everyone, Here are all of the updates done between 06/16/2017 - 07/01/2017. Updates: Curse-bears spawn more frequently. Tabs for client fixed. Banners are now listed as custom items. Client now tells you when you need to update client (properly) No more disconnection on killing some monsters. Control + B opens bank if you meet the requirements. Old requirements convert properly to the new ones now. ::reqs interface teleport buttons now work properly. Checking your own acc information no longer disconnects you on certain occasions. Doing ::promo will show you all of the promo code locations. ::npcreqs interface updated. (Now shows items needed + kills required and...
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